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Life lately…

Feb 19 2014

Life lately… where should I begin!?!

It’s taken 10 weeks and I’m finally learning to “let go”.  I learned early on that life with an infant is wonderful (beyond wonderful), don’t get me wrong… but it’s not what I expected, it’s actually better than I expected.  I literally dreamed of my maternity leave looking something like this…

<showers + makeup . lunch dates + baby silently sleeping in it’s stroller . mall trips + lattes . prosecco + play dates . home cooked meals + aprons>

the end.

Although, the life listed above seems rather glamours, there’s no place I’d rather be than what’s been placed right in front of me.  My days consist of jammies, unbrushed teeth, granola bars, a happy baby, a crying baby and the ball-n-chain… aka my pump.  And literally they go by so fast.  You blink and hubby’s home!  You blink and it’s bath time!  You blink and it’s time for the 3am feeding!  You blink and 3 days later you’ve showered! 🙂 It’s going by way too fast!

On March 3rd I’m back to Be Pretty full time and my jammie days are few and far between.  It’s been a sweet-happy-joyful-rewarding-hard-i’ve-had-my-moments, but I cannot believe it’s coming to an end.  Makes me a little sad, but I’m anxious for the future and this next phase.  I can’t wait to experience Henry’s excitement when I’m “home” for the day.  I’m excited for the 2 days a week that will be dedicated to just him and my hubby.  I’m also very excited for the future of Be Pretty!

I’ll end my novel there… I’m sure on March 3rd I’ll have different emotions.  For now, I’m trying to see the positive!

What I’ve… we’ve… been up to?

Lindsey Regan Thorne_1

Hubby and I ventured out BY OURSELVES on Saturday night.  Big Night Out.  We were gone for 2 hours while my sis and her hubby watched the Hurricane.  Hubby and I planned out the office/ salon/ makeup counter/ studio for Be Pretty!  Ekkkk!  It’s gonna be fab!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_2

I had this wild idea of painting the ceiling…  PINK!  And the hubby was actually on board.  The color is ironically called, Blushing Bride.  Thank you hubby for putting your muscles to work!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_3

With the pink ceiling, I demanded (sorry hubs) that we paint our white walls — even whiter!  We purchased a ton of furniture from IKEA and I’m attempting those IKEA “hacks” that you’ve seen all over Pintrest.  I’m also spray painting the majority of the furniture GOLD!   Bam!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_4

Not only has Henry been a wild man lately… which is pretty funny, BUT his nursery is coming together.  I pretty much had it planned out since about 25 weeks and the crib was purchased at 8 weeks thanks to a Resto 20% off sale.  The day we moved in I had wallpaper installed.  The minute we found out it was a boy, I thought I had to make his nursery reflect his Daddy… seersucker and Carolina blue.  So, the stripes on the wallpaper, replicate the stripes in seersucker.  When I was searching for wallpaper I just googled “blue and white stipe wallpaper” and this was the first that came up, pretty good price!  I got a rocker from Celadon in Charleston and this pouf from Overstock. You might recall some of my previous blogs about odds and ends to bring the nursery together.  Later in my pregnancy, I picked out this dresser/ changing table, a rug and a chandy thanks to one of my besties who is a fabulous designer and has an entire library full of the most beautiful furniture lines… and I got to use her discount!  I used an Ikea piece of furniture, lots of goodies from HomeGoods (including the piece of art pictured above), white faux animail heads that we had in our condo and purchased a mirror from Kirklands to make it complete.  I’ll blog the nursery soon! 🙂

Lindsey Regan Thorne_5

Our house is coming together and I’m loving all the decisions we made along the way.  I wanted subtle colors, contrasting surfaces and textures and the perfect blend between a beach cottage and a mountain retreat.  Some might call it boring, but it’s totally us.  I’m a lover of art, so I wanted the color in our home to come from art work that we currently have an will continue to collect in the years to come.  John and I purchased this light fixture back in June during another sale at Resto.  It’s finally hanging over our kitchen table.  This was installed thanks to besties fabulous electricians on Monday… along with a few other fixtures.  I’m fixture obsessed!

Untitled-1I found this wallpaper months ago that I’m obsessed with for our powder room off the kitchen!  Now we’re thinking about taking the plunge.

Lindsey Regan Thorne_6

My son is wearing pants from the GIRL section at Gap.  Don’t hate… they were too cute and I’m obsessed with stripes.

