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Carolina Bride Cover + Feature

Jul 31 2014

Taking it back to exactly a year ago.

I teamed up with the fabulous ladies of Carolina Bride and the beautifully talented Lindsey Lee Photography, for the cover/ feature story of the July 2013 issue.

It’s always an honor working with these ladies… from makeup + hair to help assisting with the selection of the gowns.  I’m very proud to say that I was a part of this gorgeous issue.

Venue: The Ivy Place | Flowers: Flowers by Lingky | Photography: Lindsey Lee Photography | Dresses: BHLDN | Accessories: J.Majors 



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wedding day beauty

Jul 30 2014

Chrystal and Sabrina of the Be Pretty team had the pleasure of beautifying Jess and her gorgeous bridal party last October.

This wedding is absolutely stunning — hop on over to The Schultzes blog and check out more images — (seriously!!!) gorgeous, creative and so southern.

Yesterday it was featured on one of my favorite blogs, Style Me Pretty!


CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0013 Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.32.01 AM CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0005 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0009 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0011 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0014 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0015 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0017 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0026 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0028 CharlotteWeddingPhotographerJessicaSean2013_0033

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wedding day beauty

Jul 24 2014

You haven’t met a true, genuine Southern Belle until you’ve met Hope.  She’s a sweetheart and a bride/ client/ friend who holds a special place in my heart.  You might recall her engagement session, where I shared a little bit about her journey.  On May 31st she walked down the aisle and married her best friend… a day, that many, didn’t think she would ever get to see.

Enjoy these beautiful images by my friend, Kristin Vining.  Visit her blog for a list of the vendors.  Rebecca Rose Events, the wedding planners, sure did create an amazing evening.  Sabrina and I were incredibly lucky to do makeup and hair for the gorgeous bridal party, bride, MOB, MOG and Grandmother.

You all know I like to get personal on here… so here it goes.  When Hope’s sister, Elise got married back in August of 2012… I actually accepted “the” call from REACH (our fertility clinic) to hear the good news that I was pregnant.  This happened on a Friday, while I was doing beauty for Elise and her family.  After excepting the wonderful news, all I wanted to do was hug and cry with them…. and obviously tell them that I was going to be a MOM!  Instead, I kept the secret to myself and literally — floated.  A week later, I found out that I lost the baby.   As sad as that time was for me, I have these crazy-happy-giddy memories… slipping into Mama Beth’s bathroom to talk to my nurse.  Even though these special ladies didn’t know the news I had been praying for, I internally celebrated with them and excitedly declined a mimosa.  The first drink that I ever had an excuse to say “no” to.  I went back to Mama Beth’s house to do makeup + hair for Hope’s wedding rehearsal.  It was a familiar place with a wonderful-permenatly-placed (distant) memory of the first time that I heard the good news… you’re pregnant.  Since Elise’s wedding, I’ve grown close with the beautiful Davis girls.  They prayed a lot for Henry and our journey to get Henry.  It’s not everyday that clients become family… but in this case, I truly feel like I’ve gained sisters.  I hope that I can raise Henry just like Mama Beth raised her sweet girls.

John and I were guests at the wedding… it was the best time and pure eye candy!

Ok… enough of that!  Just enjoy the pics! 🙂

Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00001 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00002 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00003 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00004 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00005 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00006 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00007 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00008 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00009 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00010 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00011 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00012 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00013 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00014 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00015 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00016 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00017 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00018 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00019 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00020 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00021 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00022 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00023 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00024 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00025 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00026 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00027 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00028 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00029 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00030 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00031 Myers-Park-Country-Club-Wedding_Kristin-Vining-Photography_00032Me and the hubs! 🙂 securedownload securedownload-1

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bridal session | makeup + hair

Jul 22 2014

Awe!  This past bride… definitely one of my favorite ladies around.

Over the past few years, we got to know Kaitlin well.  She was a bridesmaids in two of my past brides weddings… and in late June, it was her turn to put on a wedding gown.

Hope you love her bridal portraits by Capture Me Candid as much as I do… we were all lucky enough to work alongside Katrina (her planner/designer) of Come+Together Events.  Her beautiful gown came from Hayden Olivia.   Oh, and her gorgeous flowers were created by Flowers by Lingky.

You’re a doll, Kaitlin!



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