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Jul 28 2010

Sarah + Ron and their swanky, heated Miami spice engagement session! Loved working with this beautiful couple… stunning right?! We built inspiration, we teamed up, we created, we implemented… and voila! We brought Miami to Charlotte! Kristin Vining, again genius behind the camera and thank goodness for a hot spot like Butter! Sarah, Ron and myself pulled items from their own closet but also spent several hours shopping, shopping, shopping for their sultry session.

 I often talk about my passion… which is to create . create . create! I wish I had a camera that ran through my mind for all the thoughts, visions, and sugar plum fairies that often dance through my head… but I don’t so instead I love to put together what I call “inspiration boards” where I capture the visions that help me pull together something out of the box… unique. I’ve included one of my vision boards that helped build this couples wardrobe, from the slick textures on the chandelier, clean metallic texture on the sculpture, blinged out turtles to the layers of hands that were then driven into the layers of necklaces around Sarah’s neck… it all relates!

 Often times fashion drives the trends of interiors… music drives the fashion trends… I could go on and on but do you see how it’s all just a tangled mess of relating to each other!?!

 If there’s one thing I could get my bloggers to remember… it’s to continue to push the envelope, continue to evolve, continue to create! Don’t give up, it’s a game of FUN!

The inspiration board that I created to help pull their wardobe together!

Her wardrobe came from several stores… Bebe, Express, Cache, Aldo and LRT’s accessory collection!


If a high ponytail doesn’t say Miami I don’t know what does…

Seriously… good look’n couple!

Look #2… inside the club!

All the details…


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Jul 27 2010

Ladies please take a moment to bow your heads to the one, the only, Modern Day SANDY! Lots of love to this little gal… I love my job for MORE than one reason… not only am I totally 100% insanely passionate of being creative, making a name/image for yourself, pushing the envelope to become better and better but also I’m loving what I’m doing because of the amazing people and friendships that I’m making along the way! Michelle being one of them. This girl is one of the most positive and upbeat ladies I’ve ever met who is just floating in a bubble of creativity! I love how she thrives to be different and just have fun! You might remember this lady {previously seen here, here, here and here}… I’ve been more than delighted to have teamed up with this adorable gal from her engagement session, styling her groomsmen, her bridal portraits to her wedding day… she has shed so much light and laughter into my life over the past few months!  She was hitched to her prince charming on July 17th… I cannot wait to post pictures of her, her gals and her groomsmen! Stay tuned ladies + gents… Until then, here’s a sneaky peak of her bridals! Once again Kristin Vining was the genius behind the lenses!

Michelle and I hit the mall to pull together every single accessorie for her shoot! AND we had such a ball!

Wardrobe | Accessories + Makeup + Hair by: ME! 🙂

1950's Inspired Bridals

It’s the little details {WARDOBE} that can really pull the theme of your shoot together!  

We had no idea that there would be a turquoise stool at the location so we totally lucked out! I found the adorable shoes and knew they were a must {by Nine West}. Little things like the polka dots on the pale pink tights really just drove that 1950’s soda shop pop theme right into the ground! We scored the adorable tights for $16 at Nordi’s!

Recognize those gloves? Staple in my collection, as they were previously worn by Melissa in her New York, New York vintage glam after session.

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