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bridal session | makeup + hair

Oct 30 2013

This is a special one…

~ March 14, 2013 ~

1) The beautiful bride, Tiff is one of my besties.

2) Kristin, well, she’s another bestie and together we were in stood up for Tiff… by her side, as her bridesmaids.

3) It’s also special because not only did we have bridesmaids roles, but I played the part as her makeup + hair artist and Kristin as her photographer.

4) The day of her bridal portraits (shown below) also happened to be the day of our 2-part fertility procedure to get us our little baby who is growing in my belly.  You might recall when I blogged about how it happened and how I had my posse (Kristin, Tiffany & of course, the Hubby) by my/ our side for our 7am appointment.  Tiffany was in full makeup + hair because immediatly following our appointment we had to zip uptown to shoot in the art gallery of The Mint before it opened (yes, we were up at 5am beautifying).  My crazy girlfriends had a ball hooting and hollering for my hubby and me… it definitely turned a lot of those 7am frowns upside down.


Anyways, this day was pretty special to me… not only was it 2 days before Tiff’s wedding.  Not only were the 3 of us having a blast together during her bridals… but it was also the day that I was about to become a mother.

Love you, Tiff… Love you, KV… here’s to remembering a fantastic day!

Photography by Kristin Vining 

Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0001 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0002 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0003 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0004 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0005 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0007 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0008 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0009 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0010 Mint-Museum-Charlotte-Weddin_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0011

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33 week survey

Oct 29 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

I turn 35 weeks on Thursday! 🙂 DSC_0517

Dear John Henry, 

If we were to rewind time and go back to exactly one year ago, on October 20th of 2012 your daddy and I received heart-wrenching news.  News that made us a stronger team, news that made us want to fight harder and news that also belittled me as a woman.  After our 3rd round of fertility procedures in September of 2012, I had follow up tests done with our endocrinologist.  It was on that dreary day in October that we learned that having our own baby and carrying a pregnancy was going to be a lot more difficult than anyone ever thought.  We left that appointment and tried not to reflect on the negative… we asked God for his faith and to bless us with support and guidance to get us this child.  He gave us His wisdom.  We knew there was a plan.  It was at that point that I started research and learned the benefits of acupuncture.  Months later my body, my mind and our hearts were ready to overcome our 4th and final procedure to get us you.  He never fails.  We can’t wait to meet you, our little man of answered prayers. 

Love always, 



Size of babe: A pineapple!!  19-22″ and 4.9lbs.

Weight gain: Well, we were in the mountains over the weekend and I have NO willpower… and what do you do when your 33 weeks preggo, in the cold and on a relaxing getaway.  You eat.  I ate a lot.  I don’t know how it happened, but I sort of gained a lot in the past week.  According to my doctors scale I’ve gained 32lbs, but according to my scale (hold your breath) I’ve gained 36lbs.  Are you judging… I blame the babe.

Birthing process update: No new updates… he’s definitely getting heavier and the feeling of an almost 5 pounder weighing down your mid-section is interesting.  My next appointment is on Halloween and then after that I go every week.  I can’t believe we’re so close.

The first week of November we will be taking a breastfeeding and infant CPR class.

Next week on the agenda I need to wash baby clothes and pack the diaper/ hospital bag… you can never be too prepared!

Maternity clothes:  Getting lazy and I pretty much live in the same skinny jeans and yoga pants.

Gender:  John Henry Thorne… pretty sure we’ll call him Henry.

Nursery: So excited about the nursery… I can picture us spending lots of time in there.  I can also see John Henry growing with the blue and white stripe wallpaper and maybe in the future buying some darker/ washed wood furniture… for now though, I want to keep it as baby as possible with the white.

Movement: Oh boy… YES!  Sleeping (as I’ve said before) is a challenge.  I’ve developed insomnia, which is common after the 30 week mark… but what mainly keeps me up is this moving little boy inside of me.  12am – 6am looks like is a wild ride!  🙂 I’d lie if I said I didn’t like it.  We’re night owls together.

Sleep: Refer to movement.

What I miss: I’m trying not to miss anything and I’m honestly trying to soak up this pregnancy.  It’s been SO easy on me.  Yea, I can’t really sleep, I’ll get the occasional Charley Horse or heart burn, I’ve gained more weight than I should.  I really am trying not to take any of this for granted, pregnancy really is a miracle.  I think about having him in my arms and it makes me sad a little.  I love the little kicks, jabs and hiccups… but then again, the thought of meeting him and getting to know him is the best thought that’s ever crossed my mind.

Best moment this week: We went to the mountains this weekend and it was nice and relaxing.  I also worked A LOT over the past week… 6am shoot call times twice and one of the days I didn’t get home until 7pm.  During those two crazy days of shooting we did lots of family and maternity sessions.  I loved it.

Looking forward to: NOVEMBER because November marks ONE MONTH!

Cravings: Same old… wedge salads, cheese (parmesan cheese)… salty foods, been doing a decaf misto with 2 pumps of pumpkin spice… it’s pretty amazing!

Symptoms: I’ll still go with cellulite (I laugh that I made that a symptom), shortness of breath and Charley Horses… same as last week.

Workouts:  No more classes for me!  Too hard, too much to lift and this baby in my tummy is enough weight.  I’m still walking lots though!

33 weeks DSC_0517

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wedding day beauty

Oct 28 2013

We had the pleasure of beautifying this lovely bride, adorable mama and stunning bridesmaids a few weeks ago.  Groups of gals like this, is why we love our job so much… doesn’t hurt that we got to work alongside some awesome vendors as well.

Big thank you to wedding planner, Jenny Cook Events for sending this sweet bride our way.

Now onto the gorgeous images…

Photography by the hubby and wifey duo, The Beautiful Mess.

1 w_White_TBM-1038 w_White_TBM-1042 w_White_TBM-1051 w_White_TBM-2010 w_White_TBM-2025 w_White_TBM-4017 w_White_TBM-6023 w_White_TBM-6034 w_White_TBM-6147

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