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Our 4 year anny

Sep 26 2013

Four years ago my life changed when I became a wife to the man that I fell head over heels in love the moment I met him… too bad the night I met him, he was on a blind date.

<insert the cheese factor>


First-Look-1Photo by Kristin Vining 

Sometimes I think about my life with John and I don’t know how I got so lucky. ¬†He truly is the most amazing man that I’ve ever met. ¬†He loves me hard and he’s a good person with a heart that I can’t put into words. ¬†To me, those are some of the most important traits. ¬†Don’t get me wrong… he has his flaws… obsession with golf, soccer and Carolina basketball, his love for wine and IPA beers (sometimes that love gets the best of him, even while we’re on our baby moon), he tells the same stories over-&-over-&-over again and at times, I believe he loves Jamaica more than me… ¬†Thankfully, those little flaws make him the sweet man that he is and I wouldn’t trade him (or his quirks) for anything in this world. ¬†I hate to brag, but I know that I hit the jackpot when it comes to finding my soulmate. ¬†We have a cute life together that is¬†about to get sweeter in 10 short weeks. ¬†Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years! ūüôā

First-Look-14Photo by Kristin Vining 

It’s fun to reflect, right??? ¬†It’s crazy to look back at what life was like when we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. ¬†Last September/ October ¬†we were about to close the doors (temporarily) on our struggle to become parents. ¬†Through our journey, I documented my feelings and emotions through a very personal blog (separate from Be Pretty). ¬†Today, I went back through my journal entries from a year ago… two days before celebrating our 3rd anniversary we went through our 3rd and final round for 2012 at the fertility clinics. ¬†Sometimes, as depressing as it may sound, you need a little reminder of what life was like… or what life could be like. ¬†My jaw dropped when I read this… it’s a distant memory from a dark cloud in our life.

Thankful that this little man of mine (the hubs) is still by my side!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.26.27 AM


Two weeks later we learned that our last procedure for 2012 didn’t work… only days after celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary together.

It’s unbelievable what a year difference will make… even during your darkest days, it’s amazing how life, your life, can turn right around.


Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.36.38 AM


This was written on October 8th, 2012… days before, my hubby, Kristin Vining and myself hiked Crowders Mountain to soak up some serenity and take a few pictures. ¬†The purpose of this shoot was to capture what we thought would be a positive pregnancy… but we both knew in our hearts it wasn’t our time.

This portrait will be framed in our little blessings nursery one day.  As a reminder of how sweet life really is and how life should never be taken for granted.

A reminder to never give up on hope!  

….one year later, one anniversary later, my how things have changed.


Photo by Kristin Vining 

Fast forward… a year later… those fears have left our side and our prayers have been answered! ¬†All we have is 10 weeks left as a family of two. ¬†I get chocked up thinking about what it’s going to be like when Johnny wheels our son and myself from the delivery room to postpartum in the hospital. ¬†I truly have the most amazing hubby to thank for giving me the gift that I’ve always wanted… motherhood.

Happy four years to my best friend… next year we will ring in year five with a nine month old!

First-Look-1 copy

During the two-week-wait I went through 24 tests. ūüôā


We found out we were expecting, sold our condo, moved and signed a contract to build a home… all in the same month.

First-Look-1 copy copy

Photo by Kristin Vining¬†¬†– the day we¬†experienced¬†our very first ultrasound and heard our baby’s heartbeat.


Celebrating my very first mothers day as a family of (soon-to-be) three.


Our sweet son that we will soon meet… in 10 short weeks.

What an amazing year it’s been and as I approach my 30th week and feeling uncomfortable, scared of those first signs of stretch marks, watching the scale tick higher, taking in rude comments, caring too much about what other people think about my million baby posts, etc., this reflection process was just what I needed as a reminder. ¬†To be grateful, no matter how deep that stretch mark might be, that I’m pregnant with a child that is ours.

Closing the doors to year three… the year that brought us closer together.¬†


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wedding day beauty

Sep 23 2013

This little bride got married OVER a year ago!  Gosh, I need to get my blogging game together!  Anyways, little Lauren made a beautiful bride and we adored beautying her, her bridal party and her gorgeous mama!

Enjoy the pics of her big day!

