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Jul 29 2016

A few thoughts from my sweet hubby who has a heart of gold.

He’s truly the best man and is sharing how fatherhood has changed his life.

Grab a tissue and Happy Friday!  Xo.



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Home Decor

Jul 27 2016

Another #NSALE Home Decor post!!  Because who doesn’t need a little pink in their life?

Highlighting some of my favorite items for around the home – the only two items over $100 are the perfume gift sets.  That pillow is $32 and the blanket only $21!

Xo! DSC_0517


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Jul 24 2016

When it comes to mascaras, I feel like I’ve tried them all, from the cheap to the expensive!  It happens to be my favorite beauty product and something that I won’t leave the house without… I’m sure most ladies agree with me!  I’m all about ones that make your lashies look like falsies.  For all of you mama’s out there (or ladies who need a little more zzzzzzzz) I know we all need a mascara that is going to open our eyes and make us look a little more awake!

I personally don’t like brand-new mascara either.  I prefer how it applies after I’ve used it for a week or two.  When it’s fresh out of a new bottle, the glide is too slick.  I like to thicken/ dry it up a bit.  Just a little tip! 😉

Here are my top 6 mascara pics – not listed in any particular order.

Xo! DSC_0517


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