May 07 2012

… even though it’s not summer! 

Happy Monday Friends!

What a week-and-end it’s been!  Seriously a great one!  I guess I should pick up where I left off… which was last Thursday – I also didn’t blog that day.  If you follow me on the *Insta {@lindseyreganthorne} then you’ve probably already witnessed my last few days.

I had two back to back appointments.  Dentist and OB!  I joked about it on FB… going from one end to the other!  Ha!  Both actually went great and for the first time {in a long time}, I left without any cavities.  Thank you Spinbrush!

At 5:00pm on Thursday I picked up the WANNA-BE’s little monster.  He’s 6-months of gushiness-love!  And when I say “I picked him up”, I mean that.  Drove a mommy-mobile, went to his childcare, and did the entire MIT routine.  {MIT <~ mommy in training}.  Got home, fed the piglet and then we went for a long walk.  We met DEAR JOHN at the train station… pretty sure he teared up when he saw us at the end of the hill… gave him perspective of what life might be like with our own little piggy.  The evening went over perfectly… bath and all!

Friday I spent the day doing makeup, hair and more makeup + hair.  That evening we stayed in and rested because I knew how soon Saturday early morning would arrive.

Saturday, Sarah and I headed to Winston for MONICA’S wedding… you know her, right?  The bombshell from the ACE&TJ SHOW.  The wedding venue was beyond gorgeous and her girls were as sweet as can be!  Oh, and Monica… she was a stunner.  Naturally.  One of my girlfreinds called me prior to the wedding to tell me about the sweetest little blub that Monica mentioned about me on her BLOG.  Around 4:30, Sarah and I ventured back to Charlotte… and turned a 90 minute drive into a 135 minute drive.  Of course that happened!

That evening we headed over to our friends, the Marelli’s, they are parents of my other nephew, MICHAEL.  It was their turn to babysit the WANNA-BE’s little fella.  I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to play with both of my nephews.  Brandy and I gave the boys a bath together… it was entertaining to say the least!  I played fetch with Michael in the backyard.  He also showed me his collection of sticks… and when he say’s “sticks”, he replaces the “s” with a “d”… hysterical!

On Sunday the hub and I woke up, put on our kicks and ran 7 together.  After that it was a day of errands and relaxation.

And… here we are this morning!  😉  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Cheers to a new week!

{What I’m Wearing} Dress: SHOSHANNA from PETAL, Wedges: BANANA {so old}, Bag: TJ. MAXX, Scarf on Bag: LOUIS VUITTON, Bracelets: PETAL and BANANA {link bracelet from xmas}, Watch: MICHAEL KORS, Shades: MARC by MARC JACOBS,