12 months

Dec 09 2014

Do you ever feel as though life is simply running away from you?

Over the past few months of this “one year” build up, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions.  Excited about the future, yes… but so incredibly sad that Henry is no longer a baby.  It’s a mixture of emotions to say the least and while we are so incredibly thankful to have a healthy one year old, toddler… I’m sad about this thing called “time”… that has slipped right by.

He… We… (!!!) made it through one whole year of life with our precious boy who completely rocked our wold.


My baby boy is ONE!

It feels like yesterday, he was placed in our arms for the first time.


Image by Kristin Vining Photography ~ Birth Story Here


The feeling is bittersweet and childhood… motherhood… fatherhood… is a hard, but beautiful job.  As I watched the first year of life pass right by, I can’t help but imagine the future.  My eyes well up thinking about our little John Henry Thorne’s name being called, as he proudly acccpets his high school diploma.  The meaning of the term “soak it all up” is settling in quite well.

As most of you know, it was a journey to get Henry.  It was three years of two breaking hearts, four different doctors, several diagnosis, stirrups, medicines, shots, procedures, a miss-carriage, grey waiting rooms, the “highs” that were then followed by the “lows”.  There were tears, there were fights, there was talk of divorce, the days were darker than the nights and our hearts melted with love by the thought of a baby… but then shattered at the beginning of each cycle.

….and here we are today, celebrating this year of life.  A life we didn’t think we would ever be able to celebrate.  It’s amazing what time will bring and how it can quickly brighten someones breaking heart.  God had a plan and that journey has been made whole.  Without the journey, we wouldn’t have Henry.  It’s felt like he was with us since the day his daddy and I first met.


Being a mother to Henry has completely blindsided me.  I never thought I could love anyone the way I love that sweet boy.  I’m captivated by him.  In constant “awe” by his ultra Hurricane ways.

He smiles, and always has, since the moment he was born.  And when he does, his entire face lights up and his eyes twinkle.  He smiles at strangers, he smiles at dogs, he smiles at the wall, he smiles while taking a bottle, he smiles while sucking on a paci.  We’ve truly been blessed with a happy little guy who loves life!

He has a giggle that starts in his gut and echoes all the way up… it turns into a squeal, that turns into a scream, that then turns into so much laughter that tears will collect in his eyes.  The best sound on earth.


Image by Kristin Vining Photography


He isn’t cuddly as he once was, because he has places to be and people to see! 😉  He’ll constantly run into your arms and give you the biggest hug in the world.  If I’m standing, he’ll grab onto my legs and hug me so tight.  When we pick him up, he’ll cuddle his head up to our necks and then quickly turn his head up at you and give the biggest smile!  We call that a “Chewy” move!  This boy has us wrapped around his little finger.


Image by Alex Michele Photography 

…did I mention, he melts us?!


He has huge, glacier blue eyes and he earned the name “Pikachu” early on, because his big eyes and tiny body were always into something.  That name “Pikachu”, turned into Peeks, Chew, Chewy, Peekie.  When he turns into our bundle of crazy joy, we refer to him as one of those names, in addition to The Hurricane.  “Uh-oh, he’s getting all Chewy”… that means act fast, there’s a hurricane brewing.


He is loud, messy, smelly and all boy.  He leaves only mommy presents in the bathtub, at least twice a week.  Yes, you heard right, every mom’s biggest fear.  He poops in the tub and it happens often.  He’s stinky, because…well, we’re on the topic… he poops all the time, sometimes 7 times a day.   He’s messy!!!  You should see this kid eat and how quickly he can destroy the play room!


…real sweet and innocent, huh?  You try giving him a bath! 😉


He’s active, strong, sturdy and he’s fearless!  Thanks to Instagram, I have a journal of his activities documented.  Click the links for some fun videos and pictures.  The kid amazes me with his strength and has since day one… well, actually since he was in my belly.

~ He consistently started rolling over at just 5 weeks old.  

~ He held his head up on his own, and had leg strength to lock out his knees and stand very early on.  

~ At 3 months he learned to fist pump.

~ He started planking at 4-1/2 months, started rocking at 5 months and crawling at 5-1/2 months (video from 6 months). 

~ At 6 months he said “DaDa” and gave high-5’s.

~ He walked with a push toy at 7 months.

~ He stood on his very own the day he turned 8 months.  From that point on, he took a few steps here and there.  

~ Right before turning 9 months, he started walking and since then… he hasn’t stopped

~ At 10 months  walked to our neighbors front doors and trick-or-treated.

~ He tried out for the CrossFit Games at 11 months.  

The last 12 months of our crazy, loving boy has been nothing short of exciting, adventurous, hard and amazing!  Our Friday nights “in” watching the monitor have turned into some of the best times of our lives.  We closed the pages to his ‘baby year’ on Sunday, December 7th and we’re ready to fully embrace the first year of toddlerhood and the new phase in our family.  We cannot wait to see where this Hurricane will take us, but we are so excited to watch him grow and turn into a little gentleman.  It’s going to be a wild ride!

God truly blessed us with the greatest gift of all.


~ 12 Month Report ~ 

Runs.  Runs.  Runs.  and he’s into everything!

Loves Koozies, tupperware and playing in our cabinets.

He say’s “HOT” with the hand motion!  Say “Eyes” and associates the word with physical trait!  Says “Hi” and waves.

He loves Chewy the Elf and runs around pointing to him (we named our Elf Chewy after the real Chewy)!  He hears us saying “there he is”, that he’ll mumble “there he is” too!  Obviously, it sounds nothing like the real words, but you can hear the pitch in his voice and how he’s trying to make out the words.

He’s knows the microwave, oven, cooktop, Christmas tree and our coffee mugs are “HOT”… but now, even the ladder is hot.

He’s talkative!  Boy, is he talkative!  And he’ll scream!

He throws semi-temper-tantrums on the ground!  I hear this is just the beginning!  Yikes!

He still loves running errands with Mommy and riding in the buggy!

He loves (loves!!!!!) his fruits, veggies and water and is pretty much on all solids.

He sits at a big boy table.

His weight, height, head circumference, etc is TBD!  We have his 12 month check-up on Thursday!

He’ll love on people who are familiar; like my sister and our friends.


Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!

You’ve filled our lives with so much joy, our hearts continue to overflow with love and you keep us on our toes!

You are the best and we love you so, so much!