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38 week survey

Nov 30 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*DSC_0517Dear John Henry,

We are so close, little man!  So close to meeting you and as excited as I am to have you in my arms, I’m also sad about sharing you with the world.  I’ve loved our special time together that started on March 14th, the day of our procedure.  I’ve loved every bit of this journey where it’s been just you and me (with a side of Daddy).  Just us.  I’m soaking up these last few days of where it’s just our bond, a bond that nobody can ever replace.  Your Daddy is even in-tune with what’s about to happen.  At night when we’ve settled on the sofa, his hand doesn’t leave my belly.  We love this little “unknown” bond between the three of us.  When you feel Daddy’s hand you always seem to squirm a little… it’s like you know that it’s “him”, your Daddy.  It lights up my heart.  I can’t believe how much you’ve changed our life in the past 9-1/2 months and I cannot imagine just how sweeter it’s about to get.  Thank you for brightening each and every day of this journey.  

We love you beyond words,


DSC_0517Size of babe: Still a watermelon19-22″ and 7lbs!  Boy has he dropped and getting heavy!

Weight gain: I ended my 38th week again at the doctors AND gained a pound.  So, up a total of 36lbs according to the docs scale AND (might I add) FULLY CLOTHED, don’t they normally say that docs scales typically weigh you a little chunkier?  BUT, according to my scale I’m up to 40lbs???  I’ve had my scale since I moved to Charlotte in 2001.  So, it makes me feel much better (pretending) that it’s getting ready to kick it!

Birthing process update: WE HAVE PROGRESS!  So, I ended my doc’s appointment at 38weeks, 6 days (the day before Thanksgiving).  1cm and effaced (soft and low in his words, if you know what I’m talking about).  He said I could very well be more than 1cm and he couldn’t say how effaced I was because of the baby’s positioning… he said if he checked me all the way that I’d claw him.  I just gained more respect for the ole Doc.  He also assured me that this is all great news and that a lot of first timers don’t even dilate.  He wanted me back early in the week… his wish is my command.  I go back in on Tuesday morning (12.02.13).

In other news… The Friday (11.22.13) before my appointment, I woke up in dead sleep… ( actual contractions.  I’ll spare you some of the details that go along with “early stage labor”, but both John and I were convinced it was actually happening.  Contractions lasted about 45 minutes or so.  I had several strong ones that put me on my knees.  In between I was getting a little sick.  Johnny got out the Presby L&D book (from the hospital) and started reading me the 6 signs of labor and I had 4 of them.  My contractions weren’t long enough or consistent to warrant a phone call to the docs, but it definitely got our buns in gear… THIS IS HAPPENING!

That weekend, we deep cleaned the apartment.  Set up the swing, rock-n-play, installed carseats, deep cleaned both cars, boiled toys, bottles and paci’s.  Washed more clothes.  CLEANED!  CLEANED!  CLEANED!  We worked from 7:30am on Sunday until 7:00pm that night.  Oh, we even packed up a few boxes to take to storage and stopped by the house to see all the progress.  Johnny had an emotional moment… God love him.  All I said was “ready for Daddy projects”, hencing to him that he needed to put together the swing ANDDDDDDDD the flood gates opened.  Bless him.  I’m so incredibly thankful that I’m able to give him the gift of parenthood.

Another huge change… my attachment to my hubby.  It’s bizarre.  I don’t know what the deal is, but I get sad when he’s at work and I constantly want to be by his side. Just the two of us.  I’ve heard that women go through this.  I’m also getting ridiculously sad… what is this all about?  I should be on TOP of the world.  I’m sad that I will have to share Henry with the world, in the same breath, I cannot wait for him to join the world.  I love our special little connection, I love not knowing who he is yet, I love waking up to his kicks and pressing on my belly and feeling him press back, I love that nobody else knows him yet (just me!), as hard as pregnancy can be at times – I really do enjoy it.  It also makes me sad thinking… what if this is my last time being pregnant?  What if I can’t get pregnant again?  As exciting as this all is and as much as I wanted him here the minute I hit full term, now I want him to stay put… just so I can enjoy HIM a little longer.