Over the weekend we experienced 5 solid hours of pure sleep!  Henry did it!  And we weren’t following any strict schedule.  We rolled with what’s working for us and for him.  We’ve been keeping him next to our bedside in a bassinet, he’s not too noisy either and it makes the 3am feedings cake.  It’s nice having him so close for the times where he just needs to be soothed with a paci or a belly rub.  SOON, he will venture into his big boy room.  In the meantime, I love having him close by!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_7

I’ll end this post with a happy first.

I cooked.

I cooked my very first meal in our new kitchen and since having a baby.  It’s hard finding the time, energy and motivation.  I’m trying to be healthy… besides the vino and boxES of Girl Scout cookies that I’ve been inhaling.   So, I whipped up (ha, I make it sound that easy), some bruschetta chicken.  Super easy and healthy!  It was pretty delicious and it made my hubby feel like a king.  I was even able to pump and chop veggies all while the mushrooms and chicken cooked!

Until next time, little lady’s!  xo.

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My Valentines

Feb 14 2014

DSC_0517Happy Valentines Day, ladies!!!

So, while everyone has been snowed in with love ones, enjoying the build up to the day of LOVE, Henry and I have been stranded without Daddy (and miserable)!  I would like to insert a very dramatic sad face!

Tuesday morning he left for work and hasn’t been home since.  Literally snowed in uptown.  In the midst of this #snOMG storm, (we think) Henry’s starting to teeth –> wowzer… which made for some interesting (and long!) nights.  That, coupled with the new home that’s bigger than 800sf (unlike our condo living) with doors, closets, garages and windows… whew, I’ve been a nervous wreck!

We are super thankful that Daddy will be home tonight… missing that man like crazy and realizing how much help he is.  I definitely don’t give him enough credit or thanks!

(above is a quick and inexpensive Valentine that we sent out to our families… very thankful for Target’s $1 section)


I mean… seriously!  I can’t stop looking at this kid!  I’m so smitten!  Our smily Hurricane!


This beauty queen just left.  I did makeup + hair for her wedding rehearsal.  She was actually supposed to get married today, Valentines Day.  Because of #snOMG taking over North Carolina, it has been postponed until tomorrow.  Crazy!

Happy Vday, friends!

* xx *

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Loving Lately

Feb 13 2014

Can I just say that it feels GOOD (so good!) to be back blogging again.  I’ve missed it so much!  Thanks to those who chimed in on yesterday’s post — regarding the content of this blog (keeping it here or relocating it), I appreciate your input. 😉

My current obsessions are basically my ‘existing’ obsessions.  There’s nothing “current” or “new” about these.

Gold . Lucite . Touch of Black

As a new mommy there’s a few things that I’m learning… like, bye-bye heels (for now at least).  I tried to brave a wedge bootie while juggling a diaper bag, baby and carseat… should have known better.  So, hellllll-oooo flats!  I’m learning to appreciate a good old fashion stud over a dangle earring.  Mainly for the sake of my child, he doesn’t need a dangling object from my ear brushing across his face.  As a new homeowner, there’s nothing I love more than constantly playing around with accessories and decor.  Last but not least, as a lady who is itching to lose 20lbs, I don’t even dare to look at clothing.  It’s currently all about the accessories and perfumes!

There you have it!

Dive into the finds down below +++ Happy Valentines Eve!


1. Enamel Initial Earring — I’ve always loved C.Wonder and the quality of their accessories.   Not bad for $28, makes a great gift (insert: that cough that’s supposed to get a guys attention… HUBBY ARE YOU READING THIS???).

2. Graphic Pillows “Get it Girl” & “YOLO” — I mean, Roxy kills it with her lines.  Y’all know she’s a North Carolina original?  Been a fan of hers (and her famous bar cart) for years now.  Some seriously gorgeous stuff!  Did I mention that we had the pleasure of beautifying Miss Roxy?  $38 for those cute pillows!

3. Lucite Wine Rack — Target, you did it again!  So chic!

4. Perfume — Thank you Tory Burch for launching this new fragrance last fall.  It’s one of my fav’s and has been on my “list” for some time now (insert, Hubby there’s a holiday tomorrow).  Might I add, the smaller bottle (saving you $$$) is way cuter than the larger.  $62 buck-a-roo’s!  Did I ever mention my love for perfume… it’s an addiction!

5. Mocc’s for the Babe — You’ve seen them before, in fact, I blogged about Freshly Picked awhile back.  Henry has 2 pairs (suede royal blue and stark white).  These are some of the colors that are on his (ok mine) summer wish list!

6. Decorative Bowl –It’s everything isn’t it?!  It’s little treasures like this that I’ll buy without having a place for it.

