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Apr 30 2012

… and so is comfy style!

It’s fun to watch your style evolve!  At one time I was URBANat one time!   THIS look used to be completely normal to me!  I used to have more of an urge to LAYER… ooooh, this was a GOODIE too.  At one time I was way more BALLSY.  I played up some serious TEXTURES.  As much as my style has changed I still think THIS is an outfit that totally describes my personality.

I never thought in a million years that I would pull off an ultra-prepster outfit like this!  There’s nothing wrong with being preppy… I think it’s kinda cute.  In the south, I think it’s especially hard not to embrace your inner peppiness.  Agree?  It could be my age {tip toeing into my almost 30’s} and where I am in my life.  Nonetheless… this is about as close to LILLY as I’ve ever been.  It’s not so bad.

I’m constantly inspired by retailers like J.CREW and ZARA. While Zara might be a little more hipster than J.Crew I do tend to lean more towards their feminine dresses, like THIS one.  The peplum is too cute!  Craving all of THIS over at J.Crew and how they are playing with cutsie patterns on patterns.  Preppy with a slight edge.

{What I’m Wearing} Jeans: SEVEN‘s {so old}, Blouse: J.CREW {old}, Cardi: OLD NAVY {old}, Necklace: S&D, Shoes: F21 {sim.}, Link Bracelet: BANANA, Watch: MICHAEL KORS

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Apr 26 2012

All of that together!  Combined!  And then to see it all come together.

This was such a fantastic shoot we just came off of a couple of weeks ago.  I teamed up with the beauty duo after photogo, KRISTIN VINING plotted the location.  When I first met Bita {the bride} at the mall I was stunned.  Not only by her beauty, but by her size.  Part of what makes my job so unique is “fitting for camera” and with small girls, at times can be extremely difficult to “fit”.  Sounds crazy, huh?  After pulling a few rounds of garments I was realizing how itty this gal was… at first it looked like I was putting a paper bag over her bod and calling it a day.

Finally, after a few rounds I pulled this amazing skirt.  Fit her like a glove.  A white solid, slimming camisole is all it took to complete the look, a belt, a necklace, nudy shoes ~ voila!  For him, I took it a little more classic, yet mod.  Fitted plaid Italian wool suit {crazy over this look}, partnered it with a “Mr. Rodgers” button up cardigan and white traditional collar shit.  Check out those creamy white kicks on his tooties.  I thought, why not?!

For the other look {shown directly below} I put her tiny hiney in double zeros… yup, as in 00 shorts to elongate and show off her toned long limbs.  Creamy blouse, gold jewelry and it’s a done deal.  For him we kept it “dinner casual” as I like to refer to it… jeans,  rumpled dress shirt and sport coat.  Easy as that!

Enjoy the pic’s, loves!

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Apr 25 2012

It’s raining!

Whootie Tootie it’s almost the weekend!

For realz… this is why we have no room in our ‘oh so big condo… I hold on to everything.  Including this Old Navy jacket that I’m sure I purchased on the sale rack back in 2003.  I’m certifiably a clothes, shoes and accessory hoarder.  This is not something to celebrate, people.  I’m almost 29 and still have clothes in my closet from high school, that’s 10 years plus of dust collecting.  Time to shred!  Nonetheless, I am glad to see that I do still go for items that have been “hanging out” for a decade.

I hope my Charlotte peeps are staying warm and covering those tooties from this dreary weather.  Although, I’m not going to lie, sometimes a little grey in your life is soothing.  Happy Humps, lovelies!

{What I’m Wearing} Dress: MADEWELL {oh sale + 25% off}, Jacket: Old Navy {old as dirt}, Belt: MADEWELL {old}, Boots: HUNTERS {sim.}, Necklace: MOON&LOLA, Scarf: LV {sim.}, Shades: TORY BURCH {available in stores only}

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Apr 24 2012

Two amazing people made this video.

Did I mention amazing.  

It’s pretty ridiculous… as in really-really pretty.  Y’all know I love me some pretty.

I cried the first time I saw it.  Partly because I’m a cryer, but mostly because I can’t believe that on the daily I get the incredible opportunity of making mad art with these talented creators.

KRISTIN VINING and ALAN DALY ~ y’all are crazy, over the top, can’t get enough, even shed a tear, like whoa, skilled individuals.  Skilled.  And, together the two of you are double skilled… as in squared.

If you recall THIS post, you might want to watch this vid… it’s behind the scenes vid!  And it’s the closest thing to famous that I’ve ever felt.  I feel like a borderline movie star… even if my part was only a “pea” or a “carrot”, it doesn’t matter.  She said my name and I was there.

Now… let’s shed a pretty little tear together! 🙂

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