1. Owen Davis
    07.18.17 @ 10:11 am

    Girl these are all SUCH great pics!!! I am obsessed with that rug and I will be buying that!! Thanks for pointing it out!!!

  2. Kelly
    08.09.17 @ 2:26 pm

    YES! So I took the plunge and invested in some T3 items this past January. I do really like my curling iron (I got the Whirl, I think? And an extra barrel, so I have a 1.5″ barrel with clamp and a 1″ barrel that’s just a rod), but I don’t know that it’s life-changingly different or necessarily worth the money. My Featherweight dryer I got in early February DIED in May. Like, one day just straight up stopped blowing hot air. The warranty replacement process was pretty fast and easy but it makes me wonder how often they have this kind of quality control issues. I wouldn’t even say it dries my hair quicker than normal. All in all, I think a lot of bloggers are paid pretty good money to sing their praises. Seems like a relatively solid brand, but I’m not going to give them any more loyalty based on my lackluster experience. I’ve heard better things about GHD and other companies; I’ll ask around for more recs next time I’m looking to replace something.

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