Baby Sleep Sacks

Jul 11 2017

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This is probably the number one asked question that I get on Instagram when I post pictures of Olive in her adorable sleep sacks.  Truth is, we only have two sleep sacks that we use.  One was given to me by one of my very best friends (not pictured, but she purchased an adorable one from Tiny in Charlotte) and the other one is a Dwell Studio Sleep Sack that I purchased off Joss & Main (no longer available).  In this post you’ll find several Dwell Studio Sleep Sack, including this one that I just ordered in size 6-12 months.

I did find the exact Dwell Studio Sleep Sack on Amazon – I’ll assure you I did not pay that price though… I believe I paid $35.  I’ve received a lot of interest in this exact pattern, but unfortunately, it looks like it’s completely sold out everywhere – except on Amazon.

Sleep Sack

As far as the fit goes, Olive is 6 months old and still in the 0-6 month sack.  I personally love the Dwell Studio Sleep Sack because it sips around the perimeter and snaps at the shoulders.  That way if you’re changing a spit-up for instance in the middle of the night you don’t have to worry about forcing their little arms in and out of the armholes.  The patterns are too cute too.

Sleep Sack

I also included a few other brands as well that we’ve used in the past (with Henry) and loved!

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Sleep Sack

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