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Feb 28 2011

I know, this never happens. I always have a mouth load to say… today, I’ll keep it simple! We had a fabulously awesome weekend, and I’ve entered this Monday with lots of love… just a little scared, knot in my tummy OR it could be the 350 sit-ups I did within the past 2 days… I’m taking drastic measures for a besties bachelorette party in Miami. Let’s be real… 11 days of abs isn’t gonna do extreme changes. So, I’m calling it quits after that 350… whew!

wardrobe stylist 1 wardrobe stylist 2

wardrobe stylist 3

Long cardi… almost too long for my shorty self! So I turned it into a wrap!

wardrobe stylist 4 wardrobe stylist 5

wardrobe stylist 7 wardrobe stylist 8

wardrobe stylist 9

I tried to recreate a “paper bag trouser” and I’ll admit, it would have worked perfect if these tighties of mine wouldn’t have grown so tight! An easy way to transform a pair of pants for the springy weather!

wardrobe stylist 10 wardrobe stylist 11

wardrobe stylist 12 wardrobe stylist 13

wardrobe stylist 14

{What I’m Wearing} Pants: SO OLD, I think they are from Limited, Tank: F21, Cardi: Petal, Heels: Steve Madden, Headband: J CREW, Earrings: Kate Spade, Shades: Marc Jacobs, Necklaces: Stella&Dot

{My Hair} Pinned half up, topped off with a headband.

{My Makeup} The norm + “Pink Poodle” MAC lipglass

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Feb 24 2011

wardrobe stylist 7308 wardrobe stylist 7241

I can’t believe I’m still blogging about last weekend – it honesty was that good… filled with lots of love between the hubs and I! I previously talked about how we spent the weekend in our own backyard. We spent last Saturday literally spitting distance to where we live. We walked across the street to the train, got off after 2 stops and voila we’re there! A good few hours spent sipping an alchy bev at Common Market and poking around in some of the local galleries. I love how Charlotte is filled with culture! This is a little bit of what I wore!

wardrobe stylist 7278

wardrobe stylist 7245 wardrobe stylist 7246

GOAL: thrifting and I’m going to become very, very good at it. Watch and see…

wardrobe stylist 7298

That’s my hubby! Everyone say “hi hubby”… he’s waving back at chu!

{I didn’t focus very good with that pic… but he looked so cute I couldn’t resist posting}

wardrobe stylist 7248 wardrobe stylist 7252

And that little white man back there would be the naked statue! He’s sweet too…

wardrobe stylist 7306

wardrobe stylist 7267 wardrobe stylist 7269

wardrobe stylist 7293

His blue steel! He’s the best girlfriend any wife could ask for!

wardrobe stylist 7427 wardrobe stylist 7444

I don’t have much folks… just a little bit of dis + dat! Happy weekend! Put on your dancing shoes… it’s Friday!

wardrobe stylist 7294

{What I’m Wearing} Jeans: Seven’s {very old}, Shoes: Madewell, T-shirt: F21, Scarf: Madewell, Cape: Arden B, Bracelets: Charlotte Russe, Shades: Marc Jacobs, Bag: Michael Kors, Belt: Banana

{My Makeup} The norm + some Pink Poodle MAC gloss

{My Hair} Sides pulled back and pinned

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Feb 24 2011

wardrobe stylist 1 wardrobe stylist 2

Morning Followers! I feel refreshed x10 this morning. Yesterday was the start to something great… the first bridal session of the year with Kristin Vining! She’s an early bird {maybe it’s her age… the older the earlier?!} anyways, she called for a 5am makeup + hair start time! I love her! I was up yesterday at the weeeee hours of 4:20AM {yup!}. The shoot went fabulous and it felt soooo good to be doing what I love so much! I was zonked when I got home, skipped the gym and if you know me that rarely happens. I planted by tush on the sofa and was catching serious zzzz’s by 8:00pm! The hubs was in heaven b/c it meant he could enjoy the TV. I was up by 7:00am feeling so refreshed! So here it is…………… heeeeeeeeeeeeeelo Thursday! Whoot!

wardrobe stylist 3

wardrobe stylist 4 wardrobe stylist 5

wardrobe stylist 6

The hubs and I had a date night on Saturday! We went to our fav restaurant; the home of our very first date, many birthdays, the dinner spot after he popped the ??? and where we enjoyed our family and friends for our rehearsal dinner. After dinner we met Tiffany + Josh and Diane + Vinny {some of my fav wedding industry peeps} at Mez for a cocktail. It was a fabulous evening. Don’t worry… the hubs and I we’re home by 10:30pm.

