Jun 25 2012

He’s back and confessing is white pant obsession!

You might recall his original posts HERE and HERE.

Let me start off by saying a huge Thank You to my beautiful wife for a fantastic birthday weekend.  I’m 35 now…..yup, 35.  And Lindsey made it a perfect weekend…thank you babe!  I’d also like to give a quick thank you to Nicola Mitchell for a really cool surfer / golfer birthday cake.  Could be one of the coolest cakes ever.  I don’t think I use Facebook properly, so thank you also to everyone for the birthday wishes.  So…that’s the end of my Oscar like thank yous….and onto my Dear John….

I like a couple of things that I’m fairly certain drive my wife crazy.  Beer and golf top the list.  Then there’s soccer and basketball and football.  If there is a sporting event on, I’d like to be watching it.  Even hockey.  But only during the Stanley Cup.  So this little ditty I’ve got on makes me feel very Ian Poulter-ish…minus the incredible golf skills.  I sometimes hit a shot that is pretty sweet, but for the most part I’m fighting the course and still managing to have a good time (usually drinking too many beers) with the guys I golf with.  I get a lot of ribbing from Hunter, Rich and Dave for being the “parking lot pro”.  I dress better than I golf.  But hey..if you can’t play good, at least look good (or try to).  Well….thats the theory I adhere to when I hit the ball ob on 5 of the 18 holes I’m playing.

A few years ago at my 30th birthday, I was wearing some white pants and having too much of a good time.  I’ll say I was overserved (it can’t possibly be my fault) and the worst alter ego of all time was born…Johnny White Pants.  This version of me only shows up every so often (thankfully) and likes to have too much of a good time and stay up until the sun comes up….the party shouldn’t ever stop!  I’d like to think that I’ve grown up a little bit since that birthday 5 years ago, but JWP still likes to make an occasional appearance.  Don’t blink or you might miss him…but he’s usually down for a good time if you happen to be there on one of the fateful nights that he decides to show up.  *Disclaimer* The real version of me is NOT responsible for anything that JWP says or does….

I wish that JWP was no more, but thats just not realistic.  Every now and then, the stars align and things happen.  It usually starts off pretty innocently…a drink here, a beer there…hey, how about another one?  Sure, that sounds great!  I’ll say that music is a big culprit in bringing out the best of the worst.  There used to be a bar right around the corner from where we live called Tutto Mundo’s.  Tutto Mundo’s poured some of the stiffest liquor drinks of all time, and always had dance/house/techno music thumping.  That seems to be the combo that makes it all come together….a little too much booze combined with some dance music combined with some great company….and voila…JWP has arrived!  I tried to make him go away by getting pink pants.  That was definitely not the manliest approach, but hey…I had to try something.  Fast forward a couple more years and I’m at it again…trading in pink pants for my newest…the plaid pants.  I almost feel a little Rodney Dangerfield like in Caddy Shack in these pants, but I’ve got to be honest…they are really comfortable.  Time will tell where the plaid pants take us, so we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens…

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone again in the very near future.  Until then, me and my plaid pants are going to try and find that happy medium between too much of a good time, and whats just right…see you soon!

{What He’s Wearing} Pants: VINEYARD VINES, Shirt: LACOSTE, Belt: VINEYARD VINES, Shoes: 1901 {sim.}

… a day in the life of Johnny White Pants …