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Week 7 survey

Apr 25 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*


Dear Baby,

Daddy and I got to experience the greatest joy of all yesterday… we got to see you for the first time.  Our hearts were lifted tremendously when we heard your fast heartbeat of 144bpm.  Many tears of joy were shared between your daddy and I.  Tears of pure happiness.  Tears of patience and hope.  Tears that our prayers have finally been answered and you are our sweet little babe.  We can’t believe you are here!  

It was an emotional week for us.  You’ve been in our hearts forever and we’ve been through some hard times to get you, but here you are.  Our little babe.  We’ve prayed about you for so long and we’ll continue to pray for you… every single second of the day.

After our ultrasound you and I 😉 wrote cards from you to my side of the family!  You introduced yourself to Grandpa Regan, Grandma Kim, Grandma, and Auntie Lex and Uncle Bruce.  We slipped the card and a picture of you in the mail.  We sat by our phones for the days to come.  What a surprise they opened… the Regan family cannot wait to meet you, little one.  Many, many tears and eeeeeks of excitement were exchanged via the phone!  We will be telling your daddy’s side of the family next weekend.  What a blessing you are.  We love you sweet little babe of ours.  Thank you for being you, thank you for being ours.  Forever.

Loving you for life,


DSC_0517Size of babe: One of my favorite fruits; a raspberry.

Weight gain: Still at 124lbs, but feeling a little more puffy!  I swear I have arm cellulite, but I’m hoping the mirrors are lying!

Maternity clothes: Guess what???  I purchase my first pair of maternity jeans!  After our ultrasound, I was so anxious to pull the trigger on something.  My old clothes are still fitting.

Gender: Totally finding out!  Going against everything we ever said.

Nursery: I’m thinking creams, neutrals, whites, golds, silvers… the one thing I know I want is a wrought iron crib. 🙂 Loving this direction and can’t wait to continue to develop the design.

Movement: Can’t wait to feel the babe!


Sleep: Still sleeping really well… knock on wood! 🙂 Only up in the wee hours of the morning to tinkle.


What I miss: Nothing! 🙂 Just enjoying every minute of this journey and soaking it up.


Best moment this week: Without a doubt, this goes down as the best day of our life.  On April 18th (the same due date as our first pregnancy) we got to see our baby and hear the heartbeat.  Talk about music to our ears.  The most amazing moment I’ve ever experienced and it made everything so real.  We are having a baby.

Here’s a video taken from our iPhone… it’s neat, because you can actually hear the heartbeat!

KV was really sweet and offered to come to our first ultrasound to document the amazing day.  Here’s a link to the video.  Pretty amazing! 🙂

Another amazing moment was telling my side of the family.  Since we won’t see them in person anytime soon.  After our ultrasound I bought 3 cards (Mom, Dad and Alexa).  I wrote them a letter from Baby Thorne and enclosed an ultrasound picture.  On Monday they all received their letters.  Tears of happiness, they are all so excited.  I won’t lie, I was most excited about Lex finding out.


Looking forward to: Telling the Thorne’s, we’re heading to Atlanta this weekend!  We’re so excited to spill the beans.  Even more excited for next Monday… we have another ultrasound. 🙂 I’m very thankful that REACH monitors patients so closely.  It’s a peace of mind (that’s for sure).


Cravings: I think it’s all in my mind… I’m finally preggo, which means I get to stuff my face and give in to these wonderful carb infested cravings.  🙂 Wrong.  I’m off to a so-so start and when I go for the cookies I remind myself that the babe would probably benefit more from colorful fruits and veggies.   I definitely allow myself crackers, toast and more sweets.  Before becoming pregnant, I tried to stay away from starchy carbs throughout the day.  At night, I enjoyed whole grain carbs and on weekends I splurged a little more.  I’m learning that it’s really hard to abide by those habits. 🙂 Moderation!

I’m not going to lie, I have been a lot more hungry (more than usual) and this week I’ve had this obsession with crackers (any kind, you name ‘um), hummus and tabouli… not just any tabouli, Whole Foods, homemade tubs of tabouli.

ps… I’ll never forget today… today is the day that I sat down to answer email and polished off an entire tub of Sabra hummus with carrots and celery.

