Life Lately

Jun 16 2017

Saturday evenings = family date night!  We head to Birkdale Village, eat dinner, play in the fountains and splashpad and end the evening with ice-cream.  We love Birkdale… so family oriented and can’t beat the live music!

Left Spring 2016 | Right Spring 2017

Crazy the difference that a year makes!

Henry finished his 4th season of Soccer Shots.  He plays in Uptown on Wednesday’s at 4:00pm, such an fun activity and we just love spending the time together outside.  So proud of this little boy!  Since I work most Saturday’s and miss t-ball and sometimes swim, it’s important to me that I have an activity that I can be involved with.

Two weeks ago I spent a long day at the Biltmore with Southern Weddings, Rebecca Rose Events and Henry Photography.  It was a big shoot for Southern Wedding’s 10th anniversary magazine!  EEEEKKK!  Here’s a sneak of the beauty that I did.  Such an honor to work on such an amazing project.

Pool days at the neighborhood pool… we look forward to these days all week long.  Also, taking after one of my besties and training Olive to sleep through a pool visit!  Girlfriend has the napping at the pool thing down!  Thank youuuuuuu, Olive!

We live in a neighborhood where there are so many young children and all of the parents around the same age in life.  We make new pool friends every weekend.

Henry was a daredevil in the water last summer and a pretty decent swimmer… that was all until, he got swimmers eat 🙁 which was AWFUL.  Now, he won’t put his head under the water.  Do y’all have any ideas to get him to overcome his fear of swimmers eat and putting his head under.

The picture of Henry and his buddy brings tears to my eyes.  Those boys are 3 months apart and literally the best of friends and have been.  They’re moving about 40 minutes from us here in the next month and it’s going to hit Henry (and us!) hard.  I can’t think of it without crying… ok, moving onto the next pic. 🙁

Dress | Woven Mule | Clutch/ Crossbody

Been wearing ‘the you know what’ out of this outfit and crossbody bag.

Memorial Day Weekend!  Pretty low-key weekend, dinner with my sister, cookouts and pool time!

Olive at 5 months – I love her so much!

Sweet weekend mornings with the fam!  He’s a good Daddy, y’all!

Last night I hosted a fun event with Old South Studios at Kendra Scott in Southpark!

Lake Norman… everything around you is beautiful this time of year!  How adorable is this place!

Thank y’all for all the love and support with my first REAL makeup tutorial!  Recorded my video during nap time and finished just in time as Olive got up.

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