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What is it about J.CREW?

Oct 27 2010

No really… what is it about J.CREW? I’ve never-EVER been as much of a fan as I am now… in fact it wasn’t until a few years ago {I even remember the garment} that I bought my very first piece from there. I mean BUT NOW… between their reorganization, new designers, marketing, etc… I really just can’t get enough {insert: one of my all time fave bands + songs Depeche Mode}! Love how they’ve stepped away from the corporate look and incorporated a variety of looks + options!

 I ventured onto their site today, as I do many days… to gain inspiration, see what the new sales items are and to gush all over their goods… well today I came across this… and I’ve fallen in love! Her lips: LOVE ME SOME RED LIPS!



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Oct 27 2010

We’re heading to the mountains first thing Friday morning, we stopped partaking  Halloween festivities, instead each year we head to the beautiful North Carolina mountain range {tradition of 4 years now}… a long weekend spent with wonderful friends… eating ‘bad for you’ food, drinking entirely way too much, board games, hiking, hot tubing… one word: relaxing. We don’t do typical mountain stuff… no skiing, no touristy things, just a lot of relaxing… oh BUT maybe we’ll venture to a local winery! Here’s a little snippet of what you can find me in, or at least something similar!

I love me some skinny suspenders… esp. over a flannel!

{What I’m Packing} Flannel: Gap {mens section… I just wear my hubs}, Cords: J.CREW {I actually got mine at the outlet last year}, Suspenders: Urban Outfitters, Gloves: Anthro, Scarf: Modcloth, Boots: GoJane {last seen here}, Vest: Old Navy

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Oct 26 2010

It’s been awhile since I blogged my wardrobe… so here it is, what I’m sporting today! I still have YET to unpack my fall/winter clothes so I’m making it happen with what’s currently taking up every inch in my closet! ps… today is my Thursday + tomorrow is my Friday! Then I’m off to enjoy a very long, well deserved, free of any work weekend! Follow on Followers…

 There are many stylist out there who have and take unbelievable pictures… my time in front of the lens is so very limited, I wish I had the time to set up every shot to perfection… but I don’t!  Special thanks to my girlfriend who was willing to give up 5 minutes of her busy day to snap a few.

{What I’m Wearing} Dress: Urban Outfitters, Cardigan: Target, Flats: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Urban Outfitters, Tights: HUE} pretty much the urban covergirl for today!

There are many days where I wish I could trade in my 9-5’er interior design position to become a full time stylist/ makeup + hair artist… but then I would miss out on stuff like this… coffee dates with one of my besties!  


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