Symptoms: This week, I hardly feel pregnant.  I really don’t have any symptoms.  I read that symptoms can come and go… and as crazy as this may sound, I wish I felt like poo right around now.  It scares me that I’m not.  However, I went to acupuncture yesterday and she told me my lack of symptoms is because of how religious I am with acupuncture.  80% of patients who do acupuncture prior and after conception don’t feel any early symptoms.  With acupuncture your body is naturally balancing hormones, toxins, etc. that lead to symptoms.

Workouts: Still loving working out.  I always have though.  Last week I ran 5 days (3 six milers and 2 four milers).  In addition I’m still going to Group Power. 🙂  Last week I went 3 days.

DSC_0517Images by our friend, Kristin Vining (she also put the video together)


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Week 6 survey

Apr 18 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*


Dear Baby,

We’re still overjoyed with excitement and love… we can’t believe you’re finally ours.  I can’t believe I have you growing in my belly.  Everything became a little more real this week.  Yesterday, Daddy and I closed on our condo.  We sold the first place we ever called home together… we did this so we can finally build a home for our little family of three.  A home that we hope to be in forever.  A home that you can come home to when your away at college.  A home that we hope you can bring your future kiddos to.  Our little home sweet home.

This week you’ve grown into a “blueberry”.  Your jaws, cheeks and chin are in development – we think you’ll be pretty cute!!  We’re praying that your kidneys, liver and lungs are forming into healthy little organs.  We love you already… so much.  Your mommy (me!) is feeling pretty good.  With every pregnancy symptom I experience I jump for joy… it just confirms that you are continuing to grow into our dreams… our baby.  I think about you every second of the day, sweet baby.

I love you with all of my heart and so does your daddy.

Love you little babe,


DSC_0517Size of babe:  A blueberry! 🙂

Weight Gain: My current weight is 124 lbs (still the same).  Some days it’s 121lbs, some days it sneaks up to 126lbs, but most days it’s between 123lbs and 124lbs.  I’m what they call a yoyo!


Maternity Clothes: Too soon for this one, although I’m feeling my midsection getting a little more pudgy.  That could be the lack of abdominal workouts.  I’m definitely going to purchase a few new bras in my near future.


Gender:  I’m pretty sure we’re convinced that we do want to find out… totally going against everything we ever said.  We looked at it as the only surprise left in life (finding out at birth), but I’m too anxious and I’m looking at it as the half way point (in pregnancy) surprise.


Nursery: I’m thinking creams, neutrals, whites, golds, silvers… the one thing I know I want is a wrought iron crib. 🙂 I’m going to purchase this beautiful gold side table from Target for next to the babe’s rocker.


Movement: Can’t wait to feel the babe!


Sleep: Actually, I’ve been sleeping like a champ these days.  Now that our mattress is back on a bed frame in the apartment.  I’ve been having some wild dreams and been up between 3am and 5am to tinkle.


What I miss: Nothing! 🙂


Best moment this week: Feeling a smidge of nausea on Saturday morning before my wedding.  I know that sounds crazy, but with every little symptom — confirms that I am in fact pregnant.  I’m sure I’ll regret liking these feelings in about a week or two, but for now I’m so grateful!  The other best moment was on Wednesday… I had a photoshoot uptown, then went into Petal and purchased a maxi dress (that has room to grow) and met Mel for lunch uptown.  We sat outside… it was a nice change in my daily routine.  We talked about babies, showers, nurseries… it’s just fun to be the one that can finally talk and experience all of this bliss.


Looking forward to: Thursday!!!  Seeing the our little babe (or babes) on the ultrasound screen and hearing the heartbeat.  I can’t wait to see Johnny’s reaction.


Cravings: Nothing yet… although on Thursday I slammed some pizza and breadsticks and on Wednesday evening at 9pm I made Johnny go with me to get froyo!


Symptoms: My sore (and big!) tata’s.  A few times this week I’ve been up in the wee mornings to tinkle.  A little tired here and there, but nothing like last week.

Workouts: Still going strong… everything I read says how good exercise is.  I’m still running 4-6 miles about 4-5 times per week.  I just run a lot slower (trot) and walk a lot more.  I definitely STOP right when I feel like I can’t carry a conversation anymore.  I also monitor my heart rate.  Last week I also did Group Power 3x, but I’ve lowered my weight quite a bit.  I also, make sure I’m not holding my breath as I’m lifting… I’m really careful with my breathing.

