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steals + deals…

Aug 31 2014

Happy Sunday and Happy Labor Day weekend to you!

Thank you all for the sweet comments + messages regarding our vacation pictures.  I flooded the news feed for 5 days straight – I know y’all are sick of me… but you can’t be sick of me until I post one final recap with all of our sweet new memories.  Who doesn’t love vacay pics?

I received private messages (comments too) asking where I got a lot of what I was wearing.  Y’all will be happy to know everything you saw me in was less than $40.  Mama is on a budget these days.

To set the record straight.  I am not pregnant for those who inquired, BUT your excitement started getting me excited about the future!  I did wear a swimsuit that had rouching across the midsection (non-maternity).  I didn’t even think twice about that when I purchased it.  I mainly got it because it hid the extra fluff around my belly, it was something that was comfy for splashing in the pool, sitting in the sand and it was $34.99.  Whew. 

Ok, so no baby growing under my rouched-one-piece belly… except the food baby from the extra indulging that I enjoyed.

Thank you all for the love, sweet words and (NO!) I’m not mad at the “are you preggo” questions (x2) that I received.  I think it’s funny how everyone I know has baby-radar.

Here we go with #wiw and my steals and deals!  🙂


Lindsey Regan Thorne_01

Above Look:

One piece  |  Target – $34.99.  I purchased it about 2 weeks ago, it’s not online, but they had several in the store.

Headwrap |  Forever21 – $3.80.

Sunglasses  |  Express – $17.94.  Let me start by saying, over the years I’ve spend a good amount on sunglasses.  These less-than-$20 shades are by far the best that I’ve ever worn.  I bought the exact same pair over 2 years ago, they broke the Saturday before vacation… thankfully Express still carries them so I scored another pair.

Lindsey Regan Thorne_04=5

Above Look:

Coverup  |  Anthro – $39.99

Lindsey Regan Thorne_04

Above Look:

Cardigan  |  Nordi’s – $34.  I purchased two colors, it’s perfect for the transition into fall.

Photo (above) by the amazing Alex Michele Photography 

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iPhone snap shots…

Aug 27 2014

A little sneak peek into our wonderful family vacation.

Yesterday was our first full day here at Amelia Island Plantation.  We started the day off with a family run to  Marche Burette where we got coffee and breakfast.  We walked around the little village (super cute), even took a look into their nature center and then made our way back to our villa.

We fought Henry long and hard for an morning nap, but it’s vacation so we gave in.  So we ventured down to the pool.  Spent a few hours splashing with the little man.  Mommy and Daddy even enjoyed a few mimosas pool side.  Ahhh!  The Hurricane is a daredevil when it comes to the water, maybe he’s taking after his “cousin” Hunter.  He dunked himself TWO different times.  Scared the daylight out of me.  He thought it hysterical and wanted to continue to do it.  Boys!

By 12:30pm we made our way back to our place where Henry finally went down for a snooze.  Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some cocktails on the porch and I even blogged.  After nap time we made our way down to the beach… it was an amazing overcast afternoon… and NOBODY was out.  It’s ghost town here right now, since school is back in session.

We walked along the beach and made our way to the pool for a final dip of the day.

Yesterday evening we did the same routine as the night before… bath, book, bottle, bed.  Daddy and Mommy got ready and then we packed up the king of the bed and off to dinner we went.  He slept in his carseat and we got to enjoy a fabulous meal and cocktails.  Y’all this feels way too good.   John and I haven’t been on a date (besides Hope’s wedding) since before Henry was born.

This morning we were up by 6:00am (pretty typical with our crazy cat) and we hit the links.  We drove shotgun with Daddy and watched him golf.

Now were home… enjoying coffee, Daddy is showering, I’m blogging… Ahh!

I fully understand the need of “family vacation” now.  It’s been a wonderful two days, just relaxing, unwinding and spending every waking second with my boys.  I’m feeling incredibly blessed and I’m reminded how lucky we are to have such a healthy baby boy.

Love to all!

ps… sorry for rubbing in our vacation shots.  I’m clearly on cloud nin.



Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_002 Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_03 Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_04Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_008 Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_009 Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_010 Lindsey-Regan-Thonre_011

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Checking in…

Aug 26 2014

It’s been forever since I published a “life lately” post.  Life lately… well, it’s been crazy!  Summer, wedding season, brining Sabrina pretty much full time/ expanding Be Pretty (more to come there), house projects, traveling for work, and last, but not least… summer vacation with my sweet family.  Life, to be honest, has never been so good.  My heart has never felt so much love.  Love from clients, love from my wonderful circle of friends, love from my family, love from my hubby and most importantly, the love my sweet baby boy.  I’m so proud to say that he is a mama’s boy.  He might look like Daddy, but don’t be fooled.  He wants his mama.

For the first time in (what feels like) forever, I’m having some down time.  Welllllll, let me rewind, working from home I do have a lot of down time… but it’s typically smothered by Henry time, laundry, house work, regular work… the drill is familiar to you all I know.  Right now it’s a different kid of down time.  You want me to paint the picture?  Ok… you’ll hate me, but here it goes.  I’m on our porch on vacay, overlooking the gorgeous ocean, beach music playing in the background, napping baby, sipping fruity cocktails and a hubby who is reminiscing about his childhood summers here in Amelia Island.  It’s pretty much picture perfect at the moment.  Life is really, really, really good and I’m so very thankful for the happiness that has landed in my lap.

Nonetheless, I miss my blog, so I just wanted to say ‘hi’ to anyone who still reads my lonely blog. 🙂



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