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39 week survey

Dec 06 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

DSC_0517Dear John Henry,

I’m writing this on Thursday, December 5th, your due date.  We wont make it all the way through the end of our 40th week and as excited as I am to finally have you in my arms, I’m sad that this will be my last letter to you in my belly.  What an amazing journey it’s been and the past almost 10 months have been a pure joy.  We’re more alive than ever and we have you to thank for that.  Just when we started to lose hope and didn’t think it was possible, we got the call from REACH to confirm that you were YOU!  Now you’re about to be our child… the answer to our prayers.  We love you so much already, sweet boy.  I promise to give you my world, always.  As these weekly letters come to an end, I’m even more excited to pour my heart out to you in person, in my arms.  I love you more than words and in two short days you’ll be in our presence. 

Love you forever and always, sweet boy! 


DSC_0517Size of babe: Still a watermelon19-22″ and 6-9lbs!

Weight gain: I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I was up 2lbs.  They say you can have a 2-3lbs loss or gain before labor.  It was also Thanksgiving!  According to the doctors scale, I’m up 38lbs and my vintage scale 42lbs.

Birthing process update: Ok… I’m interrupting this…  It’s Friday, December 6th and at 11:30am at Polished my water broke!  Little did I know it was my water.  In fact it wasn’t until 2pm that I told my hubby.  By 5:45pm we went to the hospital, where a past bride of mine (and fabulous nurse) confirmed that my water did indeed break!!  Since then we’ve been on cloud9 knowing that our son is coming on his OWN and on my birthday.   Such an amazing blessing and answer to many of my prayers!  I can’t believe it!  My contractions are currently 2-3 mins apart and they are intensifying by the second.  Lasting 60-90 seconds.  To be honest… I’m about ready for that epidural!

What I wrote on Thursday, December 5th… This is where we stood with everything before my water broke today!!

Went to the doc Tuesday morning and this morning.  On Tuesday I was 2cm/ 50%.  The fluid around the baby was low, so that’s why he wanted to see me again today (Thursday).  Had another u/s and fluid has decreased since Tuesday.  He’s now requiring us to be induced.  He doesn’t want us to go past tomorrow. 🙂 Lucky enough he’s on call Friday and Saturday.  Because he’s requiring us to be induced, sounds like the hospital won’t turn us away if they are full.  This also means that the little man will be born on my birthday, which lights up my heart. Baby did a stress test Tuesday, Wednesday and then today and he’s all good, so even though the fluid is low, it’s not harming him and he continues to kick the shiz outta me! 🙂 Some other “stuff” happened to me on Wednesday… in addition to that, I’ve been having contractions.

We’ll be omitted on 12/6 @ 7pm… baby should be here on Saturday 12/7!

Y’all probably know/ remember this, but before going back through REACH in March.  John and I were on a “break” from the treatments & meds.  It was February and after an acupuncture appoitment she said I was “close” to getting preggo.  I went home that night and literally plugged into the computer if I was to get preggo that next cycle and sure enough the due date came up as my birthday.  I felt like it was a “sign” to go back thru REACH.  Sure enough we got the BFP (big fat positive) 😉 and REACH’s due date for us was also my birthday (it changed when I switched to my reg OB to today 12/5).

We’re going to meet our son this week!

Maternity clothes: Still loving and living in my yoga pants (even picked up another pair to live in after birth as well).

Gender:  John Henry Thorne… our sweet little Henry!

Nursery: I blogged a few weeks ago about the nursery! 🙂

Movement: He’s a mover still! 🙂 Mover and jolter!  I love feeling his sweet movements and I’m soaking them up… could be some of the last movements that I’ll feel from him in my belly.  Makes me a little sad.

Sleep: It’s so-so… I swear, it’s a blessing, getting me ready for what’s to come! 🙂 It’s been a little hard getting comfy at night b/c of how low the baby has dropped.

What I miss: Nothing!  🙁 Nothing at all, getting sad about how I’m going to miss having his sweet little self in my belly here in a week (days) or so.  I’m very thankful for the pregnancy that I’ve had, I’m thankful for our health.  As we’re closing the pages to this preggo chapter, I’m realizing that I could do this all over again.

Best moment this week: Being lazy with the hubby over the weekend, soaking up a date night, went to a movie.  Just hanging out with him.  He also was able to come with me to my doctors appointment on Tuesday.  I love having him there and it was fun hearing (together) the progress that I’m making and how soon the little man could really be here.

Looking forward to: The delivery of our little man… seeing him for the first time, his smell, kissing him, getting to know him, holding him… I’ve been dreaming about this moment for what seems like my entire life.   Can’t wait to see my hubby with him either… tear!  I can’t believe we’re THIS close!

Cravings: Peppermint everything!  Cheese!  Ice cream!  Popcorn!

Symptoms: We wont go into all the “gory” details!

Workouts:  Only walked one 4 miler.

39 weeks DSC_0517

 *A little look into the past and how our prayers were answered… and we overcame our struggles! *


Procedures, medicines and the celebration of our first pregnancy that we unfortunately lost. 

My darkest day… the day that we found out our 3rd procedure failed and the fear of our future.  All we wanted was a little Henry or a little Elle. 


The month of March 2013.  Medicines, accupuncture, us at our procedure and the BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!

Baby Thorne _Kristin Vining Photography_0018

Images by Kristin Vining from our very first ultrasound at 6 weeks at REACH.  The day we saw our very own baby for the first time and heard his precious heart beat. 

Baby Thorne _Kristin Vining Photography_0021

Baby Thorne _Kristin Vining Photography_0027

Baby Thorne _Kristin Vining Photography_0033


Some of our handsome little mans first pictures! 

DSC_0517John Henry at 27 weeks and 2 days! 


The end… and happy begging! d56dee3f088cda59c9029349f44d59ea


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makeup & hair

Dec 05 2013

Me again… blogging the same face that I’ve already blogged here and here! 🙂

Cristina (editor of Carolina Bride) asked me to style her up (thanks Neiman Marcus) and do makeup + hair for her 2014 magazine headshots.  I was super excited!

Here’s the outcome of her shoot… she’s a beauty!

Photography by Crystal Stokes 

carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_0023 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00021 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_0024 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00071 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00081 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00111 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00121 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00131 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00151 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00191carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00201 carolina-bride-charlotte-nc_00221

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Get her look

Dec 04 2013

Happy hump day, ladies! 

I did makeup + hair for Cristina, one of the talented ladies behind Carolina Bride, for those that don’t know her.

Since holiday parties are in full swing and it’s that time of year that you need absolutely NO excuse to get all gussied up… I decided to share the products that I used to help create this dramatic eye.


Photography by Crystal Stokes


GET HER LOOK by Lindsey Regan Thorne

GET HER LOOK by Lindsey Regan Thorne_2

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