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20 week survey

Jul 25 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

Playing catchup with my blogs… I was out of town last week and pretty occupied with our gender reveal party!  Here’s my 20 week post that should have been published weeks ago… tomorrow we celebrate week 23!  xx. DSC_0517Dear Baby,

This week you’ve shown me what it’s like to wake up in the early morning (multiple times) to use the bathroom… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  In the mornings, you wake me up with your precious little kicks.  Feeling you move more and more is so surreal and what’s even more surreal is that we’re officially half way through this pregnancy together.  Amazing, huh?  Feels like yesterday I was sitting in the fertility clinic crossing every finger, toe, arms and legs in hopes that we would soon have you.  In a blink of an eye, I have a little kicking banana in my tummy. 

In the short 20 weeks you’ve taught me how to love even more.  I didn’t think I could love your Daddy anymore than I already do… and my love for him has grown even deeper.  My love for you, little one… well, it’s indescribable.  We can’t wait to meet you and start living life as our little family of three.  

Thank you for being the strong little embryo who fought through the journey with us, that right there has proven your strength and love to us and for us.  Thank you for growing into this strong baby who has lifted our hearts and our marriage when we thought it was impossible.  Thank you for the little kicks to remind me that you’re truckn’ right along.  Most of all, thank you for changing our life in what’s going to be the hardest, wildest and most rewarding way possible.  

Our little world you are… we love you.  Happy half way mark, only 20 more to go! 🙂 

All of my heart, 



Size of babe: A banana!  That seems big to me!

Weight gain: 18lbs!  Correct, I’m gaining 2lbs per week!?!?  Oh well, being chubby never felt so good.

Maternity clothes: Yes… and getting bored with them!  Ready for the fall!

Gender:  Elle or Henry… This buildup feels like the buildup to wedding day… you know what I mean?  I feel like (besides work), I’m totally self involved with the gender of this child.  It’s all I think about… all.the.time!   I’m not sure what I’m going to do once this party, planning and the thought of who little one is comes to an end… I guess that’s when I move on to figuring out what this person needs to survive and designing a nursery!  So, as most of you know I really don’t have a definite gut about the gender.  At first I thought boy… then it changed to girl.  The ultrasound pic’s looked like a girl, the heartbeat is high, the wives test all lead to girl… but something in the back of my head goes to boy.  The movement of this kid makes me believe boy… seriously soccer player.

Nursery: Ekkkkk… TBD (after next Saturday).

Movement: I mean, I can’t stop laughing… these aren’t flutters.  These are hard core jabs.  Is this normal?  I feel like this kid has me in the boxing ring.  Love feeling him/ her move… love every single movement!

Sleep: Not good and only because I’m so scared of sleeping on my back.

What I miss: Nothing that I can think of! 🙂

Best moment this week: It was a slower week so that was awesome!  Lunch with my girlfriends uptown, pool date and shopping with KV!  It was amazing!  The anticipation and buildup to the reveal party is just so much fun to look forward to… so naturally that’s always a good moment for the week.

Looking forward to: Finding out if we’re having a Henry or Elle! 🙂  Whoever this little one is, we’ll remain incredibly blessed.  I’ll tell you what though, I have high hopes of having one of each… one Henry and one Elle, coming right up!

Cravings: BLT’s, sour cream and ranch powder/ dressing packs and raw veggies (although raw veggies give me heart burn) and I’d take a sugar cookie with hard icing and some pancakes!

Symptoms: Cellulite + heartburn!

Workouts: Doing really well and running it getting easier.  My doc said that by 20 weeks running would be really uncomfortable.  I’ve been able to run faster and longer than any run during this pregnancy.  I’m loving walking too… Been doing some workouts in the gym  on my own, but still doing some Group Power classes. I really love working out… I love the way it makes me feel and years (and years, and years ago) I self diagnosed myself with A.D.D. and the only thing that ever made me calm down is working out and being active.  I think once I have this child my workouts will (obviously) take the backseat and getting them in will be harder, so I’m trying to enjoy them as much as I possibly can right now… I’ll tell you what though, running in fall (crisp) weather is my favorite.  I have a funning feeling I’ll be in full waddle stride by fall.

20 weeks_1DSC_0517

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Engagement session

Jul 23 2013

Makeup . Hair . Wardrobe Styling

Such a gorgeous couple photographed by Kristin Vining.  I had the privilege of doing some wardrobe styling, makeup + hair for these beauties.

I mean seriously… right about now — I have seriously body envy… I’ll leave it at that.

Super excited about dolling up Miss Natalie and her gorgeous girls for her March wedding… thanks to Come + Together Events for passing this babe along to me!

Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0002 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0003 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0004 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0006 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0007 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0008 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0009 Beach-Engagement_Kristin-Vining-Photography_0010

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