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12 week survey

May 30 2013

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Dear Baby,

Hi little babe!  We got to spend time with you twice this week!  On Monday, your Daddy and I got to see you move all over the screen.  Our eyes still well with tears every time we get to see your sweet self.  You sure are cute and those little hands of yours!  You’re a little machine.  Again, on Friday I got to spend an hour with you face to face.  It was amazing.  Daddy couldn’t come, but he loved seeing your little pictures and hearing about our time together.  Ok, so you and I have to have a little chat… you are 12 weeks old and acting like a marathon runner.  What’s going on in there little stride of mine?  You were all over the place, jumping around, not following any of the rules.  Hahaha, I take it you take after your, mama!  After 30 minutes of really trying really hard for measurements (and Mommy laughing!) the tech had to call in the doctor.  When the doctor arrived you started moving even more.  Once you finally calmed down and the doctor could take the measurements around your neck and around your eyes, you put your hands up by your neck, ears and put your fist by your mouth.  You little stinker.  You made my Friday, but knowing that we have a little machine on our hands… well, we have some prepping to do!  

Once again though, answered prayers.  After both appointments, it was confirmed that we have one healthy, growing baby on our hands (that’s you)!  What a heartbeat too… 175bpm.  You’re everything to us!  

After our ultrasound on Monday we also announced to the world that you are going to be joining our family.  A few things you’ll learn… when people refer to “world” they really mean Facebook.  It was amazing to celebrate you with everyone… I soaked up every single minute.  I cried as i received texts, emails, phone calls, comments… so touching.  Little babe of mine, you had a lot of people cheering for you (before you even were you!), it meant so much to hear everyones congratulations.  

It was a big week for the three of us.  We look at your picture all the time… and if I’m not doing anything, I’m looking at your picture.  I love you so much, we love you so much!  In a few short weeks or so I’ll be able to feel your sweet kicks… I just ask you that you’re kind to me when you feel the urge to run… because after experiencing Friday with you, I’m a bit scared.  I still love you! 

So excited little one, so excited.  

My love forever and always, 



Size of babe: A peach!

Weight Gain: Up 4.5lbs.  I don’t except any different with the way I’ve been craving the carbs.

Maternity Clothes: It’s official… my white size 27 Madewell’s officially don’t zip.  They still fit these thighs though… snugly! 😉 My other pants are providing one nice floating device around my waistline… it could also be mistaken for a muffin top.  To sum it up, YES, bring on the maternity clothes.  Actually, Johnny and I were shopping this weekend and we popped into Gap.  I tried on the faux belly (evidence provided below) and he about fell out, especially when I tried to WALK out of the store with it under my shirt.  He thinks I’m nuts.

Gender: I’m getting so excited about this and the more I talk about it and plan it with friends (and sis) I just can’t stand it.  So excited!  Because John and I have been cooped up in a small condo and now apartment since we’ve been together, we’ve never really hosted a party for ALL of our friends.  Guys, here’s the thing… people might call me crazy, but truth is, the past 2+ years have been hard… really hard.  We even accepted the thought of not being able to have our own baby.  Now that the fear is gone and we have this life that we prayed over for so long to celebrate… I’m ready to go all out.  We’re turning this into a celebration of Baby Thorne.  I get chocked up even typing this because I cannot express to you or anyone how incredibly happy and excited we are… thankful.  The thought of finally celebrating our (unborn) child with our closest friends and family is the happiest feeling I’ve felt in a long time.  Bring on the tears, bring on the joy… because our hearts are lifted.  One chapter closed and the other just beginning.   Life is sweet and whatever this little Peach inside me is (boy or girl) it will be one loved babe… by all.  We are so thankful for our dear friends, The Lunsford’s who offered up their home for our party.  We love you guys!  Plus I can’t thank our other friends enough who are helping the Lunsford’s pull this off.  I’ve planned two parties… one for a boy and one for a girl, once we have that envelope with the answer we will pass it along to our friends and they will take on the ordering and implementing.

Nursery: During our 8th week we purchased our crib and during our 12th week we purchased the chandelier.  Instead of doing a ceiling fan we are doing a floor fan/ humidifier in one.  I get that the chandelier isn’t too masculine (could be a boy!), but no worries, if we do get a little mister there’s plenty that I plan to do to “boy it up”!


Next on the nursery agenda… I’m on a hunt for a mirror like this!  Could totally be any color that I can paint.  Seriously, how pretty is that???

Next, here’s the glider that I’ve been obsessing over!  Not that it goes (whatsoever) with the crib and chandy, but I still think it’s pretty cute and probably NOT comfortable for long evenings.


Movement: No movement yet, but the hubby touches my belly all the time like he’s going to feel something! 🙂 He hasn’t read in “What to Expect…” that baby flutters don’t occur until week 16.

Sleep: Too good!  I’m back to feeling really tired at night, but I’ve also been working my buns off.  On Wednesday night I fell asleep at 8:30pm.  I don’t wake up as much to tinkle in the middle of the night.

