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Dec 31 2010

Cheers ya’ll – here’s to a fantastic 2011!

It’s a sweet but so sincere post from your girl today… I’m off to the Ritz to make a bride, her maids, her mama, and flower girl beautiful but I wanted to wish my Followers a safe + sound New Years Eve. I still need to complete my last 2 resolutions/goals {I’ll do that tomorrow, the 1st}! Until then… I leave you with this post! I know ya’ll are probably sick of my wedding pictures {but I’m not ;)…} precious memories that I will cherish for a lifetime… the best day of my life!

*A sincere + very special thanks to all of my Followers, clients + friends! Thank you for #1 putting up with me! Thank you for #2 supporting me! Thank you #3 for giving me something to believe in! I love you all… very much! I’m thrilled daily to receive emails + comments from Followers that I’ve ever met and I’m just as ecstatic to know that even my best friends that know everything about me read into my daily LRT life. May ya’ll feel as much love as I did in 2010 and here’s to blessings for a fabulous 2011! Bring on the sparklers! xoxo, times a million!  ~LRT

So here it is… happy + healthy New Years, may all of your 2011 wishes come true!

These few pic’s of our personalized cake cutting reminds me of NYE with the sparklers. Pic’s by the fab: Kristin Vining




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Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?


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Dec 29 2010

New Years 01

It’s all about the dress… right?

New Years 02

The dress didn’t fit me so I put it on my mannequin…

Nothing says NEW YEARS than a  sparkly head to mid thigh shiny, shimmery, glowy number! It may sound so cliché but for a very long time I’ve wanted to do what most New Years goers do… wear an all sequin dress! I know, not very original, not different and so typical but I’ve never allowed my entire body to be one disco ball. This year, however, I’m game! Two weeks ago I started my search for the perfect flashy, shimmery dress… I found it! Simple + easy! Typically I layer everything I wear, I have this saying… if I don’t have 3 clothing garments on my upper half then I’m not fully dressed {3 being the minimum}. This year, I wanted one item… Going for the “less is more” motto {except when you do all sequin, less is never more}. So I ordered this perfect dress that I so brilliantly found. Done. Search over! It arrived at my doorstep before we ventured home from our Christmas vacation. I tried it on. Tight, little, can’t fit one cheek in the dress and when I did the sequin stretched so much that the gaps between sequences became not so head to toe completely dazzled in sparkle. The husband laughed – and proceeded to question if I was “really” going to wear that… which, I then proceeded to curse him and our night tragically ended in a fight and gorging myself with cookies + ice-cream. Face it LRT, your no longer a size small, you’re going through your 20 something adolescent stage which is prepping you to be a future mommy. Your expanding in all the right areas. Medium it is! I reordered and overnighted the dress in a size “M”… it’s on tract to arrive today. Fingers crossed that it looks as smashing on as it did on my mannequin.

New Years 03

You see… even when I was getting ready to wed, a month prior to my wedding day I was having issues with fitting into dresses {see pic below}! It’s not just me it’s the dresses… I swear! The cookies, pies, bacon have not gotten the best of me… the dresses we’re all made completely wrong and not true to size. It’s not me… right? LOL, who am I kidding! Get your size right or accept it tight…  that’s my new motto!

For giggles… I’ve held on tight to these photo’s that the oh so kindly Southern Belle snapped of me during my first dress fitting prolly 14 months ago. {thanks Mel for getting my good side}!

 New Years is right around the corner! I cannot WAIT! I’m doing makeup + hair at the Ritz on Friday for a lovely bride. Later in the afternoon my girlfriends and I are having our makeup + hair done… I cannot WAIT to be in front of the brush for once! Any excuse to get my makeup + hair done I go for it! That evening Tiffany with Weddings and the City is hosting a private New Years Eve bash at Crave. I’m allowing myself to drink an extreme amount of bubbly, laugh, scream and have a ball with my hubby + besties.

 What your New Years plans? Oh, and more importantly what is everyone wearing?

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