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Jan 31 2011

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

72 degrees yesterday with Carolina blue skis, it was the most amazing day we’ve seen in Charlotte in a very long time. On Saturday I had the pleasure of making 12 hot mama’s beautiful in a boudoir blitz session with the fab Ginger Salmon. It was a day of giggles, uncomfortable moments turned to hysterics and a wholelatta champagne drinking! The photoshoot, makeup + hair took place on the 24th floor of the Trademark building. I enjoyed taking in the layers upon layers that Charlotte has to offer… it truly is a beautiful city!

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

{What I’m Wearing} Skirt: Lulu’s, Top: Lulu’s, Cami: F21, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Necklace: F21, Bangles: Charlotte Russe, Boots:Trouve

{My Hair} Big ole poof pinned half up

{My Makeup} The norm… I could have def used some lip gloss

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

A little in the moment shots from my Saturday…

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Ging being photogo!

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

Charlotte Wardrobe Stylist

A big Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Alexa! She’s 25 today… and I couldn’t be more proud to see the gorgeous person she’s turned into… inside + out! I love you Lex!

Charlotte Wedding Day Makeup and Hair Artist

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Jan 25 2011

Wardrobe Styilst_01  Wardrobe Styilst_02

Why does less always have to me more? Have you seen my shelves, my desk, my makeup drawers – there is no such thing as less… and same goes with my blog. I enjoy flooding my Followers with some pics {all 16 pic’s as you can see below}. In all honesty, I post so many because I can’t make up my mind… {question} what pic’s show off my wardrobe the best, which show off my quirky personality, does that angle better illustrate my double chin {it’s in development}, there’s gotta be a shoe shot!?! You get my drift… I’m the worst decision maker ever… so here you have it… all 16 of these bad boys! Back in June my hub and I got a good little camera, and since we’ve been teaching each other how to use it. There’s no professional photogo in us… it’s just a fun way for us to capture our life together. Pretty sure his dream job would be KV’s second shooter in a bridal suite during the “getting ready process”! I’m thankful that my hub enjoys seeing me at my stupidest point during my little “my style” photo shoots! Speaking of photo shoots… I’m pretty impressed with my girl, The Wanna-be’s skills behind her camera that I might adopt her for some of her clicking time to capture my threads over the weekend? Mel, you reading? I’ll pay in letting you borrow my gingham shirt… or better yet a Miami cover-up?! 😉

Wardrobe Styilst_03  Wardrobe Styilst_04

Wardrobe Styilst_05  Wardrobe Styilst_06

I’m really slacking in the documentation of my daily wardrobe pic’s! It’s so much easier in the spring/ summer when it’s light past 5:15, so lately my pic’s are only of what I wear during the weekend. On Sunday it was surprisingly nice outside… so nice I left my hinny exposed and tightless. The hubs played golf, I cleaned/organized our place THE ENTIRE DAY {well kinda from 7:30am till 1:00pm}! I from there went showerless… just a little scrub on my face and a fresh makeup application and from there I walked my tush over to Polished and got the best manni ever. I indulged in a crisp glass of Pinot G and relaxed to the aroma of nail polish, awww.

Wardrobe Styilst_07  Wardrobe Styilst_08

Wardrobe Styilst_09  Wardrobe Styilst_10

The hubs was feeling the sun as we we’re leaving and he wanted to take some more pic’s… sweet little man he is! Didn’t he do good? This is just him, nothing else… KV you sure you don’t need a second shooter?!? Steve-o needs another man in his life!

Wardrobe Styilst_11  Wardrobe Styilst_12

Wardrobe Styilst_13  Wardrobe Styilst_14

Wardrobe Styilst_15  Wardrobe Styilst_16

Oh don’t just stop at my blog… hop over to Weddings and the City and see what Tiffy is blogging about for TuTu Tuesday! I’ll take one of those dresse and totally sport it on the red carpet of Runway for Ballet… is that too much?!?

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Jan 24 2011

Wardrobe Stylist_01

Take me to the fair and sprinkle some ketchup + mustard all over that Oscar Mayer… oh, add a dash of pepper… and voila, LRT’s outfit post for the day!  