What I miss: Ok, I thought of something!  I’m a salad girl, always have been.  Lately though, salads (spinach particularly) hasn’t been appealing, but a crispy wedge has!  Oh, I miss a wedge salad with EXTRA blue cheese crumbles!  Like the kind from the restaurants where they have the best bacon and just pour on the cheese!  Mmmmm!  Surprisingly vino, champs and cocktails doesn’t even phased me!

Best moment this week: It was a HUGE week for the three of us! 🙂 On Monday we had our first u/s appointment back at my OBGYN (been over a year since I’ve seen him since we’ve been at REACH).  He reported what seems to be a healthy babe.  160’ish bpm.  We got to see the little booger on the screen and Baby Thorne was a jumping, squirming machine!  That was the first u/s that we actually saw the babe moving.

Later that morning we announced to everyone our good news.  Boy, it felt good to celebrate with the world… but never in a million years did I expect the outreach from those close and far.  We’ve NEVER felt so loved!  Thank you to everyone!  Your emails, texts, phone calls, comments… it was amazing!

On Friday we had our genetic testing u/s and our baby was confirmed healthy!  Our prayers have been answered, this is all we’ve ever wanted!  175 bpm and the technician couldn’t (at first) take any measurements because the babe was all over the play.  Dancing, jumping, flipping around… haha!  She had to get the doctor and at first the doctor couldn’t get any measurements either.  We laughed, I said it was because this appointment was keeping the babe and me from our morning run!  Babe was ready to go!

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for all of your loving words and excitement, it MEANT so much to hear from those of you that we did.  Thank you!  xx

Looking forward to: There’s so much to look forward too.  Next week Johnny and I have our last big meeting with the builders.  On June 19th we have our Anatamy Ultrasound from what I’ve heard it’s an hour… which means we get to spend one entire hour with our baby!

Cravings: Carbs.  Fruit.  Grilled cheese.  Starbucks reduced fat turkey bacon & white cheddar sandwich.  That’s a new one this week, had 2… also had 2 grilled cheeses!

Symptoms: Veggies and chicken (vomit!) still make my skin crawl.  I was able to do a few carrots and hummus.  Other than the food aversions, sometimes I have to remind myself that I am pregnant.  Tired at night and thirsty!  I’ll take it.

Workouts: I had some great workouts this week.  During my runs with the hubs I now have him run in front of me… it gives me something to run towards, sorta like a goal.  I still keep my body temp and heart rate in check, but I’m also trying to stay as active as possible.  Not just for weight and toning (pretty sure that’s all out the window), but more so for the peace of mind… and it’s my time to get outside and enjoy some vitamin D!  I did 3 Group Power classes, 2 six milers and 2 four milers.  I say this like it’s cake and while I’m still working out and enjoying them, my run is seriously like a trot and half the time I’m skimming social media, talking on the phone or answering emails.

In other news:  I purchased my baby bag and it arrived this week… it’s pretty much amazing!  Rebecca Minkoff sure knows how to make a diaper bag look not so diaper’ish!  I’m in love and it will now replace my purse.


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Week 11 survey

May 23 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*DSC_0517

Dear Baby,

You’re a large plum, it’s crazy to believe you’ve/ we’ve come this far!  You’ve given mommy what seems to be the easiest first trimester of all time.  No sickness (really), a little tired and hungry for the food I’ve always loved.  You’ve allowed me to collect my sanity through my workouts and runs (just as I’ve always done). It’s like nothings changed.  I am guessing you love pineapple, cherries, everything bagels, french fries and ranch. 😉

This week we got a doppler.  Which means, little babe… we get to hear your heart beat anytime of the day.  When fear comes over me, I just listen to your sweet little sound and away goes the doubt.  It’s strange when I sit back and think about how much I love you (already!) and we have yet to meet.  I can’t wait to admire your chunk monk self… I have a feeling you’ll come out as a red head!  You got it, babe… when I was born I had a full head of red hair and your Daddy has a little ginger in him too.  

Until the times comes when we finally get to meet… I’m going to continue to enjoy this special time with you.  Knowing and trusting that you’re safe and sound, growing and developing in Mommy’s belly.  You’re on our minds and in our prayers, always… our large (little!) plum.

We love you.

All my affection and little toe kisses,


DSC_0517Size of babe: A peach!  A plum… can you believe that???

Weight gain: Let’s put on the breaks a bit, ok kid.  😉  JK… well, the numbers are creapn’ and so are my thighs.  Up 4.5 pounds.  I don’t expect any differently with the way I’ve been craving the breads!

Maternity clothes: Jeans are still fine, just major muff tops going on.  Still haven’t invested in this thing called a belly band. 😉

Gender: Oh the gender reveal ideas are spinning and I’m getting super excited.  Our date has been set, July 27th and it’s happening at our new lot in Skybrook.  After the big reveal we will head to some of our besties, The Lunsford’s to ring in Baby boy or girl Thorne and have a Q!  So thankful to have such wonder friends… since we’re homeless and in a 480sf apartment we don’t have the space to host all of our friends… Kristen offered up their beautiful home to us.  We are so blessed and my sissy and her hubby will be in town for it.