Photography by Capture Me Candid

Note to all of my past brides and past clients… I’m behind on blogging, if I haven’t blogged your wedding or portraits would you mind emailing me? ¬†I’d love to feature you!¬†
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28 week survey

Sep 22 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*DSC_0517

Dear John Henry,

I can‚Äôt believe that next week you gradate to the size of a butternut squash… that‚Äôs 3.1 pounds and 17 inches in length (wow!).¬† Just crazy to believe, my little man!¬† Exactly one year ago we went through our third and what we thought would be our final round of fertility treatments at REACH.¬† Little did we know that months later, you would be the one making all of our dreams come true.¬† Even though we haven‚Äôt met (officially!), I still can‚Äôt imagine a day in our life without you in it.¬† You truly have turned our world around in the best way possible and we are counting down the days until you‚Äôre in our arms.¬†

I love you so much, little fella. 

More love than you’ll ever know, 


DSC_0517Size of babe:¬†A¬†cabbage! ¬†Say whaaaa? ¬†17 inches and 2.9lbs! ¬†That’s huge!

Weight gain: Glad you asked…. shooot! ¬†I DIDN’T gain a pound this week… and I had 5 bake and break cookies and 10 candy pumpkins last night! ¬†How did this happen? ¬†Explain! ¬†According to my scale I’m up 28lbs, but according to the doctors scale I’ve gained 26lbs. ¬†Take that you skinny, B’s! ūüėČ

Maternity clothes:¬†¬†Purchased my first pair of preggo yoga pants and they are like heaven… why did I wait so long to snag these?

Gender: ¬†I think we both agree, we like the sound of John Henry, but we’ll probably go with Henry for the sake of making it easy!

Nursery: I swear I’m going to post this!

Movement:¬†Lots of sweet baby kicks, jabs, elbow rolls, and hiccups! ¬†I love feeling his movement… it’s crazy, I’ll wake up several times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the minute I get back in bed, he starts moving! ¬†I think he’s a pretty light sleeper. ¬†In the mornings when Daddy ūüėČ cuddles with us, the second he lays his hand across my belly, Henry starts going nuts. ¬†It’s sweet.

Sleep:¬†It’s getting harder to get comfortable, I’m not going to lie. ¬†This belly it’s a hard accessory to get comfy with… I’ve been sleeping on my left side wrapped around that body pillow. ¬†Thank GOD I got that at week 12. ¬†I’m up at least 2 times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and the little man likes to wake me up here and there to tell me he loves me… love taps!

What I miss: I’ll keep the trend going… my thighs and arms! ¬†Let me tell you, these hips don’t lie either. ¬†Whew, those puppies have expanded. ¬†Now that it’s fall and the weather is changing… a good glass a red wine sounds sooooo good! ¬†Oh and getting up from tying my shoes… if I don’t have my hubby there then it can be a challenge.

Best moment this week: Passing my¬†glucose¬†test and seeing my little man on the ultrasound screen! ¬†I’m spoiled in the fact that my doctor does ultrasounds at every appointment.

Other than that, honestly… hummmm… there wasn’t an A-HA moment this week. ¬†I’ve been crazy busy… Friday, Saturday weddings and then my weeks have been filled with 3-4 girls per day. ¬†Which is AWESOME, so thankful to be busy, but it’s also keeping me from living the wild life with these “crazy/ best moments of the week”.

Looking forward to: Holding this baby in my arms (tear!) and the following:

  1. Mountain trip with friends in a month
  2. Celebrating our 4 year anniversary with my hubby (where did the time go?)
  3. John’s family is throwing us a baby shower (BBQ!) in Atlanta on 9/29
  4. Eating more candy corn pumpkins
  5. Delivery of our little boy!!!!!!!!

Cravings:¬†PUMPKIN CANDY CORN. ¬†True story (I have no willpower and I will eat candy corn pumpkins until I’m sick!), John has to take the bags of candy pumpkins to work… each day he surprises me with some… most days he’ll come home with 10 (300 calories to be exact, btw they are made with honey). ¬†I’m not allowed to have these at home. ¬†Bad, bad, very bad things happen. ¬†I can’t even walk past them in the grocery store.

Other than that… egg salad (been a fav for awhile + extra pickles). ¬†Back on this cucumber, tomato, olive (extra olives), feta with balsamic salads. ¬†And… of course pumpkin EVERYTHING. ¬†I’ve been getting mistos from SB’s (decaf coffee, skim milk, 2 pumps of pumpkin spice)!

Last night I ate 5 chocolate chip + white chocolate chip bake and break cookies. ¬†Leading up to last night I’ve been eating 2 of those cookies (warm!) with vanilla ice cream on top.

STOP JUDGING ME! ¬†ūüėČ and now y’all understand why I workout so much!

Symptoms: Cellulite!  Thigh rubbage!

Workouts:¬†Six different 5-6 mile walks (starting to slow down) and the baby’s head is bouncing on my bladder and 2 Group Power Classes.

28 weeksDSC_0517

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