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Nov 28 2011

My team and I {thanks, Chrystal + Sarah} can only take credit in the beauty department. ūüėČ We had the pleasure of doing makeup + hair for the gorgeous bride-Lindsey, her bridesmaids and mothers.

I can’t help but post all of the beautiful images from their big day, thanks to photographer, KRISTIN VINING. ¬†This is another special one because one of my dear freinds was the PLANNER behind their big day {hearts, to you Tiffy}.

It was a lovely day, breathtaking wedding and the nicest group of girls.  Lindsey and her mother are as kind as they come.

The wedding day makeup + hair “beauty” timeline! ūüôā My schedule made the headlines!

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A First for Everything

Nov 22 2011

Hey y’all! ¬†Something happened this morning that has been bothering me all day . ¬†My blog has always been a creative outlet for me. ¬†Its been a source of expression with fashion and design and a way to share ideas in a fun and positive way. ¬†Its sometimes even been a shoulder to cry on….a way to get things off my chest and just be an outlet for whats on my mind. ¬†So with that in mind, I share whats been bothering me….today, I got my first official hate mail. ¬†Yes, hate mail. ¬†This person took the time throughout the day to write several hateful emails to me, and call them their “opinions”. ¬† I wasn’t really sure how to deal with this. ¬†Should I ignore this person? ¬†Should I respond? ¬†I decided to address what they had to say the best way i can….so here we go….

I had a lot of fun with my hubs this weekend taking the pictures for my POST. ¬†We’re goofy and have fun doing it….its some time for us to spend with each other just hanging out and enjoying being together. ¬†Well, whoever this was didn’t like that very much. ¬†I say whoever because though they started my day by saying….“I know this won’t get posted because you only want people to praise you. No honest opinions. So fake! You look ridiculous!”……funny how the person calling me “fake” used a fake name, made up email address,and wouldn’t tell me who they were…… such pleasant conversation throughout the day! ¬†Definitely not what I expected from a fun post about the fall. ūüôā ¬†“Joe” continued on by saying that “You look and act like a child that has no sense of style”.¬†He closed our first exchange with...”Not to mention the constant grammar mistakes, spelling, and ignorant tone of your words. ¬†You should be embarrassed!” ¬†Actually, I’m not embarrassed in the slightest. ¬†This isn’t a thesis for my masters degree. ¬†My blog is often a stream of thought…a way to put whats in my mind onto paper and just let it out! ¬†I am happy and positive and have a true passion for what I do……and that sometimes means that it isn’t written perfectly. ¬†But its who I am and its how I want to be!

We exchanged a couple of emails, like I said….I didn’t know how to deal with this…..and then “Joe” said “I’m sorry if I have angered you, but you need to be truthful. ¬†Stop being so fake like some Rachel Zoe wannabe.”….I love Rachel Zoe! ¬†Is it wrong to take this “opinion” like a compliment? ¬†We talked a little more and then “Joe” came back to Rachel and said…“And its hard to consider anyone could tolerate being around someone like her, unless their husband is like hers and yours…afraid to exit the “closet”.” ¬†I think this gem speaks for itself….”opinions” quickly turned to insults and the conversation went south.

I’ve left some of the exchange I had with “Joe” today off my post because of its harshness and angry tone. ¬†Being called “fake” or a “snob” or told that I have “no intelligence” wasn’t exactly what I’d call opinions. ¬†Blah-Blah-Blah! ¬†“Can’t get a brain to be creative over anything but lip shades and layers?” ¬†Or, how about this one… “Why even post this crap?”¬† He was a real ray of sunshine through the day….“I don’t define success by being able to correctly apply lipstick or eyeliner, or by running up more credit on unavoidable styles of the season…”¬† ¬†Telling me I live in a “small home”. ¬†Suggesting that I share too much “personal information” on MY BLOG! ¬†Yet, I’m not the one forcing this “Joe” to type in and read about my very own latest and greatest. ¬†The rest of the conversations were just full of hateful things, and I know all of “Joe’s” words made him feel better about himself.

So this is whats been on my mind today. ¬†I hope that “Joe” can find happiness in his life. ¬†I’ve always wanted my blog to be happy and fun and maybe in some small way have people take a break from the craziness in the world and just be reminded of the joy that surrounds us all. ¬†Everyday. ¬†I hope that my readers look into the mirror and love the person they see staring back at them. ¬†Especially now, during the holidays. ¬†I hope everyone takes a moment this Thanksgiving to appreciate all the wonderful things we have in our lives to be thankful for……our friends, our families, our loved ones here and abroad….so I leave this post on a positive note! ¬†A Happy Thanksgiving to all… and to all of the happy people in my life {family, friend, FOLLOWERS, clients, co-workers, acquaintances} I LOVE YOU, I CHERISH YOU and I THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND!

Love, LRT

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Nov 22 2011

…and less is never more, so I’ll drown you with pictures, of me {ha}!

{What I’m Wearing} Dress: ZARA, Gingham Shirt: J.CREW, Puffy Vest: NEW YORK & CO., Tights: TARGET, Booties: SAKS FIFTH AVE {the brand}, Belt: MADEWELL, Shades: TORY BURCH {in store only}, Bracelets: F21, Watch: MICHAEL KORS, Scarf: MADEWELL, Satchel: ALDO, Necklace: BANANA

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