I’m literally sifting through cloud nine today, head in heaven… but, unfortunately the body is in front of two screens doing my best to steer away from the endless cad drawings and presentation I need to conquer. So I’ll write instead… I’ll tell you why I’m head over heels. To put the cap on a fab weekend, last night around 11 o’clock I received an email from my friend from high school who is designing my brand, website, logo, etc {for be pretty}… she presented me with the first page of my website in rough draft form. I cried. It was {the word that begins with “F” would be appropriate} AWESOME {inserting the “F” before “awesome” and then say it out loud… that’s how good it was}. She’s brilliant. We’ve only had one phone conversation and a few emails back and forth and she {insert that “F” again, but this time end it with “ing”} nailed it! Nailed it! Thank you Chandler, you are one gifted lady!

About the threads I’m wearing… just a few layers for a Saturday, all of which are fair and babysitting appropriate!

Wardrobe Stylist_02 Wardrobe Stylist_03

Wardrobe Stylist_04 Wardrobe Stylist_05

Wardrobe Stylist_06 Wardrobe Stylist_07

Wardrobe Stylist_08 Wardrobe Stylist_09

Wardrobe Stylist_10 Wardrobe Stylist_11

{What I’m Wearing} Skirt: Gap, Belt: F21, Top: J.CREW, Cardi: Madewell, Tights: Hue, Socks: Madewell, Boots: Trouve, Headband: J.Crew

{My Hair} Straight + pulled back with lots of body up top pulled into a ponytail topped off with a headband. From there I just pinned up the pieces from the pony.

{My Makeup} The norm plus some lips!

Wardrobe Stylist_12 Wardrobe Stylist_13

 Over the course of a few months little by little we’ve been prepping our studio/condo {whatever they call it these days} to put it on the market. When I first moved it we transformed basically a “living room”, which functioned as a man cave. Big TV, sofa and a lot of stacks of nonsense that he calls his “to be filled piles”! That was years ago since I moved in… over time, within that “living room” we’ve also created a dining room, living area and now “office”.  I know right, where did you create an office. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves… in our doorless space; we have two openings {doorless openings} that lead you from the kitchen/living area into our bedroom. The hubs who went through an “Asian” infatuation had previously separated the space with a mocha “Shinto screen”. It went lovely with the current décor in our place {big: NOT}. So batta-bang-batta-boo {is that the right lingo} it’s gone. It’s now separated by a creamy white drapery which really helps to sofen the area. I relocated my vanity to the area that connects the kitchen/living area to the bedroom. Here’s a little snap shot. Small little writing desk… perfect for some fresh flowers, a pic of the hubs and my puter. Voila!

I knew you’d ask… so I quickly did a CAD drawing of what our condo looks like and where exactly we’ve added the small addition {if you even care}… oh and btw, we’ll go ahead and take any “pre-sale” offers! 🙂

I babysat! No really… the parents trusted me {yea-yea with the help of the hubs…}!

As you can see the night didn’t start out in my favor… or maybe those are happy tears! 🙂

Back in December the hubs and I received an email from Rich {Daddy of this little fella below} asking if we would be up for babysitting so that he could surprise his wife with a date night. Their first date night in Charlotte since little Michael made his big appearance {almost 7 months ago}. Hello, yes! Babysitting a cute little man? Duh! Saturday night was the big day for us and date for the parents. The last time I babysat was years ago when I first came to Charlotte… holding a baby, I’m 100% confident in but feeding, burping, changing; I’ll admit to being a little rusty in those categories.

Like doggie like brother! Big brown eyes!

Typically, I wouldn’t use this cheese to the mc-cheese word but seeing my hubby with a baby was pretty magical. He’s going to be a wonderful dad… someday!

Come’on, I’m not as bad as you think… I look pretty natural… right?

Love this one!

It was a great experience and it was so much fun for the hubs and I to babysit together… prepping us for that “someday” feeling. Michael was an absolute sweetheart who just melts any kind of stress away… his smile is contagious to the point at which by the end of the evening my cheeks were in pain.

I can share this with ya’ll and I know the hubs doesn’t read my blog too often so I might poke fun at his sweetness. When all was said and done and Michael was tuckered out, JT had a sentimental moment with me where he shed a tear… he told me that someday I was going to be the mother that he always dreamt of marrying. I think it really touched him seeing my interaction with a kiddo.

It was pretty much fun… especially when we waved goodbye at the end of the night and I got to sleep in the next morning. 😉

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Jan 22 2011

What do you wear on an un-showered, gloomy, bumming around the house, grey sky Saturday…?

I’m spending the afternoon with my bestie {my hubs} on the sofa! Happy Saturday Followers!

{click image for source}

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