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Aug 31 2010

Today’s countdown… the details of our big day! What made our day so special to us is that it was “us” and done by us… everything that you’re about to see is all DIY {do it yourself}. The idea of our wedding was vintage glam | old Hollywood glam, we created a soft palette using gold’s, blush/antique pinks, whites, crèmes + champagnes. I love feathers, always have so we opted to use those in lieu of flowers… and it was a cost savings. I spent countless hours creating these Kate Spade inspired feather balls… all of the bridesmaids bouquets and aisle markers that you see down the aisle we’re created by myself in my living room… at times I swear I had a herd of geese floating through our condo. We love candle light and the ambiance that it creates so instead of huge arrangements I purchased vintage inspired low champagne glasses from Crate & Barrel {yes, I have millions}. At the end of the summer season they went on sale for $1… so I purchased hundreds. I wanted champagne towers… and that’s what we created on several of our table tops. All of the tables were surrounded by candle gardens arranging in glass cylinder jars low, tall, round and votives. I actually love carnations… well, let me rephrase that statement: I love them when they are bunched together… I love the volume and the texture, on the tables outside we lined the center of the tables with large clear vases filled with a massive carnation puff. All of our stationary from my bridal shower thanks you’s to our reserved signs all coordinated… I’m a sucker for graphics + paper! I love the large balloons and I wanted to bring height into the spacious ceilings so we staggered balloons throughout the ceremony and reception by tying the balloons to our chairs. The COOKIES… I almost forgot… my hubby has a sweet tooth, and ever since we started dating he would make a fresh batch of cookies every evening and dunk them in milk so a milk + cookie bar was so fitting! 🙂 I hope ya’ll enjoy some of the detailed shots from our big day! **Photo’s courtesy of our wonderful wedding photographer: Kristin Vining

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Aug 30 2010

I’ve been waiting… and waiting… and waiting for the top by Yoana Baraschi that I’m wearing in this post to go on sale. I’ve been a serial stalker of Petal and Sloan {local boutiques to Charlotte} since spring. I would have paid full price of $288 and then consume Ramen Noodles for the rest of the month because I’m absolutely in love with it… but I’m afraid that would have caused the hubby a heart attack. Instead each week I pay my visits, each week I try it on, and each week I walk out of the shop with something else  more in my price range {like my fave $24 earrings}… Like I’ve said, I’ve watched the top go from full price to 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% but it was last Thursday when this beauty went to 75% off!!! We {the top + me} were meant to be! So… I decided to wear it out on Saturday night and YES, with my white jeans! Also, I’ve been a little in love with red lips lately… weekends especially: bronzers, mascara and red lips… nothing else! Stay tuned for my countdown calendar to continue….

 Happy Monday Followers! ps… check out my new ring… I haven’t been to Forever21 in sometime but on Saturday we made a quick little stop and I walked out with this only $5.80!


What I’m Wearing???

White “Rail Straight” white denim {purchased a few months ago} Madewell $95

Yoana Baraschi top {purchased last week} ON SALE at Petal $77

Earrings {purchased last year} Forever21 probably paid $6

Ring {purchased on Saturday} Forever21 $5.80

Shoes {purchased in April} Carlos $50

Total wardrobe cost $233.80

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Aug 27 2010

I’m still going… the countdown to being married for ONE YEAR continues, as “I take a glimpse through memory lane” and all the fun leading up to our big day ! Feels like yesterday but were fastly approaching one year since last Labor Day and my unforgettable bachelorette party in Charleston, SC. I seriously have the best group of girlfriends… crazy + fun + loving + insane… list goes on and on and on. I’ve never had so much fun, I love my girls… to pieces! Here’s a little taste of our first night in Charleston as we hit up the town in our sparkly best! More pic’s and UNSEEN videos to come… stay tuned! BIG kiss ~ Happy Friday Followers!

…. the madness begins…

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