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Summertime Faves

Jun 20 2017

1. Swan Float  |  2. Straw Tote  |  3. Sunglasses ($12)  | 4. Round Beach Towel  |  5. Sandals  |  6. Hat ($10)  |  7. Pineapple Cup  |  8.  Sea Mist For Hair  |  9. Coverup  | 10. One-Piece 


Sharing a few of my favorite beach and pool items today!  This post makes me so happy because family vacay is right around the corner for us.

Have ya’ll tried the Sea Mist For Hair?  I just started using it and LOVE it.  It’s great for adding beach texture and waves to hair, lightly scented with essential oils of coconut and vanilla.

What it does: It’s formulated with the same salinity as sea water, which not only naturally adds beachy texture to your hair, but is also great for the skin as it is naturally cleansing and detoxifying. It also contains aloe vera, which is lightweight, nondrying and keeps hair balanced and healthy.



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Life Lately

Jun 16 2017

Saturday evenings = family date night!  We head to Birkdale Village, eat dinner, play in the fountains and splashpad and end the evening with ice-cream.  We love Birkdale… so family oriented and can’t beat the live music!


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