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Feb 29 2012

Yup, I’m back.  Just when you thought it was over…Part II of the ‘Dear John’ session took us to a spot a little closer to home.  I convinced Lindsey to let me hide from the traffic a bit, so we found an empty parking lot just down the street from our condo.  Naturally, I made my ‘blue steel’ pose for this one, and it made the cut!  Thank you (sort of?) Zoolander for making it easy to find the inner model in us all.

A brief discussion on clothing…the shirt is from Nautica. I’m fairly certain this one came off the sale rack before a trip to the beach.  I like Nautica stuff because its not too expensive and fits just right…not too loose, and not too tight.  The sweater vest is also Nautica, and is from the archives (I wore that to our engagement party).  I catch a little…stuff…for wearing sweater vests sometimes, but I don’t care.  They’re comfortable and keep the core warm.  Nice.  The jeans and overcoat are both from Banana Republic.  The jeans are good as long as I don’t have to sit down…then the trouble begins.  The boots….I got these beauties from Colorado back when I took a ski trip out there in my younger days…like 15 years ago.  The not best part of that trip…I tore my ACL.  On a side note, I thought Colorado was awesome.  It was really cold and I seem to remember using a fake id when I was at dinner one night to drink beer….but its alright, because that was after I tore my ACL…I wasn’t thinking straight.  Ahh, memories.  Alright, that was a lot about clothing.

Now onto what I’ve been thinking about since Feb 8th….I can’t wait for Saturday night.  I’m still traumatized by what happened in Chapel Hill, and looking forward to seeing how we come back from that.  I’m also looking for a new favorite beer if anyone has some suggestions.  I’m currently on a big IPA kick, and one of my favorites is a local beer from Kinston, NC.  The name could use some work, but Sisters of the Moon from Mother Earth Brewing is freakin’ good.  Hmm…beer talk probably doesn’t appeal to Lindsey’s target audience….so….how about ‘Its A Brad Brad World’?  Sweeeet…uhhh.

Thats all for me from now.  I wish the greatest wife ever, Lindsey, and Tiffany Ratliff safe travels to Las Vegas later this week and hope they have a great time!  I will, of course, take this opportunity to golf on both Saturday and Sunday….

Thanks ladies for letting me invade your world a of couple times this week.  Until next time…

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Feb 28 2012

Three things.

1. } Ladies, thank y’all for the sweet words that you gave to my hubs yesterday.  I watched him as he read each comment and he was blushing {but, he loved it}… he kept saying, “she called me good look’n”!  Thanks for making him feel so special.

2. } I wore this on Sunday.  The same day of the hubs “style” post.  I’m guilty of pulling this dress out after seeing him in his bowtie.  I secretly wanted to match my good looker… and I did, we proceeded enjoy brunch at Pewter Rose and snapped some pictures.

3. } Is it crazy that I got super excited when I saw the second picture?  It looks like I’m sporting a baby bump, and it’s the closest thing that I’ve ever been to pregnant… and… well, although it’s my bacon baby, it made my day!  Made me also realize that I cannot wait to have a little fruit of a nugget growing inside of me.  One day.

Was that deep?

We busted my tripod out for a few of our pics… it actually just happened.  Living in an 800 square foot, nothing condo, we use our trunk for storage.  That being said, it’s our tripods happy home.  Luckily, it came into use… for really the first time.

Although a tripod is great… it’s only good for a flat {2-d} pic.  These pics are blurry… and setting the timer on the camera and running to your spot isn’t ideal.  JT and I realized we’re in need of some good pictures together.  We have a million of us in our wedding attire, but I just want one, good, normal pic for a frame and my profile.  Yes, my profile. 🙂

{What I’m Wearing} Dress: EIGHT SIXTY {going on my 3rd spring season that I’ve owned it}.  Cardi: URBAN, Lace Up Heels: KENNETH COLE, Bag + Shades: TORY BURCH {available in store only}, Necklaces: MOON&LOLA + BANANA, Bracelets: PETAL, COTTAGE CHIC, BANANA, Watch: MICHAEL KORS,

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Feb 27 2012

Ahhhh, the hubs.  Meet the little fella, my husband.

A southern Georgia boy, a mans man, loves golf more than me and watches every kind of sport… including soccer.  He’s a Chapel Hill grad and still bleeds Carolina blue {a little too much}.  He’s a gentleman, a runner, my best friend… and a Jamaican at heart.  He wishes he could be surfing {or skimboarding} and golfing at the moment, but instead he’s tucked away at the bank… his workplace.  He’s a vino lover {cab} and quite the beer snob.  He’s the life of a party and has been rewarded with the name of Johnny White Pants.  <– This guy occasionally makes his way out, and when he does, it’s quite the time.

So, why him on the blog?  Well because I love mens fashion and I want to put a little more focus on that.  Also, to help those ladies out there that struggle with their gents wardrobe selections.  Let’s be real… a fleece isn’t something we find sexy.  So, if I can show y’all how to pull some items from his closet and put them together, then I’ll feel like I’ve done my job.