Nursery: After looking at floor plans, I can’t help but to get super excited.  I’ll put more focus on this room once the gender is determined.


Baby Thorne NurseryMovement: Can’t wait! 🙂

Sleep: Not to shabby, a few bathroom breaks in the wee hours, but nothing worth complaining about.  Just a reminder that my babe is good and well in there.

What I miss: Nothing really.  Is that sad?  I was even with KV this week, traveling/ shooting we both admitted that it was sorta nice not indulging in a bevy.

Best moment this week: Two things :: Celebrating my very first Mother’s Day!!!! Amazing!!! Seeing my hubby on Wednesday evening.  I really love my time with that man… I left for the mountains on Monday and came back on Wednesday.  He doesn’t travel for work, so we’re not used to being apart.

Looking forward to: May 20th!  Our 12 week appointment and screaming to the world… “WE’RE HAVING A BABY”!

Cravings: Pretty sure I covered this bad boy in the weight gain section… if you say the words :: bread, carbs, bagels, french fries, pizza, fried pickles, cheese burgers… you’re pretty much speaking my language.  My pants hate me for this… but my tastebuds love me for it! 🙂

Symptoms: Thirst still… and those food aversions.  Veggies and chicken – I just can’t seem to deal.  This week I got some weird tinges in my right side during our days of shooting in the mountains.  KV said it’s my ligaments growing.  I mean, hello, I do have a a juicy plum growing inside of me.

Workouts: Oh, baby!  Going strong, just a little slower.  I’m love being active even if it’s just a 30 minute power walk… with my cravings and food aversions being what they are, I want to make sure I’m staying somewhat active.  This week I only got in two Group Power classes, but I still logged about 24 miles.  Even though they aren’t fast runs, it still feels great to be on my feet outside.

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Week 10 survey

May 16 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*
Dear Baby,

Daddy wrote this to me in my Mother’s Day card… it hit home. I thank God everyday for giving me the strength to put one foot forward and never look back. To stay positive and no matter what, to have you in my heart… always.

“…above all, I know that it has been incredibly difficult on you. Through this journey, you have shown me a strength and determination that have me in awe. You never gave up, no matter how tough thins got. That fact has given me great pride and firmed my feelings in us more than ever…”

I love you, babe… We love you! Thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood. You will be my world… forever and always.

So much love my little lime,


DSC_0517Size of babe: A lime! 🙂 Put the lime in the coconut!!

Weight gain: These hips don’t lie and my inner thighs SURE don’t lie.  Nobody warned me about the extra-extra-read-all-about-it-squishiness!  Now, the scale isn’t going up too much, but man those jeans are getting tighter and not just in the tummy area… but in the bum and thigh area.  I think I’ll be the pudgy girl that gains it everywhere… I don’t see having that little basketball in my future.  Nope, not at all.  Up to 125.6, so 1.6 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Let’s not discuss… I keep buying… and buying… and buying… but they are a little too big right now.

Gender: We’ll know the exact date after our 12 week appointment on May 20th!

Nursery: Haven’t thought too much about this lately.  I’ve been so busy with work, taxes (smackes), HOUSE and getting my website/ blog launched that my mind is a little distant.  I’ll get there…

Movement: Can’t wait! 🙂

Sleep: Like a champ!  Although we tend to eat late at night and then lay on the sofa for an hour and then head to bed… I’ve noticed that I’m so unbelievably full when I go to bed that sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep.

What I miss: Going with what I said last week… a little less busy, not taking anything for granted, however… some peace and quiet and chick flicks sound delightful!

Best moment this week: Sounds a bit crazy, but watching my body change.  Melrose warned me that after I eat (and early on) you’ll notice a little bulge in the tummy area.  That statement became true during this week. 🙂 After I eat, I have a bump… and I love it! 🙂 Grow little babe.

Looking forward to: May 20th, our 12 week appointment and celebrating my very first Mother’s Day with my hubby and the babe that’s growing in me.

Cravings: Speaking of Mother’s Day… Johnny and I decided that on Sunday we should wake up early, run our 6 miles, enjoy brunch and then check on our lot.  We made those pans early in the week, so all week I was craving pancakes… and bacon… and eggs.

Symptoms: My thirst… can’t seem to quench it, that’s really all.  Some food aversions… especially to chicken.  I had a bad experience at Zoes… bit into a piece of chicken that was hard (ughhhh!) and looked down and another piece had a big purple vein in it.  I held my tummy until we got home and then lost my cookies.

Workouts: Little babe and me and doing great with our workouts.  Obviously making sure I’m not overdoing it and also make sure that I can breathe deep in through my nose and out through my mouth.   Still enjoying a few 6 milers, 4 milers and several Group Power classes throughout the week.  Definitely takes longer on my runs and I have all the restroom stops plotted out. 🙂

**the way my weeks change (Thursday) it’s right in the middle of the week, so next week I’ll reflect back on my 10th week celebrating Mother’s Day… if that makes sense.  lol**

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