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Nov 30 2010

I love feminine touches; lace, crèmes, blush pinks and I’m truly a sucker for winter white. Nothing really inspired this look, I just wanted to pull together a winter wonderland outfit to inspire all of my delicate + dainty Followers!

Lots of snuggles, LRT


{Get This Look} Shoes: Badgley Mischka, Tights: ModCloth, Necklace:Forever21, Dress: ModCloth, Fur Shrug: Gap

Total: $402.28 with shoes | Total: $202.28 without shoes

{shoes are the most expensive part of this outfit @ $200, I’m sure you already own something or could find a similar look @ a fraction of the cost… I just fell in love with these}

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Nov 24 2010

Sweet Caroline . Good times never seemed so good {so good, so good, so good} . I’ve been inclined . To believe they never would .


Feeln’ a lil “Sweet Caroline” this morning. My hubby; a Carolina boy, Tarheel diehard, basketball game watchn’, TV screamer, 33 and growing, still won’t stop the shouting, blue, blue, blue we live by the blue. WOW, that was a mouth full!  With that said… I’ve adopted the love for Carolina heels just as UNC adopted the song “Sweet Caroline” as their {is the term “theme” correct} well, “theme” song. It’s basketball season which means from now until March my husband will put marriage on hold to devote himself, his eyes and his every breath to… CAROLINA BASETBALL. As a loving wife, who thrives off brownie points, I too {hate to admit it} actually sorta, kinda like b-ball… maybe it’s the color or the good look’n boys on the court BETTER YET, it’s what coach, Roy Williams is wearing. He has the best tie + pocket square collection, that I’ve ever seen. AND I might have an older man crush on him!

One of the first birthday presents that I ever received from my husband, then boyfriend, was a jersey… yup, a college b-ball, jersey! Oh joy! From there I figured I could either fight it or love it, so like my husband I’m now a Carolina lova! I also knew in order to spend endless hours watching b-ball I needed to find some sort of interest… so I did, I became {obsessed} in love with Tyler Hansbrough! He’s now graduated and moved on… tear. So here’s to a Carolina “Sweet Caroline” theme song on this beautiful Carolina blue sky day! Go heels!


Sweet Caroline . Good times never seemed so good .


Followers, what’s your Turkey day plans?


Look at the night . And if don’t seem so lonely . We fill it up with only two . And when I hurt . Hurtin’ runs off my shoulders . How can I hurt when holdin’ you ………….


Again, warm weather in the Carolina’s so I’m sporting a spring fling… You could always make this warmer by adding layers, cropped jacket or longer sweater, boots perhaps?


 {What I’m Wearing} Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Top: Anthro, Shoes: Steve Madden, Tights: Charlotte Russe, Neclaces: I have 3 layers on

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