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Dec 31 2011

Good morning, lovelies!

There’s a sweet treat for you waiting over at KRISTIN’S BLOG!  Be sure to stop by and check it out, especially the newly engaged!

Hop on OVER to see what the talk is all about!  Sending you all a very happy New Year!  Much love!

Photography by: KRISTIN VINING

Makeup + Hair by: moi 😉

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Dec 30 2011

~ not all of my fashion decisions were “right” decisions, but I went with it… with confidence! ~

The hub is included because if it wasn’t for my hub I wouldn’t be able to express my wardrobe in front of a camera!

He’s the best amateur photgo that ever lived… Thanks little man!

~ see you next year, loves ~

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Dec 29 2011

~ around the house and from my closet ~

~ sequin top with a satin blow {ANN TAYLOR}, compliments of my mother ~

~ a new favorite of mine, thanks WANNA-BE ~

~ the husband {KENNETH COLE} knows my style ~

~ my favorite perfume, worn on my WEDDING day ~

~ one of my besties knows me well, a very good book ~

~ my necklace, join the GIVEAWAY for your chance to win ~

~ dress {PETAL} from CHRISTMAS with the hubs ~

~ birthday shoes {STEVE MADDEN} from the hub ~

~ biz card holder, from a very dear friend ~

~ pretty dish {ISABELLA} to display my pretty little things ~

~ find me here ~

~ a new dress {URBAN OUTFITTERS} from a lovely friend ~

~ adorable gloves from my ‘be pretty’ team ~

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Dec 28 2011

… from my iPhone camera!

From left to right…

1.} “merry Christmas” chalkboard made by my brother-in-law 2.} gold EARRINGS  3.} fav felt floppy HAT  seen HERE  4.} champagne Tuesday with a bestie  5.} TOOTSIE cream  6.} one of my favorite SERIES  7.} the large MOON&LOLA necklace that the hub got for me for xmas – be sure to enter the easy CONTEST  8.} bedroom + our pink bolster  9.} my WATCHES, chain link BRACELET, and  clasp BRACELETS  10.} phone COVER  11.} mums – love having fresh flowers around  12.} new skincare line that I’m trying out from THERAPON, can’t wait to blog the results  13.} my LULU pants that I ran the half marathon in – love them b/c they have a slight ruffle down the leg 14.} adorable charm NECKLACE from a sweet friend  15.} the BOX to my bag  16.} my hairbow from GAP kids  18.} new MUG from the hubs – love that it’s ceramic  19.} frame of me and my sweet little man  20.} OMGOSH, these YSL boots I fell in absolute love with… and they were on sale, but they were way over my budget… I cried as I placed them back on the shelf for someone else… someone who won’t love them as much as me.  21.} my FLOPS that I live in  22.} best running SHOES that I’ve ever owned  23.} little CLUTCHES that I thought were pretty cute when I was out and about  24.} and outfit that I was pulling together for a {male} client  25.} sweet note from the hubs

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