And Followers… this is what I wore on Saturday night. I took a one-piece/ jumpsuit that I purchased in NYC last April at one of my besties bach parties. It’s sleeveless and I love it. Love the color. It’s a bit too chilly to wear it alone so I covered my upper half with a boyfriend blazer and cinched my waste with a chunky belt. Voila new outfit!

wardrobe stylist 7 wardrobe stylist 8

wardrobe stylist 9 wardrobe stylist 10

wardrobe stylist 11

wardrobe stylist 12 wardrobe stylist 13

{What I’m Wearing} Jumpsuit: Some random shop on a corner in NYC, no clue! Think I paid like $100. There’s not a tag inside. Heels: Michael Shannon, Blazer: F21, Belt: F21, Necklace: F21, Earrings: Charlotte Russe, Bag: Michael Kors

{My Makeup} The norm + some red juicy lips! MAC gloss in Russian Red

{My Hair} Half up/ half down with a min poof! I realized I could have used a little more umph!

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Feb 23 2011

Wardrobe Styilst_7389 Wardrobe Styilst_7356

I’m back! Took a day off from blogging and welcoming this hump day with arms wide open! The hubs and I had an incredible long weekend; mostly with just the two of us! At the end of last week we got some depressing news, we’ve been looking forward to the day when we can put our condo on the market and move to the burbs. You know… a back yard, a porch, picket white fence, trees, open windows – awwww breath of fresh air! So finally, we’re there, ready to put our place on the market and then SLAP… reality hits. Of course you can sell your place but be prepared to bring a big chunk of change to the table. Oh, the real-estate market YOUR a gem! We’re not talking 10k… not even 15k… not even 18k… just to sell our place. Forget about a downpayment on the perfectly little home for 3 or 4 in the burbs! Johnny and I are excited for the next steps in life. Children {one day} being a big part of our plans. Question/Answer time… #1: how do we continue to live here? We are PACKED in… I mean PACKED in… I don’t even have an undie drawer {don’t worry the hubs does}. #2: how do we parent a child  in a open studio/condo, one bedroom/one bath, itty bitty on the square foot side?! I know, it sounds near impossible but thankfully after several emails and a coffee emotion pour one of my besties, thankfully she convinced me that it can be done. And it can be done… with the help of a bigger storage unit and rearranging of our furniture – life is going to be just fine! So folks there you have it. The hubs and I will remain happy – in our 800sf open studio… for awhile. We’ll learn to accept… all with smiles!

We’re putting our buying/selling plans on hold and embracing our cozy comforts. Over the weekend we decided to soak up as much of our backyard as possible. Charlotte is such an amazing city with SO MUCH! We’re lucky to live in the Southend/Dilworth area, despite the size of our living conditions. Lots of culture, great restaurants, fun bars, the milk man, and the mail men that hand deliver the mail… and so much more! JT and I walked then hoped the rail a few blocks to Fat Buritto on Sunday… on Saturday we spent the afternoon in the same area but sat outside and soaked up the sun at the Common Market… a few gallery hopping’s too! 😉

Wardrobe Styilst_7368

Wardrobe Styilst_7363 Wardrobe Styilst_7401

Wardrobe Styilst_7387 Wardrobe Styilst_7364

Wardrobe Styilst_7349 Wardrobe Styilst_7372

Wardrobe Styilst_7338

Wardrobe Styilst_7378 Wardrobe Styilst_7365

Wardrobe Styilst_7393 Wardrobe Styilst_7351

Wardrobe Styilst_7382 Wardrobe Styilst_7395

Incase you missed the memo…. WIDE legged pants are BACK!!!! Whooohoo!! And here’s an example of why I don’t discard anything – these pants are from……hummmm 2003?!?

Wardrobe Styilst_7341 Wardrobe Styilst_7386

{What I’m Wearing} Pants: NO CLUE! No tags either. Shirt: J.Crew, Socks: Target, Wedges: Banana, Hat: Urban, Shades: Kate Spade, Bag: Chico’s {omgosh I know!} Necklace: Anthro

{My Makeup} Norm. I get terrible fever blisters when I’m under stress and one from 2 months ago has left a scar on the peak of my upper lip. Anyone have any ideas on how to make it fade?!

{My Hair} Not sure what’s going on??? Pinned to the side.

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