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Aug 05 2010

Two Brides from Charlotte travel to Miami along with their “shared” photographer EQUALS one heck of a trip! I’m at that age {27} where life is finally changing, it feels like yesterday where marriage and babies seemed like light-years away and now here we are… getting married and having babies AND sharing these incredible moments with not only our significant other but also our best friends. I know those that have planned their wedding or that are currently do so have experience the “wedding craze”. With all the details that go into your big day and the pressure of trying to please everyone, one of my best friend, Kristen {who was also planning a wedding at the same time} and I decided to hop a plane and head down to the heated scene of Miami to snap some individual and dual shots. We both hired Kristin Vining months prior to the trip as our wedding photographer… from there the three of us spent 3 fabulous days at the Mondrian in South Beach! Through our individual engagement sessions with Kristin Vining she was able to get to know us both on a personal level… from there our friendship is history. Kristin Vining knew that I was edgy, exotic and how I wanted nothing typical to a bridal portrait whereas she knew how Kristen Melrose was a little more traditional and classic… but both looks were achieved, in one location and in 4 hours! It was a phenomenal experience, so much fun and the memories that a year later were still reminiscing about is absolutely priceless! I want to go back… so bad! Oh wait WE are! 🙂

 Words from my other half… my bestie… Kristen Melrose… “When you take bridal portraits or any pictures for that matter you want to feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera.  I knew one of the best ways to take this happen was to have them done at the same time as one of my besties.  Lindsey brings out the fun and smiles in everyone and I knew this trip to Miami to get our bridal portraits taken together would be something we would never forget. Being Lindsey’s wedding was in September and mine wasn’t until May it meant I had to get bridals taken 9 months in advance, but it was so worth it! We helped each other out with our solo shots and then did nothing but laugh and have fun when we were behind the camera together.  From the plane ride, to the pool party at our amazing Miami hotel, to forgetting to put on our heels with our bikinis in order to fit in, to waking up at 5am to start hair and makeup, to batting our eyes at the hotel manager in order to convince him let us take pictures in his hotel, to our fabulous pictures we will cherish forever…. getting destination bridals done with one of your besties is something I would highly recommend and memories that will never fade from my head or heart!” 🙂

Best Friends and Touch-Up’s!

Two totally different looks!

These are my fave!

We exchanged accessories with each other…

Style Me Prettyalso featured us!!!

Last but not least… WE HAVE SO MANY MORE!