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Mar 29 2011


Oh so sexy! Amanda + Brian a sizzling couple! For those that don’t already know, Amanda is my colorist and cuttist {cuttist? Not sure that’s a word but we’ll go with it}. She’s amazing, truly AMAZING – should I say it again, AMAZING! She’s also Kristin Vining’s {the photogo behind this sultry shoot}. Amanda is bold, beautiful and fashionable… so of course she wanted something unique! When Kristin approached me about this shoot the direction was “date night”! Let me elaborate; getting ready for a hot date on the town and then perhaps a love affair during dinner. Ok, check, done… I got this. Amanda and I set sail to New York Bride and Groom who graciously helped us with the beautiful gown + suit. From there we hit up the mall for the remainder of accessories but mostly we used what she currently owned. Wardrobe – success!

 The day of the shoot I met Amanda on location of the historic Duke Mansion for a little makeup + hair action. KV arrives a little later to “scope out the scene”. This is where the go’n gets good! In my mind, we would shoot the preparation of ‘getting ready’ in the bathroom of the swanky suite {totally normal} but then take the rest of the date night downstairs to the beautiful ballrooms… typical, right!? Date night in a ballroom! Swing batta, batta swing – that’s when KV throws a typical ‘out of the box’, KV 180 degree move. Scratching the entire ballroom set up and snapping everything in the comfort of the beautiful Carrera marble bathroom. Genius! I love how her mind works.

 All in all… a hot couple, gorgeous location and Tadddddddddddddda!

For her makeup I emphasized  her eyes with one of my fav MAC colors “Embark”. Not all smokey eyes have to be done in your typical black fashion. Her hair was set in rollers and then pinned up for a loose unformal/formal up-do.

Dress, necklace and Tux compliments of New York Bride and Groom.

His & Her towels: Pottery Barn













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Mar 25 2011

I’d like to give a shout out to my Rastafarian husband…

Happy year and a half anny tomorrow {ya’ll know I don’t blog on the weekends so this will have to do}!

Lots of love best friend and my partner in crime, I love making fun outta noth’n with chu!

A few more months and we’re back to the sunny beaches to celebrate our mushyness!

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Mar 24 2011

Wardrobe Stylist_7889

Been such a slacker lately with posting my style pic’s… so, I’m making up for it! Last night the hubs and I ventured to our favorite neighborhood spot, 300 East {completely boycotting our run}. Typically you can find us there sitting outside on Sunday’s and sometimes Wednesday’s as well… even in the dead heat of the summer. Half price bottles of wine {hollllller!} and some of the best dinners we’ve ever had!

I actually wore part of this outfit to work yesterday but with a black shift {dress} but for dinner I slipped on my jeans and white T.

Happy Thursday ya’ll… the countdown has started… my last day @ the  firm is next Friday. I cannot believe the time is almost here.

Wardrobe Stylist_7888  Wardrobe Stylist_7903

Wardrobe Stylist_7891  Wardrobe Stylist_7892

{What I’m Wearing} Jeans: Citizen, Heels: Banana, Necklace: F21, T-shirt: F21 {note: best $4.80 T’s EVER}, Pashmina: gift from KV off the streets of NYC, Belt: Madewell, Shoulder bag: Aldo, Shades: Michael Kors, Watch: Michael Kors

{My Makeup} I’m learning that I cannot leave the house without my MAC “Russian Red” in both the stick + gloss! I’m so in love with this color!

{My Hair} For those that didn’t know, my hair is naturally curly… so I left it curly and pinned half of it up.

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Mar 23 2011


Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of doing this beautiful gals makeup + hair for her uptown bridal session with one of my favorite girls Kristin Vining. {Shh! don’t tell, but I think we might have another surprise for you as well! 😉 I’ll leave it at that}!

The bridal session took place in our home, the newly renovated studio. You might remember this beautiful face, she graced blogs last spring while she and her fiancé {now hubby} went strawberry pick’n. This past Saturday the ‘be pretty’ team did a little bit of makeup + hair for her bridesmaids, herself and her mother. I miss this bride already! I love you Jess!

This gorgeous gal obviously didn’t need much of anything ~ so I just used a little makeup, liner, lashes and my favorite MAC “Pink Poodle” lip glass after I stained her kissers in MAC “Twig” lipstick. Her hair… I took her loosely curled long locks and pinned up to give her a gentle soft look.

 I lent her the beautiful pearl Stella&Dot necklace and she wore it so elegantly. Brides out there looking for the perfect wedding day jewels make sure to check out some of their fabulous options… S&D Stylist Shannon Vass will help you choose and try out the perfect neck candy!  








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