Mommy moments

Mar 12 2017

We hit another first this weekend… opening day!  It was Henry’s first t-ball game and there is absolutely nothing cuter than a bunch of confused 3-year-olds running the field with oversized baseball helmets.  I’ve been waiting for these moments, the busy life, where weekends are filled with activities, birthday parties, playdates and races.  Experiencing a small glimpse of what I’ve been picturing for as long as I can remember is so very sweet.  I’m cherishing these days until the real busy comes into play with elementary school, homework and balancing activities and social lives.  I’ve heard those days will bring on a totally new kind of shuffle.

I always laughed when my parents said their life stopped when each child went off to college.  My reaction was always, “Life just started for y’all!  No soccer, baseball, basketball  gymnastics, dance and cheerleading practices or games.  No dropping off and picking up from the high school parties.  No more freezing in the stands of our sporting events in the brutal midwest weather.  No more parent/ teacher conferences.  No more homework and school projects.”  I fully understand where my parents were coming from now.  We’re only 3 years and 3 months into this crazy life and I can’t imagine what I’m going to do with myself once the kiddos go off to college.

Y’all are probably like, ‘take it down a notch’.  But it’s true.  My mom always reminds me how fast time goes by.  And how she wishes that even in the ‘little moments’ of practices that she would have slowed down and soaked up each moment, instead of half-watching dance classes while she made a mental note of her grocery list.  She reminds me that each and every stage is different and you’ll never get the time back.  You’ll never get to watch your 3-year-old run from base to base ever again.  You’ll never relive your daughters shuffle-step and she face plants into the dance floor.

Live in the moment, not next to the moment. 

I get it, mom!  After all these years.  I finally get it.

On Saturday at 9:50am, I strapped Olive to my chest and we unloaded our car for Henry’s very first t-ball game.  With tears in my eyes, I watched him walk with his glove on the wrong hand next to his Daddy as we made way towards the filed.

John asked Henry to repeat after him… “I am strong.  I am smart.  I am kind to my friends and others.  I listen to my teachers and coaches.  I listen to my mommy and my daddy.  I am respectful to those I meet.  I am safe.  I CAN DO IT.  I CAN DO IT.  I CAN DO IT.  I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!”  Those words are familiar to Henry as they are a part of our bedtime routine for as long as I can remember… but hearing him shout, “I CAN DO IT!  I BELIEVE IN MYSELF!” on our way onto the ball field made my heart overflow with happiness.

   He was timid on the filed and clung to his Daddy for the first part, but watching him come out of his shell, smile, laugh and run his little heart out brings on all the mama feels.  The images paint the picture pretty well and I’m sure you can imagine the condition of my bloodshot eyes that sat under my sunglasses… on a day that wasn’t even sunny, lol.  Oh, the tears!

I will say… watching him run into home plate – this mama lost it.  I never want to forget these sweet moments with my little boy!  I never want to forget the look on his face that said, ‘I DID IT’. 

From swim lessons, soccer season(s) and now t-ball… these are some of the very best memories we’re making together as a family.  I never want to forget the way his face lights up as he runs towards the sidelines to make sure we’re watching… “did you see that mommy?!”  These are the best moments and as parents to ‘littles’, we are so lucky to be living in them.

Live in the moment, not next to the moment.  

I am so very proud of my little boy for running his heart out (even in the wrong direction)!  He made this mommy some of the very best memories that she’ll never forget!  Ending this Sunday with a full heart!

(make sure to watch the video at the very end)