Perfect Summer Dress

Apr 17 2017

I need to start this post by saying… I DO NOT go for walks in dresses, my hair perfectly curled and full face of makeup on.  I wish I had my life together like that and my hubby is lucky if I shower 3x a week, lol.  But really…

I did want to snap a picture of this Dara Babydoll Tunic Dress to share with y’all and it’s always more exciting if my kiddos are in it.  It’s available in blue, red and black and perfectly lightweight for the summer.  Love the gauze material, fringed hemline and tassels.  I paired the dress with my go-to Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker ($49) and my favorite sunnies.  This might be a #basicmom outfit, but this is getting realllll dressed up for me.

I also wanted to combine this post with a ‘little about our stroller’, the Bugaboo Chameleon Stroller (Amazon link here).  This was one of the first purchases that I made for Olive and I bought it secondhand off Craig’s List for a fraction of the cost.  I LOVE IT!  With Henry I had a Bob jogging stroller that that thing was a beast to load and unload in the car every time.  We live outside and are pretty active, so I knew that I needed something other than the Bob (which was great for running), but not great for getting in and out of the car with each stop.  I’m sure that any lightweight, convertible stroller would have been great, but I couldn’t pass this one up when I came across it on Craig’s List.

Happy Monday, y’all and thanks for stopping in! 🙂


Photography by: Paige Winn Photo