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Dec 29 2009

Here’s to a yummy couple and a heartwarming story… say “hello” to Shannon + JJ and their unbelievable journey!

 I’m thrilled that I was hired for wardrobe styling… I love this couple! That dress that Shannon is wearing is a dress that my grandmother gave to me dated all the way back to the 1940’s {I was so excited that it fit Shannon so perfectly}, the flower in Shannon’s hair was purchased from Anthropologie.

First off, I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged about this couple months ago as they were my very first client. Shannon was referred to me by once again, Kristin Vining for wardrobe styling for her and her hubby’s 3 year wedding anniversary photo session {each year around the time of their anniversary the adorable couple gets in front of the camera to celebrate their love}. This year’s mission was to replicate the movie The Notebook and please don’t you dare tell me that handsome fella doesn’t look  a bit like Noah…!?!

When I met Shannon all I saw was a ray of sunshine, the most upbeat, happy-go-lucky, all smiles, beautiful woman! During our time shopping I learned that Shannon who is 32 years old was diagnosed two months prior to the shoot with Ovarian Cancer. I was in tears driving to the mall listening to her compelling tearful story, here I am fighting back the frog in my throat and she’s laughing just telling her story… carrying on! I am amazed by this woman’s strength and beauty! The love that this couple has for eachother is amazing!

The Ovarian Cancer color is Turquoise ~ we incorporated the color into the wardrobe!

Thank you to the delightful couple for allowing me to stylize their wardrobe ~ I enjoyed every second of it!

Makeup by Kymm withWho’s the Fairest, Hair by Mandi with M3 Salon, Photography by Kristin Vining, Location at Duke Mansion and wardrobe styling by Lindsey Regan Thorne be pretty !

And I leave you with this last image of the adorable couple! Enjoy!

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Dec 03 2009

Oh, B E A U T I F U L  Kristen Melrose… the soon to be Mrs. Lunsford, IV!!

So, I’m blogging on something from last year…the beauty bomb shell decided to give her beau a little treat for the Holiday Season!

Miss Kristen is a dear friend of mine who teamed up with Kristin Viningfor a little “shh” {boudoir session}.

 I had a blast doing hair + makeup, obviously it didn’t take much!


Kristen Melrose + Miami  Boudoir

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