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Week 5 survey

Apr 11 2013

*read our journey here + how it happened here*

April 5th :: My first ever blog post about the bump!  My personal bump series!  It’s going to be torture to not push the publish button!

All I’ve ever thought about was a baby!  Our baby!  How to get pregnant.  How to overcome this infertility hurdle.  I’ve pictured the birth.  Holding our precious little bundle.  It wasn’t until now until I realized… this is it!  I’m pregnant!  The day I’ve been dreaming about forever.  It’s here… along with all the exciting joys I didn’t think about… the blog posts, looking at maternity clothes, diaper bag search, finding the perfect stroller!  It’s hit me!  I’m pregnant!  Finally!  So, here I am, fingers eager to type ready to document what’s going to be the best journey of our life!

Without further adieu, I present to you… my “by week”, baby bump series!  Huge squeal from me and the babe!

DSC_0517Dear Baby,

Surprise! You’re going to be our sweet little baby to be and I’m going to be your mother.

We knew the day would come… the day we could finally call you our baby. Our prayers have been answered. People always say, the minute you have a child your entire world changes and you learn about a newfound love. A love you’ve never experienced. You and I barely know each other and in the past week you’ve changed my life more than I ever imagined. You have weeks upon weeks until you take your first breath; and I promise with every ounce of every breathe you breathe, I will love you with all of my heart… forever and ever. I promise to do my best at this mommy role and I promise you, I’ll never let you down. I give you my heart, sweet little baby of mine. Your daddy, oh, I cannot wait for him to take on his role. He’s an amazing man, a man that I sometimes feel that I don’t deserve. Daddy reads all the daily books, his emails are now directed to “us” (you and me, little baby). He cuddles with us and rubs my belly all the time. He’s so excited for you.

You will be one loved little babe, I promise you that. The one thing I know without any doubt, is that God loves you more than you will ever imagine. He will always be with you, I will be with you always, Daddy will be with you always. I thank Him everyday for bringing you into our lives. We feel complete.

All my love always,



Size of babe:  A sweet pea! 🙂

Weight Gain: I think it’s too early for this questions, but I’m sure it’ll be one that want to defriend.  My current weight is 124 lbs.

Maternity Clothes:  I can’t wait for this.  Mel’s introduced me to some adorable designers! 🙂

Gender: Obviously all of these are questions that are so far out.  We always said we didn’t want to find out the gender.  We’ve waited this long to experience the joy and a lot of the “fun” and “excitement” was taken away from the process.  So, not knowing the gender could be the the excitement for us.  Naturally, now that I am pregnant I want to know!

Nursery: I’m thinking creams, neutrals, whites, golds, silvers… the one thing I know I want is a wrought iron crib. 🙂

Movement: Can’t wait to feel the babe!

Sleep: I don’t know if this is new babe related or because were in the middle of a move with our mattress on the ground.  Sleep for me has been horrible and not too mention, I’ve been exhausted!  I’m also a back sleeper and I’ve been trying to break the habit early on since it’s not ideal for the growing babe.

What I miss: Nothing! 🙂 I’ve waited a long time for this pregnancy, I’m going to love it as much as possible!  I do a happy dance after every symptom… including 3am tinkles! 🙂

Best moment this week: Having REACH call to report the good news.  On Monday after my labs they called to report that my HCG levels were at 295 mIU/ml and my progesterone was at 13.9.  I more than doubled their projected/ ideal levels.  Today when Nurse Stephanie called, I’ve more than tripled since Monday!  HCCG at 1029 mIU/ml!

Looking forward to: Our very first ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat on April 18th!  Of course, I’m also looking forward to falling in love with our little babe.

Cravings: Guess it’s too early for this one too… but I’m always craving so BoJo’s!

Symptoms: Sore… ridiculously sore and engorged tata’s!  Tired/ sluggish… especially during my runs.  My shuffles have turned into a walk/ trot.  Annnnnnd… I’ve tinkled 3 times during the middle of the night! 🙂  Moody too!  These are all the signs and symptoms I’ve been waiting for!  So bring it, babe!

Workouts: Trying to keep up my workouts… I’ve been doing good, but I do have to cut back on my speed and weight.  Still running between 4-6 miles and this week I did Group Power 4x.  Working out actually gives me extra energy! 🙂 I like that!

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