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25 week survey

Aug 30 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

A week late in posting this one!  Tomorrow I enter my 3rd trimester @ 27 weeks! 

DSC_0517Dear John Henry,

It’s crazy to believe that you’ve been part of our life for 25 weeks now… the best part is, we have a lifetime together.  Even though we can’t see you everyday, we love feeling your kicks and all of your movement… everyday your little feet get stronger and stronger.  I pray that God blesses us with so much health… health, for you, our son.  Heath for our family.  Health for a lifetime. This precious life of yours is such a miracle and we already love you more than words will ever describe.

The best part of this week is your reaction when your Daddy rests his arm on my tummy.  We don’t know if your reaction is, “get your hands off mommy’s belly, you’re squishing me”… or if you can sense that it’s Daddy, “yay, Daddy’s home, time to start the party”!!!  Either way, I love how crazy you get when your Daddy puts his arms across my tummy!

Keep kicking me, little solider!  We love you!




Size of babe: Still an eggplant and weighing in at a mighty 2 lbs!

Weight gain: Last week (at 24 weeks), according to the doctors scale I gained 20 lbs.  At 23 weeks on my scale it said I gained 23 lbs.  I’m not sure what to go with???  According to my scale at the end of my 25th week I’ve gained 25 lbs… However 😉 if I try to do the math and base it off of the doc’s scale then I guess that puts me at 21lbs so far.  I always said that Ill take any weight gain in order to have my own baby… I need to remind myself of that.  Being so darn short, this weight is hard to carry around.  It’s like a giant meatball between my 2 limbs.  I see all of these adorable preggo girls at 30 weeks (in my defense they are always taller than me), but they are all belly and my belly does numbers on theirs.  I know it’s all worth it, I’m just being dramatic.  My hubby thinks I’m beautiful (bless him, he’s probably lying!) and reminds me all the time that he wants me to enjoy (food wise) 😉 pregnancy, just in case this is the only one we’re blessed with.  In that case… Pass me the candy corn.  😉

Maternity clothes:  Still 100% maternity clothes… Going to get fitted for my first “preggo” bra.  I’ve been wearing these from Target for the last 25 weeks.  Literally started wearing this the day I found out I was preggo bc my chest hurt so bad and was so swollen.

Gender:  The little man, John Henry Thorne and still so confused… Do we call him “Henry”, our original plan.  Or call him “John Henry”?  John Henry is his Johns grandfathers name, so there’s some significance and our plan is to have his full name as John Henry Thorne… Before, we were just going to call him by his middle name Henry.  I’ve had so many people say they love “John Henry” when said together… even family.  John’s fear is that people will shorten it to John.  Not that John is a bad name… but we like the way “John Henry” sounds or just “Henry” better than just “John”.  Plus, lets be real… My hubby, John already tunes me out enough.  I can’t imagine having another “John”.  I’d call their names for hours before they realized I was talking to them.  What do y’all think?

Nursery: Nothing new since my last post and I realized that I never posted my nursery designs… Brb!

Movement: Movement.  Punching.  Jabs.  Wow!!!  Did I mention that during my 24th week the doc did an ultrasound and the little man is breech?  Which means he’s kicking my bladder 24/7.  His movements are pretty fierce and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love them.  Even if they are uncomfortable or wake me up.  In the early mornings, John will cuddle with us and the minute he rests his hand or forearm across my belly, our little man wakes up and goes crazy.  It’s honestly really sweet.  I tell John that he’s excited to feel his Daddy’s touch.

Sleep: Hubby and I switched sides of the bed… and for some reason, I’m sleeping like a champ.  Lately only one 4am bathroom run and I wake up the minute the baby starts to get aggressive with his mama.

What I miss: Still missing my runs and inner thighs.  Whew, wearing dresses is tough because my inner thighs rub together so much.

Best moment this week: Seeing our house come together! We visited our home that’s being built on Sunday and the entire first floor was frames.  By Wednesday the majority of the 2nd floor perimeter was up.  It’s so fun to dream about… John says that the first month in our house and with a baby, he’ll be crying.  LOL’s… My little Sensitive Sally.  I can’t wait to see our sons nursery all framed out.

