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christmas 2015

Dec 30 2015

Merry Christmas (a tad bit late) + Happy New year!!!

My blog was down for a few weeks while some maintenance work was happening, but I’m back up and running smoothly.

Wanted to recap our Christmas and flood my blog with a 100 million pictures – if you’re just here for makeup + hair inspo, keep scrolling – this is a long one.

We had a lovely Christmas.  The hubby worked until 2pm on Christmas eve and returned back to work on Monday.  We made sure to bottle up lots of family time in the three days we had together as a family.  This by far, was my favorite Christmas.  Henry’s starting to understand it a little better.  He definitely “gets” Santa.  Doesn’t understand the jolly old man coming down the fireplace, but he sure did enjoy writing his ‘thank you’ letter to Santa, leaving the reindeer cheerios and water and Santa milk and cookies.  He wasn’t too into The Elf On the Shelf – and too be completely honest, I’m not either.  BUT we were able to use Santa to leverage some bribery.

It’s magical with kiddos!  Truly magical!  I want to redo Christmas morning all over again.

Leading up to Christmas we went to Founders Hall + The Ritz (gingerbread house) twice.  We took him to DSBG to see Santa and walk the gardens.  We sat on Santa’s lap at South Park Mall.  We made cookies with Henry’s bestie.  We stayed up late and watched Christmas movies together.  We attended his school’s Christmas program.  We sang “jingle bells” over and over and over again!

These are the moments I’ve been waiting my whole life for… and I know this age is SO short-lived, so we definitely relished in the magic of the season!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Many blessings to you and your family in the New Year.

All my love!



The Lunsford’s annual Christmas (+ dirty Santa) party!  All dressed up with my best guy!

Skirt Shirt | Heels | Necklace | Bowtie 


Henry all dressed and ready to tell Santa how he’s been a good boy all year (yeah right)!

Henry’s shoes *check out these buffalo plaid Chuck Taylors on super sale! 

IMG_5825 IMG_5949

I love wrapping!  This year I got all of my paper and ribbon from Home Goods!


Henry all dressed and ready for his school performance!  Henry’s favorite bear hat is on sale.


We baked cookies with these two little besties!


It’s a tradition for Mel and I… we take the boys two days before Christmas to see the bears!  These boys love each other!


instagramed this image of me in a mask… as most of you know, I’m a sucker for good skincare lines and of course, my masks.

I’ve been using the Revisions Black Mask for years now.  By far my favorite.

Cannot live without my: TNS Essentials Serum | Lytera Skin Brightening | Retinol | TNS Eye Repair + Rodan and Fields Eye Cream (I do R&F in the morning b/c it’s not oily, amazing to wear with makeup) | Moisturizer.IMG_5964

The snapchat addiction continues!  My name: lindseyrthorne

What are the snapchat rules?  Because I snap alllll.the.time!

IMG_0898 IMG_0912 IMG_6488

On Christmas Eve, while daddy worked, Henry and I stayed in our jammies all day.  We did last minute food prep for Christmas day.  I must note my record timing… at 8am, we went to the Teeter, Alexa’s (my sisters), Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market and Starbucks alllllllllll in less than an hour and a half (and all while in our jammies)!  Mama on a mission!


A new Christmas Eve tradition… writing Santa a ‘thank you’ in front of the Christmas tree.  Deborah of Olive Paper designed a download for mama’s (dear Santa….), we printed that off and it occupied Henry for 20 minutes.  The entire paper was covered.


Another tradition is to read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ by the Christmas tree (I think everyone shares this same tradition.  It’s a sweet one).  This year henry refused to let Daddy read it… “Henweee in charge, Daddy”.


“Stoppppp, Daddy”


All tuckered out!  One nights sleep until Santa!!!



It was a successful Christmas morning!


We hosted Christmas dinner!  I always have fun setting the table.


Henry watching the big kids use their new Christmas toys… still in disbelief that Santa’s not coming back for another year!


Loves his new big boy bike!


I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas as well!

Lots of love, friends!


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