Girls night

Feb 07 2011

This weekend was an absolute BLAST! Let’s face it, we’re growing up, we’re getting old, lives change, we have jobs, we have husbands, we have boyfriends, we have children and there’s one thing we can count on and that’s having each other! With all the change that happens day to day I’m certain my group of girlfriends can pick up directly where we left off. The happy hours at Brixx aren’t as frequent, going to the local pub after work on Friday nights definitely isn’t happening, and girls night… we’ll it’s been a few good months. So this weekend was like a giant bag of candy wrapped up in sulifane tied in the biggest pinkest bow… and just waiting to attack it, it. Did you get that? What I’m trying to say is we’ve been looking forward to this girls night for awhile now… just as you would look forward to the perfect time to unleash on that giant bag of candy… tick tock! On Saturday we celebrated early in the afternoon one of our besties bridal showers at Crave. Everything was pretty + pink. We devoured delicious girly foods and we each had the most perfectly frosted and biggest cupcake that I’ve ever seen. We topped the afternoon off at Wine Loft where we toasted to the happy bride; we love you KY! The gals parted ways and I had a handful of beautiful ladies who primped at my place before the big night out. I had the pleasure of doing a lot of hair {and of course I didn’t make it big}. From there we went on our merry way to the fashion show.

 The fashion show! So much fun! {period}. It’s the same show that I’ve been blogging about for awhile now; Runway for the Ballet {seen here, here and here}. The fashion show benefits the North Carolina Dance Theatre. The show was AWESOME, the dancers were the models and they wore trends from Neiman Marcus. We saw a segment of honeysuckle {remember that post}. For those who love ‘em wide legged pants are BACK! Sailor stripes never a fad! Although it wasn’t talked about there were plenty of satchels,  wedges and the continuation of belting, or in my terms “cinching” your waste isn’t going anywhere. Bohemian has never been so hot… flowy fabrics, hippy chic and long locks – I have a feeling it’s just the beginning! What a blast for Charlotte obsessed fashionista’s. The décor, lighting, all white foyer, red carpet, and flashing photogo’s made all of the ladies feel a taste of what the Benz show is all about!

 Later that evening we continued our girls night…  we ended up at Mez, never fails. We love that place! The rest is history… enjoy the pic’s! Much love on this Monday morning!

Pre-show pic’s!

The show!

After party!

Tiff + me!

Post pre-party, show and after show @ Mez!

Love to all my ladies + Happy Monday ya’ll!