Looking forward to: My baby shower! 🙂 I’ve secretly been looking forward to this forever.  I just didn’t want to sound like I was looking forward to the presents (not the case), so I didn’t mention it on here.  It’s next weekend and I’m beyond excited.  I hate to keep going back through our past, but during every baby shower I’ve ever attended I always wondered (and worried) that our turn/ time wouldn’t come.  Now that it’s here, it means so much to me to be able to relate with other Mommy’s.  I’m especially excited to just celebrate this little answered prayer of ours with some of my favorite ladies.  I’m very blessed to say the least.  Plus my mom is coming to town.

Cravings: Been craving salads!!!  Yeeeehaw…. minus the fact that I’ve been exhaling some blue cheese on my salads!  AND melon… pretty sure I eat 2 per week!

Symptoms: Cellulite!  Itchy skin!

Workouts: Lots of 6 mile walks and 2 Group Power classes.

25 weeks_edited-1 DSC_0517

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24 week survey

Aug 23 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*


Dear Baby John Henry,

Hey little guy!  I got to see your cute little fact today during my routine checkup.  You have the most adorable button nose and those little lips of yours looked like they were smacking around in there.  Loved seeing your sweet face.  I sure do hope you take after your handsome Daddy.  I love that man so much, the thought of having his clone (you!) makes me so excited.  Your Daddy and I talk all the time of our new little family… I’m picking up the sport golf and I’m going to love it (insert – so much sacrarium).  Mommy is going to try and I’m going to try to love it… for my boys!  Daddy and I talked about what it’s going to be like with our family of 3 in our forever home together.  We both said the first month of our life with you in the house we’ll probably cry.  The thought of Daddy coming home, to our house, after a long day of work to you and me… gives both of us chills.  

We love you more than words can ever describe.  I promise to give you my entire heart forever and ever, little fella.  We’re counting down the short weeks until our dreams come true.  What a little solider you are.  Our little fighter who fought against all odds.  We are forever grateful for you! 

So much love, 


DSC_0517Size of babe: An egg plant according What To Expect and a cantaloup according to The Bump.  Both seem rather large… 10.5″-11.8″ and 1.5-2lbs.  Crazy to believe!

Weight gain: I had a my routine checkup on 8/20 and according to the doctors scale, FULLY CLOTHED 😉 and in the middle of the day (after a few meals/ snacks) I’ve only gained 20lbs!  Not sure if I should go with my 23lbs weight gain from last week (23 weeks) or stick with the proud 20lbs from my 24 week checkup.  Either way, I’m a little pudgy, but feeling great…

Maternity clothes:  With the cooler weather I’ve been wearing a few non-maternity flowy blouses.

Gender:  John Henry Thorne… still confused as to what to call him.  John Henry (said together) or Henry.  Both are perfect and I’ll tell you, I love this kiddo so much already!

Nursery: Oh!  Yes!  Lots of progress, guys… stay tuned.  I’ll post the nurseries that I put together in a separate post.

Movement: He’s a little raver… just like his Daddy used to be! 😉 He decides to start the party around 9:00pm each night and doesn’t get settled down until the wee hours in the morning.  Lots of fist pumping happening.

Sleep: Do I sleep – yes!  Is it the best – nope!  Oh well, maybe this is my body prepping me for motherhood.  I was in the Highlands on Wednesday/ Thursday of this week and again on Friday/ Saturday.  Didn’t sleep too well on those overnight trips.

What I miss: Running!  I put running to sleep a few weeks ago.  Just got unbearable with the babe bouncing on my bladder.  I’ve been staying active with some serious power walks.

Best moment this week: Seeing our little son on the ultrasound machine.  OMG, he’s so dang cute.  We got to see a close up of his little face and I seriously don’t know how I’m going to survive the next few months.  I’m so excited to meet our little man.  We’re lucky that our doctor has a sonogram machine in the patient room, so from now until birth, if he’s the doctor of my visit we’ll get to see JHT.

Looking forward to: John and I are talking about getting out of town over Labor Day Weekend.

Cravings: Auntie Anne’s pretzels…. I haven’t had one in forever, but I’ve been craving one (with cheese dip)!  Egg salad, how have I not mentioned this.  For lunch everyday I eat “egg salad”, no bread, just eggs.  I whip up 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 hard boiled egg whites and then mix in pickles, lots of mustard and a little mayo.  I buy the hard boiled eggs that are already prepared from the Teeter.  They say eggs are super good during pregnancy.  For dinners, man I just can’t get enough of this salad that my hubby’s been making.  I think we had it 3x last week.

