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Our wedding in Carolina Bride

Jan 04 2010

Is so excited to announce some fantastic news, I actually feel a bit silly for making such a huge announcement… but this is something big to my hubby and me and we’re very excited to celebrate! Hitting newsstands is myself and my loving beau on the cover of Carolina Bride for the January through March issue! I’m tickled! Thank you Carolina Bride!!

Click here for the story link by Brandee Dishner 

Thank you to everyone who made our day so ridiculously special… my bridesmaids, my best friends and my girlfriend Kristen Melrose who shared the same fabulous photographer and went to Miami with me to shoot our bridal portraits together;  such fun times and great memories we created together! Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors: Kristin Vining Photography, Steve and Garrett Michael, Richard Israel + Liz Shea, Weddings and the City, Cake Lady Jill, The Mint Museum of Craft + Design, By Design Events, Place for Flowers, Best Impressions, Split Second Sound, Three Little Birds, Penguins, J. Majors, BCBG, Dr. Patrick Maloy, Elizabeth Tolley … THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

oh! AND a HUGE big THANK YOU to my wonderful Husband John Thorne for choosing me and making me the happiest lady alive! I love you JT, forever and ever!


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Jan 04 2010

H O T off the P R E S S {thanks to Ginger Salmon} so much that I haven’t had a chance to format the pics, into the LRT brand BUT until then….. “Don’t mind if I do…..” Drool all over these ah!mazing photos! Dearest bloggers, take a moment to bow-down to the interior icon herself, Miss Sarah Catherine of ’sarah catherine . studio of design . style defined’

Sarah Catherine, best friend and one heck of an interior designer! Remember a few posts back when I featured this rock star in a client spotlight… Forces were joined with Ginger Salmon Photography to create this furniture vignettes right in the middle of a park close to all of our homes! Anthro ad?? First thing I thought of!

These images take my breath away… L . O. V . E . the idea of brining interior elements to the outdoors! I call this clever.

Like I said before she’s an ‘interior icon’ ~ Sarah Catherine interior designer and inspiration to me… creative and talented business owner and she just scored the living room of the designer show house here in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is HUGE, a huge step in her career and from the bottom of my heart couldn’t be more proud of her!

All smiles… so much to smile about… LOVE this next one!

 The book… oh, the beautiful book. Purchased at Anthropologie… doesn’t it give the “look + feel” of Alice In Wonderland??

 Currently Sarah is working had on pulling together every aspect of her living room for the designer show house! The show house is located in two of the swanky condos at The Metropolitan ~ I believe doors open in April if you’re interested in seeing local designers work!  

More images to come… and another shoot to do! Stay tuned BUT until then one last image!


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