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Hi, it’s me.

Apr 24 2016

Oh. Maaaah. Gahhhh.

I’m back!  

I can’t believe I hit the publish button… I’ve wanted to bring back the style posts for awhile now, but truthfully, I’m a little insecure and I’m always so concerned with what others think.  I don’t want to come off as “hey, look at me” or “I got this”… that’s not me at all.  I definitly don’t want to be judged on my writing… if you’ve been reading this 7-year-old-blog of mine, then you know that’s not my strong trait… Or how my weight is a constant yo-yo since having my lil man…  Or how the amount of (……..) these I use.

The older I get the more uptight I become… I thought I’ve supposed to give two fudges less?

Anyways, this past week something hit me and after a glass of wine and girl talk with a bestie (during nap time of course), she offered up teaming up with me and snapping some pics.  So now I’m committed.

I’m excited about this little sprinkle of confidence to start sharing my life and family, wardrobe, what fills my home with happiness, beauty tips, makeup + skincare obsessions and my hope + prayers to become pregnant again.

So, I’m just going with it and I hope you enjoy watching me come out of my shell (I really wish I could use the emoji monkey covering it’s eyes here)!

Kicking this blog series off with a wardrobe post… I’ve been loving off the shoulder tops.  Covers the chub 😉 on the upper arm.  I bought it in the black and white gingham too.  A great price!  I normally wear this with my torn white skinny jeans… but since I spent the weekend basking in the sun, while being served margs, feeling so relaxed and getting my toes painted (yeahhhhhhhh right – working weddings, attending toddler birthday parties and watching over my son while the hubs played golf is more like it), they’re still at the bottom of my laundry basked… they’ll probably stay there until next Saturday.


ps – yes, that’s a gray chunk at the part-line of my hair. 😉 #goingon34





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life lately

Jan 07 2016

Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday regarding the ole blog.  It makes me feel so good to hear that I still have readers.  Loved hearing what all you want to see from me! 🙂 Today I’ll jump into a life lately post and what’s been going on around the house.

Love you, ladies!  Happy Friday.


IMG_2119 IMG_2118

On New Years Day the hubby, Henry and I decluttered our home of Christmas.  It felt so good.  I love Christmas and tend to go overboard with the decor.  It takes away from how light and airy out home is.  It also takes so much time to put up and take down (you all know the dril).  My awesome FitBit and I did 14k steps on New Years Day putting stuff away (never getting our of our jammies).

Next year = simplify!  Simply the Christmas decor process and I’m taking out the color red.  Here’s the corner where we house our tree… ahhh, feels so nice to have it open again! 🙂

My panels need to be steamed – yikes!

I need to get better about linking up stuff in my home.  A lot of these items you can’t purchase online, so I did my best finding that looked similar.  The blue/ grey paint is “Jubilee” by Sherwin Williams and the white paint is “Ice Mist” by Benjamin Moore.



So, this is my mommy uniform these days… jogger pants, slide on shoes, FitBit (of course)!, this awesome sports bra and my Pink Social bebe mama shirt.  I’m such a sporty spice. 😉



Just shared this on Instagram yesterday, but we did makeup + hair for the 25th anniversary issue (cover + inside spread) for Carolina Bride.  Such an honor, let me tell you! Photography by Crystal Stokes (more to come on this later).



Been working on Henry’s big boy room lately.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw that we made the move.  We actually made the move out of the crib back in September b/c he was diving out head first… and by diving, I mean flipping himself out, lol.




Saturday we have a wedding here in Charlotte.

Sunday we are heading to Asheville and I get to recreate this updo for one of my favorite brides of 2016.  Can’t wait!

Six weddings in the month of January!  I’m so pumped for 2016!


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