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nutritional cleanse

Sep 30 2015

Just wanted to share this video!  This is the video that made me pull the trigger on the nutritional cleanse that I did back in January.  In 30 days I went from 134lbs to 119lbs.  Gained all of my energy back (with a toddler), lost the pounds, but even more-so the inches!  Truly amazing!

Email me if you want to learn more, I’d love to welcome you to our amazing team and personally coach you along the way:

You can view my past posts here and here.


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our home

Sep 23 2015


A few months ago I received an email from Sarah Crosland, Editor of South Park Magazine + Blake Miller, writer for the magazine…  They asked if they could feature our home in the September issue.  We were thrilled + honored!

Photographer, Dustin Peck spent a Sunday morning back in July in our home photographing our space.  On September 1st the magazine was out for grabs and we were so excited to see our little nests’ 9-page spread.

I want to thank one of my dearest and long-time best friends, Sarah Catherine of Sarah Catherine Collective.  For those of you that don’t know Miss Sarah, NEED to!  We all need a little piece of her in our lives!  She’s a talented (I don’t have the words to describe her talent), interior designer here in Charlotte.  I was lucky enough to study interiors with her back in college.  Since then, her business has just flourished and her work… well… her work, her style, her personality… it’s untouchable!  Nobody compares to this gal!  We were lucky enough to work with Sarah back when we were in the finishing stages of building.  She literally spent 4 hours with us one evening, in her cozy studio pulling fabrics, furniture, lighting, rugs, mirrors that would make our house a home.  In those 4 hours, we pretty much designed our entire house.  The easiest process I’ve ever been through! Thank you Sarah!  I love you, friend!

I also want to thank one of my friends, Dan Lanning.  Dan and his sweet wife, Candace are the leading forces behind their photography business, The Beautiful Mess.  When Dan isn’t shooting and being an awesome husband, dad and chef, he’s doing all sorts of design work.  I was lucky enough to snag him a little over a year ago to implement the grey/ blue wall molding and paint.  Our living room looked like a blank slate before that wall was complete!  Thanks Dan!

Here’s a peek at our grey-light-airy-white-coastal inspired home!  Hoping that our home continues to be filled with love and praying that we can fill it with more babies.  Can’t wait to continue to grow in here.

Thank you South Park Magazine!

So very thankful for this!  xo

iphone pics

068.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 069.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 070.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 071.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 072.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 073.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 074.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 075.SPM.p1.pdf.r72 076.SPM.p1.pdf.r72++ more pics from the shoot ++

sou150705_175_sm sou150705_138_sm sou150705_180_sm sou150705_188_sm sou150705_209_sm sou150705_213_sm sou150705_237 1_sm sou150705_237_sm sou150705_272_sm sou150705_308_sm sou150705_332_sm sou150705_339_sm sou150705_351_sm sou150705_358_sm sou150705_366_sm sou150705_379_sm sou150705_388 1_sm sou150705_388_sm sou150705_395_sm

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wedding day beauty

Sep 21 2015

Sabrina and I had the pleasure of beautifying this bride, her bridal party and her adorable mama!

Her beautiful wedding was captured by Old South Studios… who we also love and adore!  You can view more details of their big day on Old South Studios blog.



Me, Stefani (our bride) + Sabrina!

WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_018_0147 WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_026_0284 WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_028_0353WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_001_0002

My lovely lady doing some lipstick touchups!

WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_033_0458 WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_095_1338 WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_143_1934 WR_AA_McCoy-Glass_146_1969 WR_McCoy-Glass_014_0110 WR_McCoy-Glass_013_0107

Me, Stefani (our bride) + Sabrina!

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5 really good things

Sep 15 2015

…well, in my mind 😉 these are ‘5 really good things’!  I hope you like them as well..

Happy Tuesday, friends!

What are your top ‘5 really good things’?


One – Tatcha 

Lindsey Reagn Thorne_Tatcha

Frist things, first.  My love for makeup + skincare products.  If you follow Jaclyn Hill or Kim K. then you’re probably already a fan of Tatcha Moisturizing Face Spray.  Let.Me.Just.Say… it’s really that amazing!  I used it all weekend long on brides and myself.  Nothing compares when it comes to it!  Now with cooler months and dryer skin, this will be a staple in my kit.

I used this all over this brides face that I beautified on Saturday!

What it is:  A silky liquid spray on moisturizer of Squalane, Red Algae and our HADASEI-3 complex can be misted for a boost of soothing hydration, resulting in dewy, luminous skin anytime, anywhere.

Why it’s different:  This milky emulsion contains moisturizers and humectants leaving skin rehydrated. Does not contain high levels of alcohol and fragrance found in conventional hydrating sprays, which can dry out the skin.

It’s $48 (so pricey), but it’s worth every penny when trying to achieve that high illuminosity glow.

Purchase it from: Sephora  .  Tatcha  .  Amazon  .  Barney’s 


Two – Getting Fit For Fall + Bye-Bye Summer

Lindsey Reagn Thorne_Fit For Fall

Summer was here… and now gone!  Time to say bye-bye to margs and burgers!  It truly was an amazing few months!

Summer is always a hard time to stay on top of your health and wellness game (for me at least).  Between vacation, crazy-busy-summer-wedding-season (always on the go), chasing a toddler around a pool, cookouts, birthday parties… I fell off the bandwagon a little with my healthy eating (not as bad as past summers though) and had very little time to dedicate to workouts.  Thankfully, I have this amazing nutritional cleanse system that kept me somewhat on track, but I’m anxious to focus on my health again!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_Nutritional Cleanse

I’m doing another 30 day nutritional cleanse to help rid my body of these nasty toxins that drag me down, take all of my energy and make it impossible to lose any weight.  The last time I did a 30 day nutritional cleanse was back in January and I dropped 15 whopping pounds!  Excited to feel better before Halloween and all of the fun holidays ahead.  Plus… FALL CLOTHES: leggings, torn boyfriend jeans, fitted t’s and chunky sweaters… I’ve got about 3-5lbs to lose, but more so, I just want to feel good again!  I need my energy back… especially since we’re in toddlerhood-almost-two-sleep-regression (zzzzzzz!!!).

You can read my blog post where I shared my 30 day journey.  If you’re interested, please email me!  Now through Sunday, September 20th there’s some great deals and waved fees going on.  Email me at:


Three – This Tunic

Lindsey Reagn Thorne_Tunic

Lovvvvvvvvving this tunic!


Four – Sleep (zzzz!)

Lindsey Reagn Thorne_asdf

How cute are these jammies?  One  .  Two (on sale!!!)

I’ve been so zonked lately!  Since our week long vacation starting on August 28th, Henry won’t sleep (still won’t)!  He’s going through a major scaredy cat, separation anxiety, teething phase… coupled together with flipping out of the crib!  We’re in and out of his room multiple times per night.  It’s been rough… and we’ve been blessed with a baby who sleeps 13 hours straight per night.

Another reason I’m excited to get back on my nutritional cleanse… I need my energy back!


Five – Necklaces 

Lindsey Reagn Thorne_Bauble Bar_01

Crushing Bauble Bar yet again!

Extra Large Acrylic Monogram  .  Raw Quartz Pendant  .   Leather Tassel Bib 



Lindsey Reagn Thorne_Loubie Lippies

Loubie Lip Stain!!!!  Say it isn’t so?!

Stop it!  Right now!  Did y’all see the Christian Louboutin lip stain…. at a steal of $90! 😉  This better last for years!

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