Maternity clothes: Living in yoga pants, tanks, cardigans and scarfs… still.  I can’t stand the skinny jeans anymore.  My legs look like trunks in those.

Gender:  John Henry Thorne… our sweet little Henry!

Nursery: I blogged last week where we stand with everything and I’m pretty happy! 🙂 I can’t wait to be in the house and in his actual nursery!

Movement: He doesn’t stop!  I love it!  His jabs, his kicks, his little limbs that stick out of my tummy… it’s so much fun.  His little hiccups, which aren’t so little anymore… they make me laugh.  Both John and I have so much fun feeling his legs (not just his feet) and rubbing them and then we wait for him to squirm.  He’s sleeping more throughout the night.  I’m very thankful for all of his movements.

Sleep: It’s still getting better!  I think my main issue with the “insomnia” is the excitement of becoming his mother (the fear as well).

What I miss: Nothing!  Nothing!  Nothing!  I truly am just enjoying this… there were those weeks that I thought “man, this is going to be a long last 6,7,8,9,10 weeks…”, but now that I’m so close, I’m sad thinking about not being pregnant.  Ladies, please assure me that this is all hormone related?

Best moment this week: So many good moments.  I didn’t relax much, I’ve been on the go and finishing up “office” work.  Nesting on Sunday was amazing.  Picturing what Henry will look like and be like in his little bassinet, swing, rock-n-play, carseat, etc.  After leaving the doctor on Wednesday and hearing the progress, I cried… ok, I balled.  I’m just so excited, scared, and hearing about the progress just reassures the feelings that I’m feeling… that the little man will be joining us here shortly.  It was just very surreal.

Looking forward to: Next weekend the hubby and I are going on a date on Saturday night, movie on Sunday and we’re going to start some Christmas shopping in between.  Looking forward to just some one-on-one time with my hubs!

Cravings: Not really craving much of anything these days… well, peppermint ice-cream is pretty amazing and I can still crush some parmesan cheese.  I’m guilty of enjoying an entire bag of peppermint pretzel crisps in one night… these are amazing!


Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks.  Of course what happened on that Friday, with the pre-labor symptoms.

Workouts:  Walking still… the weather has been so clod in the mornings so I haven’t been going as much.  In fact, I only did 1 walk this week.

38 weeks DSC_0517

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engagement session

Nov 26 2013

This sweet bride-to-be, Katie just married on November 9th and these right here… are some of their beautiful engagement session images.  I was lucky enough to do her makeup + hair… not only is she beautiful, but she’s truly one of the most loving ladies that I’ve ever met.

Photography by The Beautiful Mess duo!

w_McKayEng_TBM-1009 w_McKayEng_TBM-1013 w_McKayEng_TBM-1034 w_McKayEng_TBM-1043 w_McKayEng_TBM-1060 w_McKayEng_TBM-1066 w_McKayEng_TBM-1124 w_McKayEng_TBM-1131 w_McKayEng_TBM-1152

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37 week survey

Nov 25 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

I’m not too late in posting this! 🙂 Currently in my 38th week! 

Dear John Henry,

As we inch closer and closer to your due date, I can’t help, but to be a little nostalgic.  I remember the day vividly when I was convinced that your Daddy and I should go with our hearts and give our luck and hope another try.  Another try for you.  It was mid February, Daddy wasn’t home from work yet and I was researching online how to better our chances for you.  As I was doing so, I decided to look up the due date of our “hopeful” child, assuming we were able to get pregnant in March.  The due date just so happened to be the same date as my birthday; December 7th.  It was then that I knew deep in my heart that this was all right.  

I can’t believe December 7th is right around the corner… I’m still holding out hope, that maybe, just maybe, you and I will share the same birthday.  

Already in my heart… someday in my arms.  A quote that grew close to me and speaks the truth… I can’t wait to meet you, sweet Henry! 