7. Decorative Box — Trays and decorate boxes, I can’t get enough of them!  I feel like they just finish off any little nook.  Perfect to hide the ‘ugs’, like remotes!  $170 though, a little steep for my wallet, especially knowing that in a year Henry will beat the life out of it.

8. Lucite Tissue Holder — Genius!  It’s only $12.99 too and look glam that little holder makes your tissues look?  I’ve purchased lacquer boxes from The Container Store before… super cute and easy on the wallet.  Who says you can’t add a gold bracket and make it a knock out!?

9. Body Butter, Body Oil & Body Scrub — I can’t believe I’m just now sharing this with y’all.  I mentioned these loves in my previous weekly preggo posts, but here they are again.  9.5 weeks later and I still swear by them.  Stretch marks are hereditary in my family with pregnancy.  My mother got them baaaaaad.  So, I did some research and tried a few different lotions, but fell deeply-madly-in-love with these few items.  I literally went through one of each PER MONTH.  I did end up with a few stretch marks, they didn’t appear until after pregnancy, but since I’ve continued to use the lotions, oils and scrubs they’ve actually faded.  Plus they all smell good, especially the body scrub.

10. Enamel Initial Bracelet — Because your wrist needs an arm party addition.  ps… I’ve been patiently WAITING for the lucite letters to make a comeback, still outta stock!

11. d’Orsay Flat — I mean, these are pretty amazing with that ankle strap.  Not sure how “mommy practical” they are, but with a cute cropped jean???  Love!

12. Gold + Lucite Stapler — Thank goodness people have renovated the black or red traditional stapler.  Just a little office supply *bling* to make any desk sexy!!!  You can also say hellllllllo to this beauty!

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blog move brain dump!

Feb 12 2014

First of all, thank you all for the kind words, comments, texts, phone calls and emails regarding the birth story of our son.  Thank you!  Your words mean more to me than you’ll ever know… and to John, my sweet-sappy hubby.  He actually loves reading (and crying! (God help me!)) comments and kind words from you all, so thank you for that!   xo!

So, here’s my question… I’ve battled with getting personal on my “business” blog for some time.  That mainly started when I got pregnant and began the weekly pregnancy posts.  I toyed around with transitioning all of my “personal” blogs to a brand new blog and leave this one “business/ professional” related.  Well… as “professional” and “business” related a makeup + hair artist team can get/ be. 😉  BUT, then when I started thinking of that, I decided not to.  My clients (past and present), their families, their friends, as well as mine and the friends that I’ve made through my hobby of blogging all enjoyed coming to this blog, to sift through what crazy LRT is up to.  Business and professional.  Everyone showed interest and so much support in our struggles to conceive and then our pregnancy.  So, I thought, what the heck, I’ll keep it all on my main, Be Pretty blog.  I’m really dragging my question on here…

My question is… I’m really getting into this mommy stuff, half the time I’m clueless… not going to lie, but I love discovering this whole new world and our little journey that we started 2 months ago.  I’m loving the move and designing our  new home… finding fun odds and ends to pull it together and make it complete.  I’m loving a GOOD SALE.  Not just for clothes, but for home decor!  I’m loving diving back into my background of interior design.  These are all new little hobbies of mine!  I’m actually having a hard time with the struggle of trying to lose the baby weight, but I’m enjoying being a little more healthy and accomplishing little weight loss successes.  And then there’s marriage… how to balance a business, a working hubby (all normal life stuff), moving into a new house AND balancing the demands of a baby, plus the full time job of pumping… stuff that everyone experiences!  I feel like there’s a lot that I can share, but I’m a little afraid to pour my heart out here… where I could be judged for being too open, talking about mommy, home and hubby stuff too much.  Even though this is my own blog… my opinion has always been, if you don’t like what you’re reading then just skip over it and move to the next topic.  BUT, it is an insecurity of mine… and this is a business that I’m running, so I do need to be somewhat “professional”.

So, what do you think???  Should I move my personal LRT blabber to a whole new blog?  No need to worry, I already have one set up from the past, before I opened up about our journey to become parents.  Or, would you rather see me keep things here and just not get too personal???  Or, is it ok to get personal?  Especially since I do have a “professional” website, which showcases our work, talents and who we are.  Totally separate from this blog.  Is that too many LRT blogs to keep up with?  I’m so hesitant, because I love that I’ve always used this blog as my “outlet”… from the very beginning, when I was still at my design job, this blog has always been my outlet for real-life-girly-stuff!

Chime in if you will… I’d love to know what you think!

ps… hope y’all are enjoying your snow day!  This pic was taken two weeks ago during Henry’s very first snow!  🙂

Lindsey Regan Thorne_Snow day

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