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Aug 27 2012

I blogged about this dress, probably a year ago {blogged about it here}.  I also bought it in blue – anyone remember this outfit?  I paired it with a blouse and a sequin jacket… I snagged it from Forever 21 for a big penny of $15!  Such a steal…

I brought it out of hibernation over the weekend… and it’s sending me weak in my knees for fall!  There’s so much on my wish list… I’ll make sure to share those with y’all later this week!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend… it’s Monday!

{What I’m Wearing} Dress: F21 {last year}, Sandals: Steven Madden {so old}, Belt: F21 {so old}, Bra: Soma {last year}, Hat: Urban Outfitters {last year}, Cuff: Tory Burch, Shades: Michael Kors {so old}, Bangles: Petal, Necklace: Petal by Moon&Lola, Clutch: Tory Burch {available in stores only}

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Aug 21 2012

One sweet bride this gal is!

I absolutely loved getting to know Elise and her adorable sister, Hope through their wedding process.  We spent lots of time together, beautifying of course; trial run, bridal portraits, m&h for rehearsal and wedding day.  Beautiful, beautiful girls!  Speaking of which… well move into Elise’s bridal portraits by Elizabeth Scott Photography.

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Aug 17 2012

Remember when I teamed up with The Israel?  He’s the British version of Billy Reed – slick style and an ingenious eye when it comes to photography.  How could you forget my favorite friend?

Well that day we teamed up, he also took some asked that I get in front of his camera.  Nude face.  Unfixed hair.  Just me, totally, completely raw.  Now that’s scary… especially for somebody that lives in makeup.

So… ladies and gents here’s what I look like in the nude!

Thank you Richard for the beautiful portraits that I’ll always cherish.  It was a special day for me.

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Aug 13 2012

Don’t mind my mass amount of images… the hubs was proud of his camera work!

Well… congratulations, you’ve made it through all of my pics!  JT was super pumped about his stellar photography skills!

What a weekend… and in a blink of an eye, here we are… it’s Monday, folks!  I got slapped in the face about a bazillion times last week… I forgot what it’s like to go on  vacation for a week… you come back to work, work, work and wedding season.  I spent all day on Friday beautifying.  From a bridal portrait in Bellmont to 3 drop-deads here in Charlotte.  Saturday, same’ole… wedding day makeup and hair!  I adored my bride and her family!

Let’s talk about Sunday!  Boom-boom-POW!  Big stuff, people!  Talk about getting shat done.  Cleaned condo, ran 6 miles, SHOWERED {this is big, but even bigger for a Sunday}, dried my hair {shooooot}, went to brunch, napped, laundry, went through Jamaica pics {post this week}, chopped veggies and fruit, put together this blog, answered emails, 6pm power walked with the hubs, ate dinner and then watched True Blood.  Pow-take-that-Sunday-I’m-not-letting-you-rain-on-my-parade!

That was it.  My weekend!  How was yours?  Oh and Charlotteans… did y’all step outside around 8am on Sunday???  Ummm, delightful!  I can feel the fall coming!

{What I’m Wearing} Jeans: Madewell Railstraight {had mine for 2 years}, Blouse: Petal by Amanda Uprichard {sorry Petal’s site is down for maintenance so the FB info will have to do}, Earrings + Bangles: Petal, Monogramed Necklace: Petal by Moon & Lola, Shade: Tory Burch {available in store only}, Clutch: Aldo {old}, Heels: Carlos {so old}, Cuff: Tory Burch, Watch: Michael Kors, Chain Link Necklace: Banana {old}

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