A little history on “his style”… he’s preppy, you’ll never find him in a graphic T.  He can’t stand feeling restricted in the pant department.  Before we met his typical non-work attire would have been khakis or jeans and a polo.  Then I came in the picture and showed him a few tricks… and here we are today.  I think my husband has great style.  Yes, I’d love to see him wear some “slim” fit pants and perhaps a T that shows off his muscles… but I know that’s never going to happen!  I think his little outfits he comes up with are pretty darn handsome.

Here’s a little ensemble that he wore… this is nothing out of his ordinary.  His closet is full of lightly starched, button downs for work.  Often times he’ll couple his work shirts with jeans for a casual weekend look.  I showed him how to add a little southern bowtie flair and actually ~ he liked it!

Enough of my blabber mouth… I’ll now turn the mic over to the man of the hour, JT.

~ A bit from the hubs ~

Every so often, my wife convinces me to do something that takes me out of my comfort zone.  I have to admit, I don’t put up much of a fight in a lot of regards.  For the most part, I usually just go with the flow.  When she wanted me to wear pink pants to the LUNSFORD’S rehearsal dinner party, I went with it.  So yesterday when she sprung the “Dear John” section of her blog on me, I decided it was one of those moments that I just needed to go with.  All the men out there know, that sometimes you just want…you need… to make your wife happy.  After all, I do plenty to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction…this isn’t that hard, right?

I was in the middle of my first cup of coffee at 9:30am, when Lindsey asked me to start trying on my “outfits”.  Uhhh, my what?  I thought I was just putting some clothes on so we could take a couple pictures.  Little did I know that agreeing to this meant multiple pre-shot options and ‘looks’ before we plunged into the real deal.  I happen to agree with my wife that a bowtie is one of the most Southern accessories you can have.  That, and seersuckers.  You just can’t say Southern charm any more clearly.  I lack the charm, but I’ve got the Southern locked up.  So when she asked me wear the bowtie today, I thought….sure, I’ll do that.  I definitely felt a little uncomfortable as I stood on Queens Rd West and watched car after car, and jogger, and biker, and dog walker….all go past as I made an attempt to look like I didn’t mind my wife taking my pictures.  Truth be told, I had a lot of fun with my wife today.  I gave it the ol’ college try and just embraced the whole thing.  My wife is good at this, so I put my trust in her that bowtie, in the middle of the afternoon, would all work out.

I think that I’m supposed to talk about what I’m wearing…just a little.  My wife and I have some solid…disagreements…on how jeans should fit.  I hate tight jeans.  Yet, I wear them sometimes for her.  For the first time since I can remember, we finally agreed on a pair of jeans.  Some J. Crew straight leg jeans did the trick.  I’m wearing some shoes that Lindsey got me, and actually are really comfortable.  1900 something or other oxfords…I was just told.  The shirt is from Vineyard Vines and is really comfortable…I like it a lot.  The bowtie is from a WEDDING we were in last April, our friends’, the Penza’s…a true Southern affair in Charleston, SC.  And the sweater is from Banana Republic.  All these things are hanging in my closet and I wear them all the time.  However, it took my wife putting them all together for me to wear them at the same time.  

So some things to try and redeem myself a little bit….I’ve been watching the Accenture Match Play since we got home (recorded) and drinking some Sierra Nevada Torpedo’s…they make an incredible beer.  I made some short ribs in the crock pot that cooked to perfection while we had our outing today.  I’m already thinking about our rematch this weekend….the Carolina vs Duke game and can’t wait until Saturday night.

Thats all I’ve got for now.  A couple parting notes…I love my wife and have a great time with her, no matter what we’re doing.  I can imagine that its not her favorite way to spend the day to watch soccer, or golf, or basketball, or football…or whatever other sport I force her to watch on the weekends.  So I appreciate when she sits with me, patiently, on the couch and pretends to enjoy watching whatever I am….together.  Today, it was my turn to do something for her.  And you know what?  It wasn’t that bad.  I had a great day today, just spending time with her, doing something she loves.  See you next time…cause I guess I’m doing this again on Wednesday…..

{What He’s Wearing} Jeans: J.CREW, Sweater + Belt: BANANA, Button Up: VINEYARD VINES {sim.}, Bow Tie: TIEBAR, Oxfords: 1901 {Nordi’s}

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Feb 23 2012

What’s this all about?  With all seriousness we wore this without planning… just to meet for coffee, 3-Saturday’s ago.  One cup of coffee to discuss nothing.  It was one of those gorgeous days, pushing 60 degrees here in Charlotte.  I was about to run errands and she was stopping by the East Blvd. Bucks… we exchanged a few texts and I decided that a venti misto and cup of oatmeal was in order!  Next thing you know we look like two, mature adults awaiting our order.  We bypassed the “sitting down for coffee” plan and went straight to the condo and begged the hubs to snap a few pic’s.

So, here we are… moral of the story… friends + fashion mesh!  Clearly!

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