Symptoms: Cellulite!  Itchy skin!  Cold!  Nothing too bad.  I’m seriously so lucky with this pregnancy.

Workouts: Another great week… I get my workouts in early in the day.  I did four 6 mile walks (sounds crazy, but it’s not bad at all and I do it super early in the morning) and 2 Group Power classes.

24 weeks_2DSC_0517

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23 week survey

Aug 16 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

DSC_0517Dear Baby John Henry,

Oh little man, you are a mover and a groover.  I love feeling your little kicks, although I fear that with your frequent movement (aka using mama as a punching bag) that you might not be a cuddler.  I seriously dream about the days when we’re finally settled into our little home and I’m able to rock you to sleep.  I dream about the day when Daddy comes home from work and we’re home together to greet him.  I dream about the day (for now at least) when I need to wake up to feed you.  All these little moments keep filling my head with wonderful thoughts.  I just can’t wait to be your mommy!  I promise little one, I’ll love you forever and ever.

My love always,



Size of babe: An ear of corn!  Funny thing, is I’m craving fresh farmers market corn on the cob.

Weight gain: 23lbs in 23 weeks!  It’s true!  Eating rather healthy though.  Incredibly healthy in fact… I just eat a lot of what I do eat.  It’s hit me… my appetite is decreasing and I’m getting full a lot more faster.

Stretch Mark: Adding a new line in here for this week.  Guys, I feel the stretch marks coming on.  I don’t have any yet, but I have terribly itchy skin.  What do you all use to prevent?  Right now I use this in the morning and at night… lately after I eat, I feel like my skin is super itchy so I’ll apply then too (lol’s).  Before bed I slater myself in this oil.  I really keep myself moisturized, just wondering if there’s anything better out there.  My mom got horrible stretch marks with all of her pregnancies, so it’s definitely hereditary.  I’m just trying to do everything that I can to prevent them.

*I’ve heard that Tummy Butter by The Spoiled Mama is good.  I also heard that the Summer Berry Polished is a great scrub… which helps to prevent stretch marks with the combination of exfoliants and oils it helps to bring blood to the surface… which then in turn helps prevent them.

What else can y’all share?

Maternity clothes:  Can I take this off the line up of questions. 🙂

Gender:  John Henry Thorne… I got a lot of good feedback about his name from week 22’s post.  Still undecided on what to do… I LOVE the way John Henry — together sounds.  I’m just worried that it’s going to be a mouth full to say.  John Henry or just Henry… we’re still so excited to welcome our son into this world.

Nursery: Pinning!  Pinning!  …and more pinning.  Is it me or is pinning getting old, OR have I just pinned everything out there?  For a long time I thought I just wanted a very neutral (grays, creams, whites, ivory’s) nursery.  The more I pin, the more I want to incorporate a color… softly.

Movement: LOL’s, little booger is crazy!  Naturally he sleeps all day and then gets his groove on when I’m ready for bed.  John will put his hand on my tummy around 5am… when I get up to go to the bathroom.  He can’t get over how active and precise his little jabs are.

Sleep: Still up once or twice a night to go to the bathroom… I’ve had a pretty nasty cold this week, which makes it hard to breathe so I’ve been up a lot in the middle of the night.

What I miss: Nothing much… yea, an occasional glass of wine would be nice.  My pregnancy feels like it’s just flying by, which makes it hard to sit back and miss much of anything.

Best moment this week: Sorry baby Henry… this doesn’t have to do much with you, but best moment this week was the cooler weather!  Makes me look forward to fall and winer and the babes arrival.

Looking forward to: Honestly, nesting in our house.  The gamble that you take when building is the TTTTTTIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEE and drawn out timely process.  In the end the time and wait will be worth it, but right now I’m just anxious.  Mainly anxious because I want his nursery perfect.

Cravings: Cantaloupe – the HT cannies have been amazing!  The same salad that I talked about last week – it’s soooo good.  Chicken is finally sounding great again and I whipped up a good lemon chicken batch this week.  Really craving healthy things and it feels good to have my old eating habits back, mainly because I feel better the next morning.

Symptoms: Cellulite and a cold!

Workouts: Awesome week thanks to the weather.  3 Group Power classes.  6 mile 3x and one 4 mile run.  I get my workouts done super early in the morning… except Wednesday, I went around 6:30.

23 weeks



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