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Skin care

Apr 28 2016

I’m excited to announce that I’ve decided to offer my brides, clients, friends, readers and followers the Rodan + Fields skincare line, my expertise + skin care coaching.

This was not a decision I took lightly.

(please at least read the next two paragraphs before calling it quits on this post)


*** Let me reiterate that ***

I did not take the decision of bringing this line into the Be Pretty name and brand lightly.

Before I go further into detail, I know that there can be a lot of negativity around direct selling (I get it).  I want to reassure you that I will not privately invite you to Facebook pages, Facebook events or hound you to try the line.  I’m not going to befriend you on Facebook with a pitch to get you on my team and sell (while that approach works for some, I don’t have time for that and it’s just not my style)!  You all know me by now and know that I’m genuine and if there’s a product I like, that I’ll happily share it with my beauty obsessed readers – that’s exactly what I’m doing.  

If this decision of mine annoys you in anyway, then I kindly ask that you make peace and don’t visit my blog – before talking negatively about my venture.  Not everyone will understand my dreams, goals and how hard I’ve worked to make Be Pretty what it is today.  I’m a woman who loves and thrives off of lifting others up and making them feel pretty.  Sorry if any of that came off rude… I want a positive light shined upon my brand and who I am.  🙂 


To put a positive spin on those last two paragraphs, I will gift one of Be Pretty’s signature MAC lipstick (or gloss) to any new Rodan + Fields customer!

With all of that said, the word is spreading quickly of how amazing these products are, but so is the credibility of this company and business model.  Within one short week with Rodan + Fields, I’m quickly learning that this company is the real deal and doing all that they can to change the stigma around direct selling by doing things the “right way”.  No they can’t control how every independent consultant markets their own business.  The last sentence in this article from FORBES magazine published this week  just resonates with me and speaks volumes as to why I joined on with this company and decided to share these products with you.   Rodan + Fields is increasingly rising to become one of the most well-respected skincare companies in the world” – Forbes. 

Moving on…


Beyond my own personal success with the line, I love that Rodan + Fields has regimes to treat all of the four major skin concerns ensuring that there is something for all different skin types.

You all know me by know and you know I’m a huge advocate of skincare in general.  I am and always have been a #productjunkie (as the beauty world refers to it).  After years of trying different products, treatments, injections – you name it… I’ve always come back to Rodan + Fields to cure my skincare needs.  Over the last two years I went from Obagi, to Rodan + Fields, to Skin Medica, back to Rodan + Fields, to SkinCeuticals, back to Rodan + Fields… it’s just what works best for my skin.

I’m almost tapping into my mid-thiries (ouch!), so preserving the youth of my skin and finding a line and treatment that met my needs has always been a focus of mine.


Which products do I use???  

Pretty much all of them (with the exception of the Soothe line).

My main concern at the moment is WRINKLES and overall appearance of my skin.  Like I stated before, there’s a line to treat all skin types.

1.) Redefine – Anti-aging Skin

2.) Reverse – Sun damage, sunspots and an overall brighter appearance

3.) Unblemish – Acne and Acne Scarring

4.) Soothe – Redness, irritation and sensitive skin


 On the daily I use the Redefine line.  I’ve been using this line on and off for the last 2+ years now.  Redefine not only treats aging skin, but is also a preventative measure for aging skin.  How it works?  It heals the fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, as our skin gets thinner with age and retains less moisture.  We get those dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface and the structure of our skin – Redefine addresses and cures all of those areas.


I also use the AMP roller (noninvasive micro-exfoliating roller) and Redefine Night Renewing Serum.  Even during the times that I cheated on R+F, I always continued to use these two products.  The AMP rollers allows the serum which contains a proprietary blend of skin-firming, collagen-boosting peptides and retinol to improve skin texture and brighten skin to penetrate deeper into our layers of skin.  I’ve experienced on my own… my skin feels and appears firmer and my lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.


Only eye-cream that I’ll use and it lasts forrrrever!  Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream.  Combines powerful peptides to minimize the appearance of crow’s-feet, helps reduce the appearance of both puffiness and dark under eye circles while special optical diffusers noticeably brighten the eye area.


We have treatments for the four main skin care concerns and I don’t have to be a certified dermatologist to help you because the Doctors’s have created this incredible solutions tool for you.

This will give you expert advice, not just my opinion, but expert advice based on their knowledge and years of experience.  Its set up to prioritize each skincare concern by what you can treat first and then moving on to the next concern.  The Doctors that created Rodan + Fields are the most world-renowned dermatologists in the world and they are guaranteeing results.  If you don’t like or don’t see results with any of these regimens or tools I am going to tell you about then you can return it (empty bottle) for a full refund within 60 days. 