I love you little one,


DSC_0517Size of babe: Still a watermelon19-22″ and 6.5lbs!  AND feeling like I’m carrying a 6.5 pounder! 😉

Weight gain: I ended my 37th week again at the doctors AND I’m celebrating a NO WEIGHT GAIN for this week!  Totally on a diet.  Kidding, people!  I don’t know how this happened.  I definitely ate my weight in popcorn, peppermint ice cream and parmesan cheese.   According to the doc’s scale I’m up a whopping 35lbs and according to my at home personal scale I’m up 39lbs.

Birthing process update: Well, we picked up our rocker from Charleston.  YES, I went to Charleston (3.5 hours away) and 37 weeks, 3 days pregnant.  We literally drove down there and back.  This equals = STEP #1 to the “labor nesting stages”.  They say you’ll go into major nesting mode prior to delivery.

Like I said, I ended my 37th week at the doc’s, but I don’t have anything to celebrate other than no additional pounds.  Still just trucking along.  Between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I walked 16 miles and reminded my doctor of that… I assured him that SOME progress HAD to have been made.  He then said… “once again, you’ve proven that walking does not induce, improve or bring on early signs of labor.”  Thanks doc!

Pretty sure over the past few weeks I’ve experienced “lightening”.  Where the baby drops and you can breathe again.

I took this picture last Friday when I was 37 weeks, 1 day.  It doesn’t look like he’s dropped, but it sure does feel like it


Maternity clothes: Living in yoga pants, tanks, cardigans and scarfs.  This is my signature look.

Gender:  John Henry Thorne… our sweet little Henry!

Nursery: I blogged a few weeks ago about the details, but here’s how it’s coming together.  Like I said earlier, we picked up our rocker.  I purchased some pillows and had them monogrammed.  Snagged this lamp at Target for only $20!  I also completed this pillow, BY HAND (well, most of it).  I hand made those tassels (time consuming) and sewed them on this Ikea pillow.  As I’m finishing up my LAST CLIENT of the year THIS FRIDAY, I’m excited to enter my 38th week in full nesting mode.  Getting our apartment ready for Henry’s arrival.

DSC_0517 DSC_0517

 This is just our rocker in our little apartment.  It’s a really cute spot.

Below is how the nursery will look in our new home… we move on December 20th!


Movement: Lots of movement still, which I’m thankful for!  They say the later you go the less movement you’ll feel because the baby is so large and there’s not much room for movement.  When I don’t feel him, I get scared.  So, I’ll take every 11pm, 12am, 1am, 2am, and so on jab.  His movements now feel more like body rolls.  Also, it’s hard to tell the difference between a Braxton Hicks contraction and his movement.  I often get a foot and leg that sticks out of my right side or wedged in a ribcage.

Sleep: It’s getting better, that’s for sure!  I can breathe again, thanks to the baby dropping.  I’ve been waking up on my back some (I know I’m not supposed to).

What I miss: Nothing!  It’s hard to miss anything at this stage in the game.  At the end of my 37th week and now approaching the 2 week countdown, I’m just SO EXCITED.  Not nervous, just excited.  This is everything I’ve wanted.  Trying to soak up every last ounce of movement, uncomfortableness and time with just my hubby and me!  He’s been so good to me!

Best moment this week: Getting the rocker.  Carving out a little corner in our condo for the rocker.  MY LAST CLIENT of the year.  Lastly, my doctors appointment and the hubby surprised me and joined. The last one he went to was during my 21st week.  Not by choice, but let’s be real… those appointments are so quick, in and out… there’s no sense in him leaving work to come.

Looking forward to: Nesting in our apartment.  Even though we’ll only be there for a week or two when the baby’s born.  It’ll be nice to deep clean the place and just unpack all of the baby’s stuff; like the swing, rock-n-play, bottles, bottle warmer/ drying rack… you know, the stuff!

Cravings: Not really craving much of anything these days.  Honestly.  Of course I love cheese, but that’s mainly because it’s always in the refrigerator.

Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks.  Baby is getting LOOOOWWWW, which is good, but makes it hard to move around.  Especially later in the day.  I guess gravity takes it’s course.

Workouts:  Walking, which has gotten a lot easier.  Why?  I have no clue!  I did several 4-6 milers this week and it felt great.  At one point I tried to jog… or trot… to help “progress” the baby situation.

37 weeks DSC_0517

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