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engagement session

Oct 30 2014

Here’s a gorgeous fall inspired engagement session photographed by the incredibly talented, Kristin Byrum Photography.  I cannot thank Erin, with Carolina Event Design enough for brining this sweet couple my way!

It was a pleasure pulling wardrobe for this brides shoot (links to each item found below) and providing makeup + hair.  I can’t tell y’all how much I truly love my job.


Lindsey Regan Thorne_02

Shop Their Looks:

Her Look: Skirt | Denim Jacket | Blouse | Belt | Necklace | Boots (sim.) | Belt

**Lipstick | Lipliner**

His Look: Jean | Shirt | Sweater


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sneak peek

Oct 27 2014

Yesterday we had holiday pictures taken with Terra Bailey at her sweet little Merry Lot!  Oh my word… it’s just the most precious little set up that you’ll ever see!  More pics to come, but wanted to share this little teaser that she posted on Insta last night.

Hard to believe that in less than 7 weeks he will be ONE year!  Thankful everyday for our boy!

Lindsey Regan Thorne_01

Here’s what I ended up putting him in.  Thankfully the week before the shoot I hit up the outlets to do a little shopping.  Concord has a Janie & Jack, Carters, Baby Gap and the Off Saks 5th Ave has a great selection for little guys.  Carter’s was a major hit — I got Henry this plaid shirt and sweater for 40% off, PLUS additional 20% with a coupon!

Pants | Hat | Shirt | Sweater | Hat (not shown)

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Oct 24 2014

Ladies, have y’all tried the Ferragmo perfume?

I’m a perfume junkie.  I love collecting beautiful scents in gorgeous bottles… they honestly make for lovely decor next to your bedside or on your vanity.  I put mine on a silver pedestal platter.

I’m sharing my newest love with y’all… Salvatore Ferragamo, ‘Signorina Eleganza’.  It’s gorgeous.  I don’t like overpowering scents, but I love to be noticed through my perfumes.  This one “claims” to be “rich”.  To my nose buds ;), it’s the perfect blend of femm, sophistication,  redefined floral, a hint of chic and a dash of youth.

For all of my brides out there… this would make a STUNNING wedding day perfume.  Not only is the bottle stunning, but the scent is dreamy!

Right now it’s on sale at Nordi’s!  It’s not available yet at Sephora — for all of you product junkies who like to keep their beauty points up and running (like me!)!

Happy smelling like a goddess!


Lindsey Regan Thorne

If you’re wondering what other scents are sitting on my silver platter… here you go!

Chole | Tory Burch | Miss Dior | See by Chole | Flowerbomb | Jimmy Choo | Viva La Juicy | Stella 

*this is actually my wedding day perfume*

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10 months…

Oct 21 2014

Happy 10 months to my sweet-big-snaggle-tooth almost one year old little boy!

Henry Thorne_10 months blog

A little late posting… but Henry turned 10 months on October 7th!  Can you believe it?!  10 months?!  Where has the time gone?!

This has been another huge month for us.  Henry started standing on his own the day he turned 7 months.  Within that month he took a step here and there.  Nothing consistent.  Then his 8 month birthday rolled around.  During that month he took several steps in a row.  I think he made it up to 8 steps and then a fall on the ole tush.   During his 9 month of life, he was in full stride.  This kid is on the go and isn’t stopping.

Life is even faster.  There’s not a lot of time for relaxing and we definitely have some baby proofing to catch up on. 🙂 He is in and out of cabinets and drawers.  Talking, yapping, babbling.  Loves to repeat what you say… “hat” and “hi” are his new words.  Loves singing — we listen to a lot of Pandora stations, but his favorite is the Nursery Rhyme station.  Loves the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’.  We read a lot of books, but he’s got a case of his mommy’s ADD, so we don’t finish many of them, except, ‘The Wheels On The Bus’.  He still loves bath time, but refuses to sit.  Always a challenge in the slippery tub.

He’s a great sleeper.  Dinner at 5:30, bath directly after, followed by bedtime at 6:30.  He still goes an entire 12 hours.  Up between 6:30am and 7am.  Takes a 2 hour nap in the morning and then another 2 hour nap (sometimes 3 hour nap) in the afternoon.  He’s a pretty good sleeper when he’s not at school. 😉

We went through a 2 week struggle with food, he was a little hesitant on textures, but his little tastebuds sure are expanding.  Finger food loves are: carrots, peas, green beans, string cheese, waffles, pancakes, any kind of baby food puff/ rice cake/ etc., berries, bananas, hummus, toast with cream cheese + pumpkin puree.  We’re fighting him to love broccoli and sprouts.  He still loves water in his sippy cup.  We are down to 2 bottles (morning + bedtime), whew… not sure how we’re supposed to wean him of these in 1.5 months!

I quit my bootcamp membership and I’m fulling embracing the “mommy workout”.  I’m at that point in (my) mommyhood where these last 6-7lbs should melt off.  LOL’s.  Seriously, y’all, chasing a baby-on-the-go is NO joke (and it’s supposed to just get harder)!?  How!?  Chasing him around the house, lifting him, changing his diaper, getting him in and out of the bathtub is the biggest workout of my life.  Plus, trying to find the time to feed yourself.  Forget it.  Ok, I’m begin a bit dramatic… but the struggle is real! 😉  I’m so thankful for my struggle.

Love this little boy so, so much!

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