I could go on and on, but this working mama needs to go pamper one of my beautiful brides for her portrait session.  Please email me with any questions – I’m happy to get you in for a skincare consult, we can chat my email or phone.  Again, I’ve tried every line with the exception of Soothe… I can be a great source!  I’ve been studying and sampling skincare products for over a decade now.  Pushing 34, I know a lot about skincare and how to preserve the youth of your skin!

It’s a $19.99 enrollment fee, BUT you get 10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING.

I am hosting a get together on May 10th @ 7pm if you’re interested in learning more about the products.


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Apr 28 2016

I posted this image on my Instagram account…

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, I am proud to say that we are one of the #1in8couples who struggle with the disease of infertility.  I’m proud that I’ve walked in the shoes of someone who suffers from a disease that can seem too taboo to talk about.  I’m proud, because through amazing doctors, nurses, treatments and prayer we were able to conceive our sweet little boy – I’m forever thankful.  Even though we’re faced with a bigger battle as we work towards baby #2 – we’re comforted by the infertility community and our wonderful clinic who gives us so much support and love.  I am proud, because I know and trust in my heart that soon, we will be parents to another precious baby.

I’m proud that I’m walking through a journey where we can relate and lean on so many other women and families who are suffering and in pain.  There is no secret that we are #1in8couples who long for children, but we’re grateful for our community, our wonderful doctor, our amazing IVF nurse, our friends and acupuncturist who have made this journey easier.

Infertility is something that consumes your every thought, every second of the day… and it has for the last 6 years of our life.  I’m so thankful for and all of our friends who aren’t fighting the fight, who have stood by our side, prayed with us, lifted us up and helped us find our “why”. In honor of NIAW and I’m here to support the millions who are suffering and here to promote the greater awareness about infertility.  I salute all of my infertile warriors.  I know I’ve been through a lot, but I know others who have been through even more.  This years NIAW is “start asking” and intended to motivate all that are part of the infertility community to commit to the cause.  My wish is that more couples and families can find comfort to talk about their journey and to lean on others for support.  I hope my voice and speaking out will help those who have not found theirs yet.  It’s ok to talk about it.  It’s ok to ask people to pray.  Take a break from the silence and start asking.

Don’t be embarrassed, be hopeful, you aren’t alone! IMG_2647

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maternity session

Apr 26 2016

I always love doing makeup + hair for sweet mama’s.  This lady was just as kind as they come and expecting her second child any day now.

These beautiful mama was photographed by the one and only, The Schultzes.


AnnaMaternitySession_0002-654x436 AnnaMaternitySession_0003-654x482 AnnaMaternitySession_0004-654x436 AnnaMaternitySession_0005-654x488 AnnaMaternitySession_0006-654x482 AnnaMaternitySession_0007-654x436


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Hi, it’s me.

Apr 24 2016

Oh. Maaaah. Gahhhh.

I’m back!  

I can’t believe I hit the publish button… I’ve wanted to bring back the style posts for awhile now, but truthfully, I’m a little insecure and I’m always so concerned with what others think.  I don’t want to come off as “hey, look at me” or “I got this”… that’s not me at all.  I definitly don’t want to be judged on my writing… if you’ve been reading this 7-year-old-blog of mine, then you know that’s not my strong trait… Or how my weight is a constant yo-yo since having my lil man…  Or how the amount of (……..) these I use.

The older I get the more uptight I become… I thought I’ve supposed to give two fudges less?

Anyways, this past week something hit me and after a glass of wine and girl talk with a bestie (during nap time of course), she offered up teaming up with me and snapping some pics.  So now I’m committed.

I’m excited about this little sprinkle of confidence to start sharing my life and family, wardrobe, what fills my home with happiness, beauty tips, makeup + skincare obsessions and my hope + prayers to become pregnant again.

So, I’m just going with it and I hope you enjoy watching me come out of my shell (I really wish I could use the emoji monkey covering it’s eyes here)!

Kicking this blog series off with a wardrobe post… I’ve been loving off the shoulder tops.  Covers the chub 😉 on the upper arm.  I bought it in the black and white gingham too.  A great price!  I normally wear this with my torn white skinny jeans… but since I spent the weekend basking in the sun, while being served margs, feeling so relaxed and getting my toes painted (yeahhhhhhhh right – working weddings, attending toddler birthday parties and watching over my son while the hubs played golf is more like it), they’re still at the bottom of my laundry basked… they’ll probably stay there until next Saturday.


ps – yes, that’s a gray chunk at the part-line of my hair. 😉 #goingon34





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