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Jul 29 2015

People have asked… so I will share! ūüôā

This nutritional cleanse changed my life!

I started this new lifestyle on January 5th and in my first 30 days I lost 15lbs.   I honestly started it as a way to lose the baby weight (after a year of struggling to get the weight off), but it quickly changed my life in more ways than just weight loss.  

It’s taught me how to eat right. ¬†I tried going cold turkey (like most people do) attempted many, many times doing Whole30 and Paleo. ¬†I met with a nutritionist, but it just wasn’t enough. ¬†I didn’t have the discipline or the time to meal prep the way that I needed to.¬†

My body needed this… and I needed to see immediate weight loss in order to continue to push forward on this healthy new track and transition into clean eating habits. ¬†Within 4 days on this cleanse, my food cravings and alcohol cravings were almost completely eliminated.¬†

This lifestyle of an alkaline diet and releasing toxicity on a cellular level has transformed my health.  When you balance your body with nutritional cleanse you experience positive effects on fat loss, cellulite, energy levels, skin appearance, aging, fatigue, stress, sleep, stamina, cravings, strength, weight management and mental clarity. 

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Lindsey Regan Thorne_Nutritional Cleanse

On January 5th (over a year after having my son) I started at 134lbs. ¬†30 days later I weighed 119lbs (keep in mind I’m barely 5′-2″). ¬†Through pregnancy I at least gained 45lbs… I say “at least” because I stopped looking at the scale when I saw the 45lbs gain.

The idea is simple.  We begin by loading the body with optimal nutrition in order to allow the body to do what it needs to do Рwhich is cleanse out toxins.  Once toxicity is out, you can once again free your body to perform in optimal capacity in everything (including weight loss).  Too many people are trying to lose weight by cutting calories out of an already nutritionally bankrupt food system, and that approach does not work.   The body goes into starvation mode!  Its true, you may drop weight initially РBUT once you reintroduce food back into your system, you will just gain it back… maybe more.  This happens because the body is not getting what it needs nutritionally.  Isagenix, at its core, the system is one that really is about making the body alkaline, reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

Easy to follow and YES(!!!) you do eat.

– 2 shake meal replacements per day

– healthy snacks every 2 hours

– 1 clean/ healthy meal

– gallon of water

Did I cheat???… absolutely! ¬†It’s life and that’s the beauty behind this program, you’re not supposed to be perfect!¬†

Lindsey Regan Thorne_02

That’s me on vacation after 40 days into the program!

The weight literally melted off for me! ¬†I never thought I’d see a bikini in my future again! ¬†This is a health program offering an easy way to get¬†the vital nutrition, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, pro-biotics and essential and critical unbroken amino acids into our bodies.¬† These essential elements not only heal our bodies, but help us¬†put on lean muscle mass and are the building blocks to creating the neurotransmitters in our brain to keep us feeling well!¬† The cellular cleanse is¬†not a fast for your body… but a way to absorb the nutrients, allow your digestive system to rest and to rid the toxins and replenish your cells!¬† It is about putting the essential nutrition back into your body.¬† Together they create the cornerstone¬†of continuous,¬†ongoing good health!¬† Putting nutrition into a toxic body is senseless – nutritional cleanse is the only way!

Here’s a GREAT video to watch!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_Isagenix

I have my hubby hooked too!  We occasionally give Henry 1/2 a shake as well!

How do I maintain…?

Six+ months into the program, I only do 1 (sometimes 2) shakes per day. ¬†I haven’t completed a cleanse since February and for the most part I’ve kept the weight off. ¬†I’ve been on some hormonal medicines that have spiked scale, but nothing crazy!


This is one of the gals in our group.  30 day difference!

Please email me if you’re interested in learning more about this program! ¬†It’s truly amazing! ¬†I’ve got a group of amazing women that I’m coaching and I do enjoy this so much!

Email me at: and I’ll send more information your way!


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woman beauty

Feb 12 2014

The gorgeous, Bita… she was a mama-to-be in these pictures. ¬† Now she’s the mama to one of the most precious little boys I’ve ever seen.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the makeup and hair that I did for this beauty.

Photography by Kristin Vining
Black-and-white-prenatal-_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00001 Black-and-white-prenatal-_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00002 Black-and-white-prenatal-_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00003 Black-and-white-prenatal-_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00004 Black-and-white-prenatal-_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00005

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engagement session

Oct 16 2013

I absolutely loved doing makeup + hair for this sweet gal, Ashton. ¬†So much, that I’m tried to convince her and her hubby to move back to the states where she can by our nanny… she’s that sweet.

Photography by The Schultzes

CharlotteEngagementSession_AshtonAlistairEpics_0001 CharlotteEngagementSession_AshtonAlistairEpics_0006 CharlotteEngagementSession_AshtonAlistairEpics_0005 CharlotteEngagementSession_AshtonAlistairEpics_0004 CharlotteEngagementSession_AshtonAlistairEpics_0003 CharlotteEngagementSession_AshtonAlistairEpics_0002

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